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Reclaim the Cork

Natural corks don’t belong in a landfill. After they’ve done their job sealing wine or champagne, they can have another life as part of shoes, flooring, and more. So although cork is a sustainable resource because the trees regrow the bark that is harvested—why waste it? And why use throw-away plastic when a time-tested, natural material like cork can do an even better job?

recorkAnnapolis Green has partnered with recork.com. We collect your corks, send them to Recork, and they turn them into several types of products—including flooring and shoe soles—thus keeping this valuable resource out of the landfill!
actionBring your natural (not plastic) corks to our Green Drinks events or to our office, the Annapolis Green House, at 92 Maryland Avenue and we’ll make sure they get a second life! We’ve reclaimed and sent in 121,429 corks so far! That’s 1104 pounds!

Help us reach our goal of 550,000 corks (5000 pounds) in the next six months.

actionVolunteer to be a Cork Collector! Just tell us which of your favorite restaurants and bars you’d like to collect from on a regular basis. We’ll set you up with a collection bucket and some leave-behind literature. Click the SUPPORT button above to get started.

Are you a restaurant or bar owner, or a caterer? Collect natural corks for us and we’ll get them picked up from your facility. Click the SUPPORT button above to get started.

We collect natural cork only. Plastic bottle stoppers are too small to be recycled; they fall through the recycling processing machinery. You could offer letter to winemakerthese to a nearby school for craft projects. That way, they will at least get a temporary reuse.

actionBetter yet, write to wine companies that use plastic corks and ask them to go back to natural cork! Click here for a sample letter you can edit and make your own. The more single-use plastic we take out of our environment the better.

Read more about our single-use plastic initiative, “It Starts with a Straw.”

Yoga Blocks!

We are selling yoga blocks made from recycled corks! Each one is crafted from 198 corks! Buy yours online for pickup at our office.





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