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If you have a yard, then this tip is perfect for you. Along with other plants, you can grow species that attract butterflies! Plants such as Black Eyed Susans, Lavender, and different variants of Milkweed are some examples. These provide habitat and food for the butterflies. Butterflies are an important pollinator, so increasing their habitat will allow them to flourish and breed. Growing these types of plants in your yard will help to strengthen the ecosystem and support biological diversity. So next time you are buying new plants for your yard, consider buying butterfly friendly plants!

Today’s Fact:

Butterflies and other pollinators including bees, moths, birds, and bats pollinate over 75% of the world’s flowering plants.


maddy-brianas-photoIt’s the next generation that will deal with the effects of Climate Change on the Earth so we are thrilled to publicize Maddy Brianas and her Tips! Maddy is an Annapolis teen who is passionate about protecting the environment. In 2019 she and her sister, Bella (and their parents), participated in our Have a Heart Do Your Part cleanup and then turned around and did a birthday fundraiser to benefit Annapolis Green!

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Smithsonian Earth Optimism logoScience journalist Wendy Williams takes a look at the scientists, gardeners, naturalists and citizen scientists who have joined together to successfully decipher the secrets of butterflies in order to protect them. She shares surprising details like the unexpectedly intricate shapes of butterflies’ unique wing scales, the microscopic details of the butterfly proboscis, and even the biological tools that allow monarch butterflies to migrate south each fall.

This is a presentation of the Smithsonian Institution’s Earth Optimism series.

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Jug Bay
jug bay wetlands sanctuaryJoin fellow gardeners, butterfly watchers and native plant enthusiasts in the butterfly garden. Volunteers weed, water, prune and otherwise maintain the Butterfly Garden at the Glendening Preserve’s Plummer House at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary. Volunteers learn all about which plants support our native pollinators and how to take care of a vibrant and healthy garden. Occasionally volunteers are welcome to take plants and cuttings home for their own gardens. Bring work gloves, a snack, a refillable water bottle, hat and sunscreen and clothes and shoes that can get dirty. Registration is not required and walk-ins are welcome!
Ages: Open to anyone willing to work
Time: 9 – 11 am
Place:Glendening Nature Preserve (Plummer entrance), 5702 Plummer Ln, Lothian, MD 20711
Contact jugbay@aacounty.org or call 410-222-8006 for more information.

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