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Green Drinks is Back with a Virtual Wine Tasting on March 4
including birds & music!


great frogs logoWelcome back Green Drinkers… sort of! We’re coming back virtually with a little interaction. As we sample and savor great wines with our friends at Great Frogs, we’ll also enjoy learning some fun facts about our invaluable avian friends while listening to fantastic music!

Incredibly, it’s been exactly one year today since our last in-person Green Drinks. How the world has changed. But, let’s have fun!

We’ll send you info about cheeses that you might want to have on hand to enhance your wine tasting experience and links to Great Frogs-curated recipes in case you’d like to cook something for dinner that night that the winemakers have suggested would go with one of the varieties. Each Tasting Kit, for one person, will include four wines–white, rosé, and red–and a Great Frogs souvenir glass.

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Wine tasting kit pickup will be at our office, the Annapolis Green House, 92 Maryland Avenue (corner of Maryland Avenue and State Circle), on Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am to 3 pm. You won’t even have to park — just drive by and we’ll hand you your kit or but it in your car trunk if you like — no parking, no contact, no problem!

Our virtual wine tasting will be led by our favorite local sommeliers and vintners from Great Frogs Winery, a Founding One Hundred supporter.

About the evening:

dan haas We’ll open with fantastic music by local musician Dan Haas, who just happens to be an incredibly enthusiastic and long-time birder. In fact, he calls himself “a birding musician!”

Have a look at the marvelous bird photos on his Instagram account.

chris eberlyAnd speaking of birds, we’ll enjoy a talk, “The Birds in the Vineyard,” about the migratory birds that will return to us in spring by Chris Eberly of the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership. Chris is a renown bird expert and a terrific speaker.

Here’s a description on his talk:

Just like the wines of Great Frogs, Maryland’s birds come in different varietals. And just like these fine wines, there is always a bird (or more) to suit your taste at any moment. Red, White, and Rosé wines can be enjoyed while watching backyard and vineyard birds at any time of the year. I will introduce you to some of the resident and migratory birds found throughout Maryland. This viewing flight is a perfect way to find your favorite birds for any occasion.

At the end of the evening Great Frogs will provide a discount coupon for Great Frogs wine and participants will have a chance to win a full bottle of Great Frogs wine and some other wine-related goodies.

Do encourage your friends and family to join us! Ticket sales will continue until Wednesday at 10 am.


great frogs wine cork

Let’s have fun! We’ll enjoy seeing your faces, even if just in little Zoom boxes!

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cafe scientifiqueSpeaker: Chris Eberly, Executive Director of the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership

About the Talk: Humans utilize technology in amazing ways. GPS can help us find any place on Earth, planes take us to far away lands, and cars allow us to roam freely. Without these things we would not be able to venture far from home. Now imagine flying 3,000 miles with no rest, no refueling, and no water. Oh, and by the way, you weigh half an ounce and do this in 80 non-stop hours. The Blackpoll Warbler does this (plus an additional 4,500 miles) during its migration every fall. Technology is also helping scientists unravel the complexities of bird migration. GPS, light-level geolocators, weather surveillance radar, and nanotags are unlocking these long-held secrets. We will look at examples of amazing migrations, from raptors to shorebirds to songbirds. But along this scientific journey, we would be remiss if we did not take a step back and simply be in awe of these magnificent creatures that can inspire us even now when we are home-bound.

About the Speaker: Chris Eberly has been Executive Director of the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership since 2017. A Marylander by birth, he worked in the computer industry for 11 years before attending graduate school at the University of Georgia and earning an M.S. in natural resources/ornithology. Following grad school he became the first coordinator of the Department of Defense’s bird conservation program (DoD Partners in Flight program), a position he held for 17 years. After serving as Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory in Texas, he was excited to return to Maryland to head up the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership. Chris strives to connect people to birds through Bird City Maryland, the Maryland Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Program, and the Farmland Raptor Program. He is also currently president of the Anne Arundel Bird Club.

To join the talk, contact Tracy Gill in advance: annapoliscafesci@gmail.com

The Annapolis Cafe Scientifique (ACS) is place where you can get a coffee or a meal and learn the
about a wide variety of science topics. ACS usually hosts at 49 West restaurant in Annapolis, 10 days a year,
January-February, on the last Thursday of the month, at 6:15pm. For the time being, we will be virtual only. To join the mailing list, send an email to
annapoliscafefsci@gmail.com and put subscribe in the subject line.

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