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Green Drinks Annapolis – Online!

green drinks annapolis

We’re cooking up a great way for us to get together  — it’s a virtual Green Drinks on Facebook Watch, Thursday, April 2!

Going online, we’re focusing on “The Flowers and the Trees” to follow our February Green Drinks theme which was “The Birds and the Bees.” And  although the flowers are beautiful and in bloom, we’ll turn our attention to the trees,  highlighting all the benefits trees give us.

So, join us in the spirit of trying something new in our emerging virtual world and to have some fun while learning great things!

Learn more!

green drinks annapolis

hummingbird & beeJoin us at Camp Severn Shore to find out more about The Birds & The Bees! OK, we really mean we are going to be focusing on all the great services birds, bees, butterflies and other critters do for us and how you can help. People are making life very hard for them due to the use of insecticides and pesticides, loss of habitat to development and climate change.

Our host is the Graduate Annapolis Hotel and their restaurant that is now known as Camp Severn Shore. If you haven’t yet seen the redesign, you’re in for some terrific USNA themed changes! And, have a look at their great nautically themed menu. The chef will serve up some delicious complimentary appetizers that will consist of a sampling of the menu. Stay for dinner and plan to come back to Camp Severn Shore during Annapolis Restaurant Week, February 29 – March 8, when there will be a special menu for both lunch and dinner.

Launched in 2014, Graduate Hotels is a boutique hotel collection targeting dynamic university towns across America. With 35 properties in various phases of development, Graduate Hotels have become well-curated and well-crafted fixtures in university towns across the country. Every property commemorates and cultivates the spirit of each community in a bright new way. And about Camp Severn Shore, the restaurant at The Graduate, the management invites you to celebrate the carefree spirit of summer with their coastal plates and throwback cocktails that highlight regional flavors and fare. Bring your crew and grab a seat on the outdoor patio or post-up indoors for lunch, dinner and late-night drinks. After Green Drinks, consider staying for dinner!

bird city maryland logo

The Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership has selected Green Drinks as its venue to award the City of Annapolis its official certification as a Bird City Maryland with High Flyer status! Bird City Maryland is a new program established by the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership in order to help cities implement biodiversity by making the ecosystem healthier for its inhabitants.

bee city USA logo

We are thrilled to see this because ecosystem health and human health are inextricably linked. Annapolis & Anne Arundel County are already certified as Bee City USA participants. Bee City USA certification indicates that Annapolis has created sustainable habitats for native pollinators, which are vital to feeding the planet. Read more.

Did you know that 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat exists thanks to insect pollination? These little critters — birds, bees, other insects, and bats — are really important to our food supply.

Special Treats

Thanks to The Graduate, we are featuring a very special Green Drink just for this evening, “Mrs. Robinson.” If you’re not old enough to remember the Graduate movie, don’t worry, kids. We’ll tell you all about it. Koo-koo-ka-choo. (And how ironic that the word of advice in that movie was plastic… little did we know then that we’d be drowning in it now.)

The Mrs. Robinson combines rum from Lyon Rum Distillery (St. Michaels) with juice from Rasa Juice Shop (Maryland Avenue) and the Graduate’s signature juice to make a very special cocktail with notes of pineapple, lemon and coconut. What could be better to make us long for spring?

musician jack shenk

We will have live music by a very special young musician, Jack Shenk. Now 14 years old, Jack started busking at City Dock when he was 12. This winter he has become a regular feature indoors as well, playing Saturdays at the Annapolis Market House. His set includes recent hits from artists like Ed Sheeran and John Legend as well as soulfully-rendered covers of songs from the past 50 years.


Have a Heart. Do your Part.Learn more about Sunday’s Cleanup – and join in! #loveannapoliscleanup

Rasa Juice Shop – A sustainable lifestyle shop on Maryland Avenue featuring organic, plant-based and gluten-free food, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and local goods.

Beautiful Bird Baths and Feeders – Made locally from re-purposed vases, platters and bowls, the birdbaths, and bird feeders.


Honey’s Harvest – A farm in South County with very busy bees. Owner Anna Chaney will offer honey tastings and elderberry tastings and say a few words about Bee City USA and its connection to Anne Arundel County.

Central Maryland Beekeepers Association – Bonnie Raindrop will provide information about state-level legislation affecting birds, bees and other pollinators now under consideration in the General Assembly and how you can help pass these bills. An association member will have honey available too!

Complimentary light appetizers and cash bar. Free, but $10 donation to Annapolis Green is most appreciated.

Join us for a fun evening! Koo-koo-ka-choo…

green drinks annapolis

eastport oyster boys

green drinks annapolisJoin us to Continue the Conversation after the Maryland Environmental Legislative Summit! There is so much to talk about with regard to the legislation environmentalists will pursue during this legislative session.

At the Summit you’ll learn about the legislation and hear from senators and delegates. At Green Drinks, at the Annapolis Market House meet legislators and those who will be on the front lines advocating for various bills. Learn how you can stay informed and involved. 

Live music by Annapolis’ musical ambassadors, The Eastport Oyster Boys.

Let’s show folks from other parts of the state how Annapolis adds fun to the serious work of environmental protection!

Complimentary light appetizers and cash bar. Free, but $10 donation to Annapolis Green is most appreciated.


O'learys octopus logo

Green Drinks Annapolis

green drinks annapolis

Theme: What Makes a Thriving Community

–> Our event will celebrate our wonderful thriving community in Annapolis – with some emphasis on Eastport – and encourage everyone to support all local businesses this holiday season.

Our event partners are the Eastport Business Association and Eastport Civic Association.

What makes a thriving community? It’s YOU: residents, businesses, government, nonprofits, the arts, academia, and more.

Join us for a fun, fall Green Drinks at the beautiful O’Learys Seafood Restaurant, a local gem on the shores of Spa Creek. The restaurant will be closed to the public for our event and Chef is planning a special menu for those stay for dinner… a delicious dinner!

Read more.

Green Drinks Annapolis

green drinks annapolisChesapeake Bay Trust Upgrade Your PlateTheme: There’s an Electric Car in Your Future. Good for the Planet. Good for your Wallet.
Join Annapolis Green as we tell you about the environmental benefits of driving electric at the offices of the “license plate people,” the Chesapeake Bay Trust, in advance of the Annapolis EV Showcase on Sept. 14.

Green Drinks will be a preview of our Annapolis Electric Vehicle Showcase coming up Saturday. There will be several electric vehicles at Green Drinks. Feel free to ask lots of questions!
Click for details.


Tread Lightly on the Earth: Climate Change & You

July 2019 Climate Change and Our Food Supply

Townhall Discussion & Green Drinks Annapolis
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Mathias Laboratory Atrium
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
647 Contees Wharf Road, Edgewater

Annapolis Green and Presenting Sponsor *Hannon Armstrong invite you to the second in a year-long series of townhall-style talks on Climate Change. The talk will focus on the effect of Climate Change on our food supply.

green drinks annapolisThe talk will be followed by Green Drinks Annapolis, where we will continue the conversation about this important topic over a cocktail (or soft drink) and hors d’oeuvres.

It is clear that the climate is changing rapidly. The Chesapeake is already being affected by sea level rise, severe weather and other aspects of Climate Change. But what does this mean to you? How will this affect what we eat? What do we need to know?

Expert speakers will explain how the accelerated pace of Climate Change is affecting our food supply—on land and in the Bay and oceans—in easy to understand presentations. They will address the topics of adaptation and resiliency, answer questions, and engage in a two-way discussion with the audience. The goal is to inform and leave attendees with optimism about how the right policies and practices can mitigate the impact of Climate Change on themselves, their families and their communities.


  • Anna Chaney, farmer, chef and caterer
  • Bert Drake, Ph.D., Smithsonian scientist emeritus
  • Sara Via, Ph.D., Professor, University of Maryland
  • Bruce Vogt, Ecosystem Science & Synthesis Manager, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
  • Moderator: Dave Buemi, Post Carbon Institute & Climate Change Reality Project

About Our Speakers

Anna Chaney – Ms. Chaney is a CPA, entrepreneur, certified in Permaculture Theory and Design, Earthkeeper as Initiated by the Shamans of the Andes in Peru, Regenerative Agriculture Farmer, Herbalist and Shamanic Energy Healer. She founded, owns, and operates a local catering and event company located at an eco-lifestyle marina resort on the Chesapeake Bay. Ms. Chaney and her family have preserved over 1500 acres in agricultural and historic preservation in Anne Arundel County and Northern Calvert County. She lives on and care-takes a 160-acre permaculture farm located in Lothian, Maryland, where she and her son grow and produce native fruits and nuts, and make herbal plant-based tinctures and syrups. Their focus is healing the soil; which feeds the plants and nourishes the people. They are also participating in the Maryland Hemp Research Program with Morgan State University and are growing hemp for value-added CBD products. Ms. Chaney has spent the last decade training and working with contemporary and traditional shamans from North and Central America. She offers healing sessions at her farm which can include Forest Bathing, energy healing, and food and supplement consultations. Her passion is aligned with Hippocrates’ insofar as her dedication to growing nutrient dense food and medicine for people: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Bert Drake, Ph.D. – Dr. Drake, a Plant Physiologist, retired as Senior Scientist from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. He led two major ecosystem projects on the impacts of rising atmospheric CO2 and climate change on the capacity of land ecosystems to assimilate carbon dioxide. The Chesapeake Bay wetland study is the longest-running experiment of its type ever undertaken, expanded in 1996 to include similar studies at the wildlife refuge at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and resulting in more than 100 publications. Dr. Drake was designated the Smithsonian 2005 Distinguished Science Lecturer for his long record of research and public outreach.

Sara Via, Ph.D. – Dr. Via is Professor and Climate Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland, College Park. When she came to Maryland in 1997 from Cornell University, her research focused on the evolutionary genetics of insect crop pests. By 2014, however, she was so worried about climate change that she changed her emphasis to climate extension. Now Dr. Via teaches Marylanders across the state about Climate Change impacts and solutions. She also conducts extensive soil health outreach. Her presentations for farmers and technical service providers emphasize the crucial role of microbes in soil health and how healthy soil increases climate resilience on farms by reducing the impacts of floods & drought. Dr. Via is currently working with the Maryland Department of Agriculture on a program to incentivize Maryland’s farmers to increase the use of science-based strategies that boost soil health and sequester carbon. This program will be part of Maryland’s 2020 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act Plan.

Bruce Vogt – Mr. Vogt is Ecosystem Science & Synthesis Manager at NOAA’s Chesapeake Bay Program Office. He oversees the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Program Office’s science portfolio including oysters, fisheries and environmental observations. Mr. Vogt works to develop science products and applications that support living resource management in the Chesapeake Bay and is the Coordinator of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Sustainable Fisheries Goal Implementation Team. He also chairs the Invasive Catfish Task Force and Forage Action Team, working with state and federal offices and other organizations to evaluate science needs, develop projects and deliver products to policy makers.

Dave P. Buemi, Moderator – Mr. Buemi is Managing Director of Prescient Energy Consulting and is Post Carbon Institute & Climate Reality Project commissioned. The Post Carbon Institute is focused on providing communities with solutions to meet the Climate Change challenge at the local level. His work over the last 22 years in solar and renewable energy globally provides a unique perspective on the challenge of energy as the main driver of climate change.

anna chaney  bert drake  sara via  bruce vogt  dave buemi
Anna Chaney, Dr. Bert Drake, Dr. Sara Via, Bruce Vogt, Dave Buemi

Green Drinks hor’s d’oeuvres provided by Herrington-on-the-Bay

Pre-discussion nibbles at 5:30

Hemp balls with organic peanut butter and local honey
White bean hummus topped with house made Curtido

Green Drinks appetizers at 7:30

Beet and Arugula skewer with Chevre goat cheese and balsamic glaze
Asian style Chicken Bone broth shots with fresh ginger and lemongrass
Chicken Satay in Belgian Endive cups with Thai peppers and sweet basil
Invasive Blue Catfish (Preparation & presentation will be a surprise!)
Sweet Potato Pudding with Pepita crunch and candied nuts

Beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available. Cash bar.

The “Tread Lightly” series began in March 2019 with “Climate 101,” a talk that covered basic information about Climate Change and its effect on public health. See below.

Future topics in the series may include:

  • Climate Change as a National Security Issue
  • Climate Change and the Economy
  • What Our State, County, and City Governments are Doing to Address Climate Change

hannon armstrong*We are grateful to series Presenting Sponsor Hannon Armstrong (NYSE: HASI), which focuses on making investments in climate change solutions by providing capital to the leading companies in the energy efficiency, renewable energy and other sustainable infrastructure markets. Hannon Armstrong is only New York Stock Exchange listed company headquartered in Annapolis, and is the first U.S. public company solely dedicated to investments that reduce carbon emissions or increase resilience to climate change.

Support for the July talk also is provided by our host, the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center SERC, along with the Chesapeake Conservancy and the Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis.

smithsonian environmental research center   chesapeake conservancy   climate stewards


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