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Naptown Tap

8,000+ fewer plastic water bottles threatened Annapolis’ waterways thanks to the NAPTOWN TAPs!

The NAPTOWN TAP dispenses unlimited filtered water into your reusable bottle or cup. Ditch harmful and expensive plastic water bottles and refill your own for free! So far, we have displaced 8054 individual plastic water bottles!

Our NAPTOWN TAP portable, branded water dispensers are available for use at outdoor festivals and events. NAPTOWN TAPs dispense unlimited filtered water for fill-ups of reusable bottles and cups. And, they can be branded for your company or cause.

Bottled water typically costs a staggering 2000% more than tap water. (Would you pay $200 for a $10 sandwich?) And much of it actually comes from a tap! Tragically, there is no coastline on Earth—no matter how remote—that is not littered by plastic. And that plastic breaks down into microscopic, toxic particles that fish mistake for food, contaminating both them and those of us who eventually eat those fish. So pervasive is plastic (more than 8 million tons of it wind up in our oceans each year) that scientists estimate it will soon be more plentiful than plankton. Plastic beverage bottles are some of the most-found plastic litter everywhere in the world.

You can help change this. Carry a reusable bottle and fill it up for free at NAPTOWN TAP. Don’t buy or accept single-use plastic water bottles, and if you see one on the sidewalk or street, pick up and recycle it. If you’re hosting an indoor event, offer water using pitchers and cups rather than throw-away plastic bottles. For an outdoor event, street fair, regatta or other gathering, offer refreshing, filtered water with the NAPTOWN TAP. Or, own your own!



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