Tread Lightly on the Earth

It’s clear that the climate is changing rapidly. But what does this mean to the average person? What, exactly, are the international agreements all about? Can the science of Climate Change be explained in layman’s terms? What can we, as a community, do to be resilient in the face of a changing climate?

Annapolis Green and Presenting Sponsor Hannon Armstrong are hosting a year-long series of talks entitled Tread Lightly on the Earth to address these questions and related issues. Expert speakers will explain the accelerated pace of Climate Change in simple language, address the topics of adaptation and resiliency, answer questions and engage in a two-way discussion with the audience. Attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge, optimism and tools to mitigate the impact of Climate Change on themselves, their families, businesses and communities.

Speakers at the first in the series, “Climate Change 101: What Does it Mean to Me?” held March 27 included:

Astrid Caldas, PhD,a senior climate scientist with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Her research focuses on Climate Change adaptation with practical policy implications for ecosystems, the economy, and society. She also works on policy related to Climate Change, climate and environmental justice, and climate communication.

Ron Kaltenbaugh, MS, network engineer for a Fortune 500 company. He is President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington DC (EVADC), Chair of the Frederick County Sustainability Commission, and is a graduate of the Climate Reality Corps founded by Al Gore. He has given presentations on Climate Change to a variety of audiences more than 20 times.

Elvia Thompson, MPA,Co-founder and President of Annapolis Green, and a well-known speaker on environmental issues. Retired from federal government service, she has served on the boards of several local environmental organizations, is a Master Watershed Steward and a graduate of Leadership Anne Arundel and the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

Charlotte Wallace, MS, RN, Community Health Nurse and Sustainability Coordinator at Anne Arundel Medical Center. Her passion for pediatrics and the environment has led her to initiate and chair the environmental health program at AAMC. She is an active member of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, the only national organization of nurses working together on environmental issues.

The moderator was Dave Buemi, who has been commissioned by the Post Carbon Institute which is focused on providing communities with solutions to meet the climate change challenge at the local level. His work over the last 22 years in solar and renewable energy globally provides a unique perspective on the challenge of energy as the main driver of Climate Change.

The speakers’ presentations are available here:

Throughout the year, panel discussions will delve deeper into topics such as:

  • Climate Change 101: What Does it Mean to Me?
  • Climate Change as a National Security Issue
  • What Will Happen to the United Nations Effort without the United States
  • How Climate Change is Affecting the Oceans and the Chesapeake Bay
  • What Climate Change means to Our Food Supply and Our Health
  • Climate Change and the Economy
  • Where Climate Change Data Come From
  • What Our State, County, and City Governments are Doing to Address Climate Change

Presented by Annapolis Green with Presenting Sponsor Hannon Armstrong, the series enjoys the support of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis, and the City of Annapolis. The Chesapeake Conservancy will be the event sponsor of a future panel discussion.

Presenting Sponsor Hannon Armstrong (NYSE: HASI) focuses on solutions that reduce carbon emissions and increase resilience to Climate Change by providing capital and specialized expertise to the leading companies in the energy efficiency, renewable energy and other sustainable infrastructure markets. Hannon Armstrong is only New York Stock Exchange listed company headquartered in Annapolis, and is the first U.S. public company exclusively focused on financing solutions to Climate Change.


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