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When it comes upping your “Green” knowledge, there’s no shortage of resources to help. Check out a workshop or take a class. Attend a lecture, view a documentary, or read a blog. Participate in a demonstration or volunteer for a hands-on date with Mother Nature. Stretch your mind and stay informed—Earth is a fascinating place.

Start Your Sustainability Journey. It’s NOT hard.

Our friends at Refill Goodness wrote such a great blog that we wanted to share it with you. In it you’ll find easy things you can do in your own household to live more sustainably – that is, with less consumption of our finite natural resources and less waste. Making a to-go kit to eliminate […]

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biosafe straw photo

Local Company Challenges Annapolis to ‘Think Green, Go Blue’ Using Plant-Based Solutions to Replace Plastic

After over a year of seeing an avalanche of plastic, particularly single-use plastic, everywhere in the name of COVID, we are happy to see that one local company is forging ahead with plant-based alternatives. BioSafe, the local company that created the black straws with a blue stripe that you might have seen in local restaurants, […]

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paradise float spa

Paradise Float Spa – Self Love for Valentine’s Day

Founding One Hundred Spotlight Paradise Float Spa opened its doors in December 2016 and has been providing relaxation and serenity to Annapolis ever since. And don’t we need some of that now. Providing the highest level of customer service and a soothing atmosphere, Paradise Float Spa is making the world a better place, one float […]

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