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Unique Gifts for the Garden, Your Health, and Your Kitchen

hands holding compostFor the Garden

Spring Compost – $10 (approx. 20 lbs. per bag)
This bag of compost brings beneficial microbes, macro-nutrients, and micro-nutrients to your soil. Made locally in Maryland with 100% American-made ingredients. Although our Responsible Events & Festivals zero-waste contributions will be running a little low this year, it still packs a powerful punch! (Not in smell – there really isn’t any!) It comes in a green sandbag that you can reuse or return to us.

Organic Potting Mix – $10 (approx. 15 lbs. per bag)
And, an exciting new offering – Organic Potting Mix! Great for indoor and outdoor potted plants. The mix is light and airy and will retain water; allowing plenty of room for roots to move around. It is a blend of organic compost, peat moss and coarse vermiculite. It is much lighter than top soil, so it will not get compacted down as easily. This allows seeds and small plants to become more established and allows for strong root systems to develop.

For Your Health

Yoga Blocks from Recycled Wine Corks

We’ve recycled over 121,000 wine corks and bits of some of them are in these yoga blocks! Made from 198 recycled natural wine corks, the blocks offer a stable, non-slip surface for a fitness or yoga practice. Just $20.

For Your Bookshelf

The Grassfed Gourmet Fires it Up! book coverThe Grassfed Gourmet Fires It Up! Grilling, Barbecuing, and Smoking with the Healthiest Meats From America’s Small Farms
by Rita Calvert & Michael Heller

This richly illustrated book presents lessons on how to find and buy grassfed meats complete with recipes and other grilling advice from local chef (and Annapolis Green super volunteer) Rita Calvert and a local sustainable farmer, Michael Heller. If you’re a thoughtful carnivore and love to cook on the grill, this is the book for you! Just $18 for a softcover signed copy.

If purchased from this website, a portion of the proceeds from sale of this book benefits Annapolis Green.

Essential Native Trees & Shrubs book coverEssential Native Trees and Shrubs for the Eastern United States: The Guide to Creating a Sustainable Landscape
by Tony Dove & Ginger Woolridge

Gleaned from the authors’ 75 combined years of landscaping experience, this user-friendly reference offers suggestions on species selection based on a plant’s performance, aesthetic appeal, and wide range of adaptability. This valuable resource is organized for fast and confident tree and shrub selections for specific landscape applications, and is full of vivid four-color photographs, graphs, and practical tips. More about the book. Just $35 for a hardcover signed copy.

If purchased from this website, a portion of the proceeds from sale of this book benefits Annapolis Green.


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