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severn river associationJoin SRA for a fun, fact-filled night to kick off the 2020 John Wright Memorial Speaker Series.

The host for the quiz challenges will be Bryan Gomes, SRA’s chair of the John Wright Speaker Series. Clue #1: Study up on the anatomy of oysters!


severn river associationA Severn River Association John Wright Speaker Series talk. Each year, in early March, the colorful Yellow Perch return to spawn in the Severn River headwaters like Bear Branch and Severn Run. However, they fail to produce mature offspring, possibly due to poor water quality. Why is this happening? Speaker Alex MacLeod, a PhD student from the University of Maryland and Margaret McGinty with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. They will discuss how land use has affected aquatic habitat and water quality and the genetic changes the Yellow Perch is going through to survive. Food and drink is available for purchase.



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