Buying My Used Tesla Model 3 Was Super Easy

Tesla and father & son

by Rob Savidge

The Tesla website allows you to put in the exact features you want and it searches its inventory across the entire country. You can do the same thing for used Teslas. That’s what I did and I bought a 2018 Model 3.

I submitted my payment online and after that, the worst part was the wait. But once the car arrived I was notified it was available for pickup.

I showed up at the Tesla store and it was the quickest I got in and out of a “dealership” in my life.

They had everything ready for me. I signed some papers, they handed me the key card, briefed me on the car, and I was off. No haggling or hassles whatsoever.

tesla home chargerI keep my car charged via a Level 2 charger at home (left), thanks to the BGE rebate for charging equipment. I rarely charge when I’m out on my daily travels except on longer trips.

tesla superchargerShe goes 325 miles on a full charge, but all it takes is 15 minutes on a Tesla Supercharger (right) to get to 80% of a full charge. That 15 minutes is time enough to get some lunch or take a quick break.

Editor’s note: Read more about driving electric here.


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