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Take Action

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Every time you opt for a reusable bottle over a throw-away plastic one, you’re advocating for the planet. Turn off the water while washing the dishes rather than letting it run, and you’re advocating again. Don’t underestimate the power of seemingly small or inconsequential actions. Taken together, they can be a tremendous force for good.

 Small changes in how we live, work and play can result in big wins for the environment. And since home is where the heart is, that means doing right by Mother Nature under our own roofs as well as those of local shop owners and restaurants. The same goes for the streets of Annapolis, the Bay and its creeks, festivals and regattas, and anywhere else you roam.


Plastic Free Annapolis

Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental threats we face today. It’s up to all of us to solve this problem.

Naptown Tap

NAPTOWN TAP dispenses unlimited filtered water into your reusable bottle or cup. Great water with no plastic bottles!

See No Butts in the Bay videos!

Annapolis Green has developed a public education program for the City of Annapolis to encourage disposal of cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles.

Refill Revolution

Refill Revolution is a movement to change America’s disposable mindset about beverage containers.

Reclaim the Cork

Natural corks don't belong in a landfill. Bring them to us for repurposing and save this valuable resource.


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