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Plant Combinations

homestead gardensHomestead Gardens presents Gardening with Kathy: Plant Combinations

Kathy Jentz, Editor, Publisher and Founder of Washington Gardener Magazine, will explore playing with color, form, and texture in the perennial/shrub border. This image-heavy talk includes the tried-and-true proven combinations as well as some daring new mixes to experiment with in your own home garden.


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Planting for Pollinators

homestead gardensHomestead Gardens presents Gardening with Kathy: Planting for Pollinators

Learn the Top 20+ native plants for pollinators to add to your garden to support native bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, etc. Kathy Jentz, Editor, Publisher and Founder of Washington Gardener Magazine, will share how to have something for every season in the garden to benefit native pollinators, as well as support the declining honeybee populations.


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here we grow logo

homestead gardensAnnapolis Green is partnering with Founding 100 supporter Homestead Gardens in an exciting three-part spring gardening seminar series. The second is Here We Grow: Helping Essential Pollinators Thrive

Topics covered

  • Why pollinators (bees, bats, beetles, moths and more) are key to our food supply: No bees, no food!
  • Pesticide and habitat threats to pollinators
  • How what you plant makes a difference to pollinator health: Plant Native!
  • Homestead Gardens’ Native Habitat Center


central maryland beekeepers associationLuke Goembel, Vice President of the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association.
Born and raised in Baltimore, Dr. Goembel is a graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. He won a National Academy of Sciences award to study space science at NASA after earning a Ph.D. in chemistry from Johns Hopkins and founded his own aerospace business in 1997 where he designed and built space science instrumentation for NASA and others. In 2009 he began beekeeping. After a devastating year for his bees, he investigated the reasons for the sudden deaths of his bees and from that time forward has devoted effort to studying and advocating for pollinator health. He has authored articles in American Bee Journal, and has given testimony in support of  pollinator-protecting bills in the Maryland General Assembly including a State-wide regulatory ban on the pesticide ranked second in causing pollinator deaths. He has served as a panelist at a Congressional briefing in D.C., and has spoken at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Dr. Goembel volunteers his time and has not received one cent from either side on the issue of pollinators and pesticides.

Kathy Jentz, Editor, Publisher and Founder of Washington Gardener Magazine.
Kathy is a life-long gardener from a family of farmers and dedicated gardeners. Currently, she is President of the Silver Spring Garden Club and on the board of several other clubs and organizations, including GardenComm, the association for Garden Communicators. She is a proud member of One Montgomery Green ( a sister organization to Annapolis Green) and Washington Gardener Magazine is  a gold-level certified business in Green America.

Register to attend

More about our Here We Grow program, a modern-day Victory Garden concept.

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No Fail Container Gardening

homestead gardensHomestead Gardens presents Gardening with Kathy: No Fail Container Gardening

From what type of soils to use, to what plants do best in our region, Kathy Jentz, Editor, Publisher and Founder of Washington Gardener Magazine, will cover the basics of growing successful container plantings. She will cover both ornamental and edible containers as well as the different styles and fashions in container gardening.

Advance registration is required.

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Pruning Roses for Better Blooms

homestead gardensHomestead Gardens Presents
Gardening with Kathy: Pruning Roses for Better Blooms
on Facebook Live!
A rose is a rose….and those roses need pruning. The time to prune is now, before temperatures warm. Join Kathy Jentz, Editor, Publisher and Founder of Washington Gardener Magazine, for an interactive class on how to prune roses to help mitigate disease and promote healthy growth, as well (of course) as healthy blooms.


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homestead gardensShort on space, but want to expand your garden? Having a hard time getting plants to thrive on your balcony or rooftop? These vertical gardening ideas and tips are sure to solve your problems. Hear about  green wall technologies and green roof systems. The sky is the limit! Presented by Kathy Jentz for Homestead Gardens. Preregistration required.



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