Start Your Sustainability Journey. It’s NOT hard.

refill goodness logoOur friends at Refill Goodness wrote such a great blog that we wanted to share it with you. In it you’ll find easy things you can do in your own household to live more sustainably – that is, with less consumption of our finite natural resources and less waste. Making a to-go kit to eliminate plastic water bottles, cardboard coffee cups, plastic cutlery and more… that’s just one example.

It’s the first month of the year; why not start down this good Green path?

Here are categories you can delve into, as curated by Refill Goodness and confirmed by us!

1. Use What you Have
The most sustainable thing you can do is use up what you already have.

2. Run Audits in your Home
Figure out what you’re throwing into landfill.

3. Learn About the Resources in your Community
There are a lot of them.

4. Pick One Category to Reduce Waste
A little goes a LONG way and you don’t have to be perfect.

5. Consider Everything you Consume
Consider the entire life cycle of the products and goods you consume.

6. Make Simple Swaps
Make low-waste swaps on products you definitely know you’ll use and won’t forget about. There are lots of examples.

Read the entire blog and get moving! Little steps at home, when multiplied by many people, really matter. We can guarantee, it’s NOT hard. Do your bit for the planet and community.


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