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Driving Electric is Good for the Planet… and your Wallet

Why is an environmental organization like Annapolis Green advocating for driving electric? We do so because driving electric eliminates pollution on the road — right where you are breathing. About 80% of the carbon load on our atmosphere comes from the transportation. Driving electric is one thing almost everyone can do to combat the effects of Climate Change that threaten our planet, and life as we know it today.

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Annapolis Green Events for National Drive Electric Week

Annapolis Green is excited to bring you National Drive Electric Week, September 26-October 4, a nationwide celebration to raise awareness of the many benefits of and options for driving electric! EVs are fun to drive and one of the best things you can do to mitigate Climate Change. Besides, they’re becoming pretty normal now, not to mention, stylish, convenient, and less expensive than you think! We think that’s pretty Kick Gas! 

Kick Gas! In Annapolis.

Wednesday, September 30, 6 – 8 pm
EVs Hit the Avenue! – An Electrifying Evening of Cars & a Fundraising Dinner! 

EVs Hit the Avenue – 6 – 8 pm
In the Maryland Avenue Recovery Zone, 4 to 6 EVs will be parked on the Avenue while it is closed to car traffic but open for outdoor dining. The EV owners (and dealers) will answer questions about their cars. (Everybody will be required to wear a mask.) Learn about the benefits of driving electric — for your wallet and the planet.

Sometime during the evening there will be a fun, spontaneous dance of the Electric Slide (or is it the Electric Ride!?) Join in the fun! It’s Electric!

galway bay annapolisFundraising Dinner – 4 – 10 pm
Stop by Annapolis Founding One Hundred supporter Galway Bay Irish Restaurant on Maryland Avenue for a delicious dinner under the stars (or inside) to benefit Annapolis Green! Make a reservation or just walk in and tell the server you’re there for the Annapolis Green fundraiser. See the great three-course $25 fixed price menu.

Thursday, October 1, 8 – 9:30 pm
Kick Gas! Annapolis Green Celebrates Drive Electric Week Virtually!
Fun virtual event on Zoom – login info to come

On October 1 we’ll Zoom in and virtually showcase various models of the more than 40 plug-in vehicles available today in a fun, interactive way. Hear from owners and learn what driving electric is all about. Take a virtual test drive!

Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman, Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley, and Maryland Secretary of the Environment Ben Grumbles will open the event. They will discuss the BGE-County-City partnership to install charging stations in public areas such as the new Michael E. Busch Annapolis Library. And they will cut a ribbon to officially inaugurate the charging stations at the library. County Executive Pittman will discuss his recent initiative to convert the county fleet all-electric in the next 15 years. Read more about the initiative.

Hear from BGE representatives about how home charging affects your electric bill and what residential rebates are available for home charging equipment.

The link to our Zoom event will be posted soon. Save the date!

Friday, October 2, 4 – 9 pm
Kick Gas! – EVs Hit the Street – West Street, that is

In the West Street Recovery Zone, 4 to 6 EVs will be parked on the Street while it is closed to car traffic but open for outdoor dining. The EV owners will answer questions about their cars. (Everybody will be required to wear a mask.) Learn about the benefits of driving electric — for your wallet and the planet and be prepared to be surprised! Hey, it’s electric!


Thank you to our Kick Gas! sponsors

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porsche annapolis

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bge/ev-smart  solar energy services

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Thank you to our Kick Gas! partners

Merchants of inner West Street, merchants of Maryland Avenue, Downtown Annapolis Partnership, City of Annapolis’ Office of Economic Development and Office of Environmental PolicyAnne Arundel County Public Library, and the Office of the County Executive.

City of Annapolis downtown annapolis partnership come back annapolisanne arundel public library  anne arundel county logo


Other National Drive Electric Week Local Events

generation180Monday, September 28
7 pm
Anyone who has spent a few minutes googling “electric vehicles” has likely encountered a common misconception around EVs, one that continues to linger around public conversation like a mysterious, persistent smell. You can’t drive it in the rain, they’re slow, charging is dirty… There are a lot of EV myths out there. Join us to debunk them! Speakers include Annapolis Green’s Elvia Thompson. Presented by Generation 180’s Electrify Your Ride Week, a full week of electric vehicle online events.
Learn more

electric vehicle association of greater DC

Tuesday, September 29
7 – 8 pm
Climate & Health Benefits of EVs
Presentation with Q&A on Zoom – login into to come

electric vehicle association of greater DCSunday, October 4
2 – 4 pm
EV-A-Thon Event: Who You Gonna Ask? EV Owners!
Presentation with Q&A on Zoom – login into to come

  • Variety of videos & segments, virtual test drives, information on charging, financial incentives, breakout rooms possible to discuss specific models with owners, and Q&A.
  • Are you considering going electric? Join us and talk to owners who have successfully done so!

There are many more virtual EV events planned. See the full listing on our community calendar page.


Why Drive Electric?

tailpipe-emissions-noElectric Vehicles that run on batteries (without a back-up gasoline engine, as some have) produce no noxious emissions. There is no choking pollution coming out of a tailpipe. In fact, there is no tailpipe. An electric car gives you a nearly silent drive that does not harm the lungs of the people behind you — or you, for that matter.

Added benefits: EVs are fun to drive (you meet a lot of nice, curious people), are less expensive to operate and fuel than gasoline-powered vehicles, promote local jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

What about the electricity?

Yes, power plantthere is the issue of where the electricity to power electric vehicles comes from. Today, most of our electricity still comes from coal-fired plants. But that is changing and changing fast. Utilities are required by the State of Maryland to increase renewable sources for their plants. The current legally mandated requirement is for utilities to be run by 25% renewables by next year, 2020, and that is expected to increase with each passing year. Further, while the power plants do produce greenhouse gases, they are still more energy efficient than an individual gas or diesel-powered vehicle is on the road.


Regarding the effect on your power bill if you charge at home, it will go up only slightly — as if you’d plugged in a small refrigerator. Your power company can provide some comparison figures. If you have solar power, even better! Then you’re driving courtesy of the sun.

What about purchase and maintenance cost?

EV Info Sheet Jan 2020
EV Info Sheet, courtesy EVADC

Today, there are at least 13 all-electric and 13 hybrid (those with a back-up gasoline engine) automobile models with a base price under the $34,500 average cost for a gasoline-powered car. (Click on the image , or here, for a listing of cars and their cost, range, and more) There are quite a few luxury models as well. But here is the important part: Once you buy or lease an all-electric EV, there is almost NO maintenance. There is no oil or transmission fluid to change. You will still have to have your tires rotated, brakes checked and your windshield wipers replaced periodically, but that’s it.

Regarding the brakes, most EVs have regenerative braking capability, that is, hitting the brakes or slowing down results in some power being returned to the battery. You could say the car is making its own power at that point. You can also stop or slow down most EVs via a small pedal on the steering wheel. That  means you can stop the car without engaging the brakes.

The advantages of braking without the brakes include lower maintenance costs (the brakes will last longer) and less brake pad pollution in the air.

Are there government incentives?

The federal tax credit, $2500 to $7500, is for new EVs purchased in the United States and varies by the type of car and the capacity of its battery.  Here is the info right from the IRS.

The Maryland excise tax credit is now up to $3000 for qualified plug-in vehicles, however, demand surged and the fund has been used up. When the General Assembly provides additional funding, applications will once again be accepted. Read more.

There is also a Maryland rebate program for the installation of certain chargers. Read more.

What about charging time, convenience and cost?

e-gallon-calculator USDOE
US DOE Calculator

Driving electric is a time-saver. With a gasoline-powered car you have to make time to refuel. You can’t do anything else while that is happening. And you have to do it often. Most EV drivers charge their cars at home while they are relaxing or doing something else. Or they might charge at a shopping center or restaurant or at work — again, while doing something else. And there is no gasoline smell on your hands after you use a charging cord.

And finally, electricity costs less than gasoline. It’s that simple. The US Department of Energy has a calculator that will show you how an “e-gallon” costs half what gasoline costs. Just for comparison, if it costs $2.72 to fuel a gasoline car, the equivalent cost of fueling a battery-powered electric vehicle is $1.22.

There are three charging levels.

level 3 charger

Level 1 is a simple wall plug. It’s slow but it works just fine.

Level 2 is faster and is what you most often see in shopping centers, for example. Level 3 is the fastest charging. Those chargers are often found on major highways.

Much of the charging away from home is free although for many you must establish an account with a network like ChargePoint, EV-Go, or SemaConnect for the convenience of swiping your membership card to start the charging process or to pay, if that’s applicable. Still, even if you do pay for charging, overall it will cost less than fueling a gasoline-powered car. See above.

There are many tools available to help you find charging away from home whether nearby or for a longer trip. They include:

Learn more

This just basic information about driving electric. If you would like to join the more than 20,000 people who are driving emissions-free in Maryland, here are some additional sources of information:

See our 2020 Drive Electric Earth Day Video

Our last Annapolis Electric Vehicle In-person Showcase
Saturday, September 14, 2019
City Dock
11 am – 5 pm
There’s an Electric Car in Your Future!

Many people joined Annapolis Green at Susan Campbell Park, also known as City Dock, at Annapolis’ beautiful Historic Harbor, for our 2019 Electric Vehicle Showcase. With the gorgeous backdrop of sailboats, powerboats, kayaks and paddleboards, they chatted with enthusiastic owners of electric vehicles of all kinds (and dealers too) and learn what it’s like to drive with that EV smile!

The purpose of the Showcase was to inform the public about how driving electric benefits the environment in terms of air and water quality and how zero-emissions help to ameliorate Climate Change. The event was part of National Drive Electric Week 2019 (Sept. 14-22), a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. Our event’s premier sponsor was BGE.

What made this event unique is that the vast majority of the participants – that is, those who brought vehicles for display – are individual owners. This enthusiastic advocacy allows us to encourage the public to “hear from owners about what it’s like to drive electric.” A number of dealerships and manufacturers’ representatives participated as well.

Seminar Schedule

12:30pm   Driving Electric’s Effect on Climate Change
     Ron Kaltenbaugh, President, Electric Vehicle Association of Greater DC

1:30pm     BGE’s EVsmart Program & How Home Charging Affects Your Electric Bill 
     Kristy Fleischmann Groncki, Manager of Strategic Programs, BGE

2:30pm     Government Incentives & Programs
     Colleen Turner, Assistant Director
     Office of Planning & Capital Programming, Maryland Department of Transportation

3:30pm     You CAN Take a Long Trip in an EV
     Scott Wilson, Vice President, Electric Vehicle Association of Greater DC
     Member, Maryland Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council

Special Showcase Features

  • BGE’s all-electric, full-size bus!
  • Hyattsville Police Department’s all-electric Chevrolet Bolt patrol car and all-electric Zero patrol motorcycle
  • The following models were represented:
    • Audi e-tron
    • BMW i3
    • Chevrolet Bolt
    • Chevrolet Volt
    • Fisker Karma
    • Ford C-MAX Energi
    • Ford Focus Electric
    • Hyundai KONA Electric
    • Nissan LEAF
    • Tesla Model 3
    • Tesla Model S
    • Tesla Model X
    • Think City
    • Toyota Prius Prime
    • Zero Motorcycle

all car models

Participating Companies

electric vehicle showcase flyer

Annapolis Showcase Sponsors

Premier Sponsor: BGE


BGE’s EVsmart℠ Program – leading the charge for Electric Vehicles

BGE’s EVsmart Program gives customers the tools, incentives and information they need to charge their electric vehicle (EV) faster, smarter and more conveniently than ever before. Through BGE’s EVsmart online toolkit, customers can apply for a charger rebate, learn the basics of EV charging, use savings calculators to compare the cost of gas-powered versus electric-powered vehicles, view state and federal tax incentives available for EV owners and locate an EV dealer in their area.

BGE residential customers who purchase and install select Level 2 smart chargers may be eligible for a $300 rebate. Upgrading to a Level 2 smart charger allows EV owners to charge their vehicle significantly faster than with a standard Level 1 charger and lets them track their energy usage through an optional smartphone app. Multifamily property managers and owners can also receive up to $25,000 in incentives for the installation of Level 2 or DC Fast Chargers at their property.

This fall, BGE will also launch a public charging network throughout central Maryland. Once completed, EV drivers will have the option of charging their vehicle at 500 chargers throughout BGE’s service area. Exhibiting: Learn more about BGE’s EVsmart online or at the Showcase.

Event Contributing Sponsor
Audi Annapolis

Event Partners

neighborhood sun

Neighborhood Sun — You don’t need solar panels on your roof to enjoy solar benefits! It doesn’t matter if you rent, lease or own your home. You can take advantage of community solar if you pay a utility bill. Community solar farms are located throughout the Maryland area & your panels are located within one that is closest to you. You get credit on your electric bill for your portion of a nearby solar project. Maryland utility customers are guaranteed to save at least 5% on their electric bill.  Learn more. Exhibiting: Bring your electric bill to the EV Showcase and learn how you can have your power supplied by the sun, save money, AND support Annapolis Green. 

Chesapeake Bay Trust — The Trust’s Chesapeake Bay license plates help restore the Chesapeake Bay and other natural resources of our region by funding grants CBT provides to schools, community groups, and other not-for-profits for K-12 environmental education, restoration and protection of our waterways. By upgrading your Maryland license plate to a Chesapeake plate for only $20, you can show your support for the environment. And with the Plate Perks Program, you can make your $20 investment back quickly! Exhibiting: CBT staff will be available at the Showcase to answer your questions. Learn more.


Other Event Exhibitors

Citizens’ Climate Lobby empowers people to experience breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power. The Annapolis chapter is just one of hundreds of chapters across the world working to create the political will for a livable world. CCL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization.

electric vehicle association of greater DCThe Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, D.C. is an organization of electric vehicle owners, educators and enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the use of electric vehicles as an environmental and energy benefit to society. EVADC was formed in 1980 as a chapter of the nationwide Electric Auto Association, and holds regular monthly meetings, public displays, car shows and tech sessions to exchange information.

STEERThe Steer subscription is a pay month-to-month program that allows you to drive a variety of electric and hybrid cars, with everything included to hit the road. You can continue, pause, or cancel the subscription at anytime and you can swap your ride to a different vehicle at any time — no commitment to just one car.

tesla logoTesla brought two models to the Showcase.

Participants learned about Tesla models from Tesla reps and individual owners who registered to participate with their personal cars.

Thank You for Helping Annapolis Green Make this Event a Success

Tom Guay • Downtown Annapolis Partnership • Kevin Brooks

absolute party rentalsAbsolute Party Rental — Absolute Party Rental is proud to be celebrating 30 years as a locally owned and operated business in Anne Arundel County. Serving all of Maryland and the surrounding areas, the company offers competitive pricing and excellent customer service for party rental needs including tents, tables, chairs, china, flatware, glassware, and linens. Learn more.

Our event was presented in collaboration with
EVADC-City of Annapolis



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