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Expand your mind

When it comes upping your “Green” knowledge, there’s no shortage of resources to help. Check out a workshop or take a class. Attend a lecture, view a documentary, or read a blog. Participate in a demonstration or volunteer for a hands-on date with Mother Nature. Stretch your mind and stay informed—Earth is a fascinating place.

compost bins at Truxtun Park 2021

Completing the Circle of Life with Composting

At Annapolis Green we’ve discussed composting in terms of Nature’s circle of life: animals and plants begin life, they mature and flourish, they die, and the remains are returned to the Earth, starting the cycle anew. This is how things worked for eons before human hubris decided that we know better. Human population growth sparked […]

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Green Reads Goes on a Field Trip!

On July 17 we went on a field trip to Ard Brac Acres, a small regenerative farm in Pittsville, Maryland on the Eastern Shore. The inspiration for checking out a regenerative farm came from reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma where we were introduced to the methods of Joel Salatin. We were curious about how the operations […]

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line of deviled eggs

Local & Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert: Snazzy Deviled Eggs

The fun begins when you have a slew of hard cooked (not the rubbery hardboiled). Mix and match a lot of condiments as you wish for a hand at “designer,” but try to keep a theme in mind – to not get too much fusion happening (you know… culinary confusion). Go for Cowboy style… black […]

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images of Annapolis Green House

Annapolis Green House Stories – The Garden

When we moved into 92 Maryland Avenue, which Lynne quickly named the Annapolis Green House, five years ago, the garden was overgrown and planted with old, withering non-native shrubs that were shaded by three beautiful and huge elm trees on the property of the next-door neighbor and the State House. Sadly, these magnificent trees fell […]

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bowl of soup

Local Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert: Food for a Sense of Hygge

In the winter months after the flurry of holidays, the timing is perfect to delve into foods in a bowl, or yes… comforting bowl food with a sense of Hygge. That strange Danish word, Hygge, represents an ambiance or mood of coziness with feelings of wellness and contentment. Food plays an important part in the […]

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RASA Juice Shop

RASA Juice Shop – “We Love Love” Valentine’s Ideas

Founding One Hundred Spotlight As next door neighbors, RASA Juice Shop and Annapolis Green have been joining forces to keep our community (and especially Maryland Avenue) Clean, Green and Healthy. RASA is a big supporter and believer in Annapolis Green’s initiatives and has been a partner in promotion – helping sell the yoga blocks that […]

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vegetarian chili

Local & Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert: Super Bowl Soups!

Many of us love soup year round and winter is the prime time. Super Bowl is even a more prime time as you can have the meal in a bowl and offer lots of goodies for topping! Folks love adding their own goodies. Francine’s Favorite Black Bean Soup with Toppings Serves 4 to 6 A […]

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annapolis green reads

Thoughts on The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Do you ever find yourself envying the koala for its singular diet of eucalyptus or the monarch caterpillar for its love of milkweed? At the extreme end, maybe you envy the flora that, with photosynthesis and good soil, just needs to reach to the sun to grow and flourish. To be human takes those food […]

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pumpkins & bins at Truxtun Park

We collected 10,000 pounds of pumpkins for composting!

We gave your Halloween jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins a dignified demise, back to the Earth. We’re turning them into Pumpkin Spice Compost that you can order now for delivery in a couple of months! NBC4 Washington featured our pumpkin collection during Meteorologist Amelia Draper’s climate segment on food waste. Five tons of pumpkins are now “cooking” […]

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Local & Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert: Apples!

Apples, Apples and Applesauce Right about now you are spying apples everywhere and nothing could be cozier for kids and adults alike than some simple homemade applesauce. But don’t stop there! Apples work in so many ways… adding nutritious sweetness to baked goods, roasted as a versatile side dish, or enlivening a roasted vegetable combo. […]

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Fig Frangipane

Local & Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert: Figs

Fig Talk on the World’s Most Ancient Fruit Figs are my passion – the fruit and the tree. Figs just have a certain cachet! Maybe it’s the ancient history, or the Mediterranean origin which makes them so alluring, or possibly the exotic ingredients which complement them in pairings. Different varieties of figs can be paired […]

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peach salad

Local & Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert: Peaches & Stone Fruits in the Height of the Season

Stone fruits—peaches, apricots, cherries, nectarines, and plums—are some of the great mouth-watering joys of summer. They are packed with phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals plus they are low in calories. Stone fruits are super fruits, with plums as emerging stars. One of the benefits found is that plums inhibit breast cancer growth in lab cells. Now […]

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tasty squash dish

Garden Leadership/Garden Eating – with recipes

Garden Leadership/Garden Eating with Rita Calvert Before we get to recipes, look at this gardening inspiration on showing the way to be a creative leader. To those of us who garden, the lessons are rewarding and incomparable. “There is a lot that gardening, design, and creative leadership have in common,” states Tim Brown, Executive Chair […]

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grilled sliders

Local & Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert: Grilling 101 with recipe

Local & Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert from The Grassfed Gourmet Fires It Up! We’re well into grilling season, so here is one of my favorite recipes from The Grassfed Gourmet Fires It Up!, which you can find at Annapolis Green on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis. First comes a Grilling 101 section, a primer actually, […]

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