Maddy’s Tip #3: Reusable and Washable Masks!

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Today’s Sustainable Action: Reusable and Washable Masks!

Throughout this pandemic it was probably an easier option for most people to use disposable masks, but as the pandemic winds down please consider using washable masks. These are less harmful to the environment, for disposable ones often end up in waterways and in the ocean. They also cause harm to the environment because they are single use, are made with fossil fuels and produce greenhouse gases every time a new one is made. Buying one or two fabric masks will save you money and save the environment. You can buy them on Amazon and in most stores. Thank you for reading my sustainable tip, and remember to stay safe!

Today’s Fact:

Around 75 percent of the used masks, as well as other pandemic-related waste, will end up in landfills, or floating in the seas.


maddy-brianas-photoIt’s the next generation that will deal with the effects of Climate Change on the Earth so we are thrilled to publicize Maddy Brianas and her Tips! Maddy is an Annapolis teen who is passionate about protecting the environment. In 2019 she and her sister, Bella (and their parents), participated in our Have a Heart Do Your Part cleanup and then turned around and did a birthday fundraiser to benefit Annapolis Green!


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