Maddy’s Tip #11: Consume Less Meat

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Today’s Sustainable Action: Consume Less Meat

beef cowsOne of the easiest sustainable actions you can take is limiting the amount of meat you consume. Meat production, (specifically cows, sheep, pigs, and goats) has a very large carbon footprint. This is due to the fossil fuels used in from producing animal feed, transporting the animals, and the methane released by the animals in the form of burps and flatulence, all contributing to the greenhouse gas effect. It is also important to be aware that beef specifically has the largest carbon footprint out of all animal meats. Reducing the amount of meat you consume, even though it’s a small act, can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Consider eating more vegetables and grains, or simply buy and eat locally! Thank you for reading this week’s tip!

Today’s Fact: If every American eliminated one quarter- pound of beef per week, then the reduction in global warming gas emissions would be equivalent to taking four to six million cars off the road.


maddy-brianas-photoIt’s the next generation that will deal with the effects of Climate Change on the Earth so we are thrilled to publicize Maddy Brianas and her Tips! Maddy is an Annapolis teen who is passionate about protecting the environment. In 2019 she and her sister, Bella (and their parents), participated in our Have a Heart Do Your Part cleanup and then turned around and did a birthday fundraiser to benefit Annapolis Green!


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