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GreenGiveThe GreenGive is a local, environmentally-focused, 24-hour online initiative designed to both raise funds and expand residents’ and businesses’ engagement with local environmental organizations, issues, projects and actions.

On July 21-22, 2020, we invite the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County community to join with us to support clean water in our own communities. Through an interactive online platform, individuals and businesses will be invited to invest in clean water by donating to any of the GreenGive partners:

Pick More Than One! All ten GreenGive partners are part of a force for the Greener Good in Anne Arundel County.

Funds raised through the GreenGive will be used by the ten GreenGive partners to invest in actions that have a tangible impact on our own local waterways and quality of life. Every dollar raised will be turned into projects and programs that really do make a difference right here in Anne Arundel County. In a time when federal support and leadership is uncertain at best, we know that the fate of our local environment is in our own hands.

We all love our Chesapeake Bay and consider it a national treasure. GreenGive organizations intend to make sure that the waterways that feed into the Bay are clean and ready for fishing, crabbing, swimming and boating. There is no better legacy we can leave the next generation.

More about the Green Give.

severn river associationA Twist to the John Wright Speaker Series, SRA brings back Trivia Night with Quiz Master Bryan Gomes – in a virtual format and with a focus on the Severn River.

Form your own teams or just jump in to test your knowledge about the ecology, inhabitants, habitat, history, culture and all things oysters.

To sign up, please RSVP to: Info@severnriver.org and put Quiz Show in the message box. You’ll receive details on the trivia night video conference by email.


State of the Severn Report

severn river associationstate of the severn graphicThe Severn River Association will present the 2019 State of the Severn report during its (now virtual via Zoom) John Wright Speaker Series. The report addresses issues such as is it safe to swim in the river, oxygen levels, dead zones, oyster restoration, underwater grasses and more. To attend the meeting RSVP to info@severnriver.org.



severn river monitoring map


Anne Arundel Celebrates Earth Day!


Join the GreenGive organizations — Annapolis Green, Arundel Rivers Federation, ClearShark H2O, Friends of Jug Bay, Scenic Rivers Land Trust, Severn River Association, Severn Riverkeeper, Spa Creek Conservancy, St. Luke’s Restoration of Nature, Unity Gardens, Watershed Stewards Academy, (entries in green) — as we collaborate with local environmental partners — Maryland Hall, Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center, Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection and Restoration Program, National Aquarium, Annapolis Maritime Museum (entries in blue) — to celebrate Earth Day through the end of April! Even while social distancing, there are many ways to make your celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day informative and fun! Read on!

severn river associationJoin SRA for a fun, fact-filled night to kick off the 2020 John Wright Memorial Speaker Series.

The host for the quiz challenges will be Bryan Gomes, SRA’s chair of the John Wright Speaker Series. Clue #1: Study up on the anatomy of oysters!


Severn River Oyster Update

severn river associationScuba diver Audrey McDowell, with the University of Maryland’s Paynter Labs, presents her report on how the Severn River oysters are doing and how they respond to the changes in the river’s oxygen and salinity levels. Hosted by the Severn River Association.


severn river associationA Severn River Association John Wright Speaker Series talk. Each year, in early March, the colorful Yellow Perch return to spawn in the Severn River headwaters like Bear Branch and Severn Run. However, they fail to produce mature offspring, possibly due to poor water quality. Why is this happening? Speaker Alex MacLeod, a PhD student from the University of Maryland and Margaret McGinty with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. They will discuss how land use has affected aquatic habitat and water quality and the genetic changes the Yellow Perch is going through to survive. Food and drink is available for purchase.



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