No Butts in the Bay!

branded cigarette receptacle closeupAnnapolis Green has developed a public education program for the City of Annapolis to encourage disposal of cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles.

The campaign is important because cigarette butts pose a threat to area waterways. Cigarette litter contains toxic plastic that does not biodegrade and looks like food to wildlife.

Residents of Annapolis are seeing cigarette butt receptacles around town that carry the following messages:

  • Cigarette butts are not only unsightly litter, but with every rainfall they wash into storm drains, ending up in our creeks, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay;
  • Cigarette butts are made of plastic so they are not biodegradable; they break up into microscopic pieces that marine life and birds mistake for food; and
  • Cigarette butts are designed to absorb toxic chemicals from entering smokers’ lungs so they are packed with toxins that are harmful to land-based wildlife like birds and marine life.

The butts in the receptacles will be sent to a recycler where the plastic content will be harvested and used to make other products.

pocket ashtray

We’ve got individual pocket ashtrays and cup-holder size ashtrays that we are offering to smokers to encourage them to hang on to their butts until a proper receptacle is in sight. And we’ve got educational handouts.

If you’d like a pocket ashtray, just let us know!

Let’s encourage our friends who smoke to change habits because those plastic cigarette butts pose a threat to area waterways and the critters that live in them — and therefore, to us! And the litter is just plain ugly.

The campaign is funded by a grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and with federal  funds under award number NA18NOS4190145 from NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations do not necessarily reflect the views of NOAA or the U.S. Department of Commerce. See the City’s press release.

Look for our butt receptacles around town at these locations:
  • at the bus stop on Church Circle
  • on Main Street, near Joss Café & Sushi Bar
  • at Davis Park in Eastport
  • at Gorman Street, near the Conduit Street
  • at the pay kiosk next to Visit Annapolis parking circle
  • on Maryland Avenue, near the Capistrano Barber Shop
  • at Market Space, near the Market House

 cigarette receptacle eing used  cigarette receptacle

 cigarette receptacle cigarette receptacle on pole



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