Maddy’s Tip #8: Driving Less

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Today’s Sustainable Action: Driving less!
One action you could take to be more sustainable is taking alternatives other than driving to get to places. If you live close to somewhere you are going, consider walking or biking. For places you visit on a routine basis that are farther away, like school or work, consider carpooling to reduce the number of individual vehicles on the road. This will save you gas and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released while you drive. You do not need to walk/bike everywhere, but by occasionally making these environmentally friendly options to get around you could greatly impact the amount of fossil fuels that are emitted into the atmosphere. Please consider this next time you are driving somewhere!

Today’s Fact:
Transportation contributes more to greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector in the United States: about 29 percent!


maddy-brianas-photoIt’s the next generation that will deal with the effects of Climate Change on the Earth so we are thrilled to publicize Maddy Brianas and her Tips! Maddy is an Annapolis teen who is passionate about protecting the environment. In 2019 she and her sister, Bella (and their parents), participated in our Have a Heart Do Your Part cleanup and then turned around and did a birthday fundraiser to benefit Annapolis Green!


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