across the bay 10KWe believe that there is a natural connection between outdoor sports and recreation and caring for the environment. That is why we launched our Run ResponsiblyTM campaign with the 2014 Across the Bay 10K. We designed our Run ResponsiblyTM campaign to connect racers and spectatorsat this big race over the Chespeake Bay Bridge to the national treasure that is the Chesapeake Bay to encourage good stewardship.

This year we are ramping up the awareness about cup-free racing and promoting the idea because cup-free racing IS the responsible way to operate foot races -- without the litter and waste of paper cups (or even worse, plastic cups) at hydration stations.

Going cup-free is not only cleaner (look at this photo to see the type of mess created by a lot of races), it reduces the dangerous slipperiness at hydration stations. (Photo courtesy Mother Nature Network)

This year, we are participating by registering a charity fundraiser! The Run Responsibly with Annapolis Green "Team" will raise funds to help us keep the Run Responsibly momentum going, reaching out to the many foot races in our area. Click here to check out our team page.

The 2014 race brought back a beloved Maryland tradition of walking and running across the Bay Bridge, but with a few changes. The race began on Western side of the bridge and ended up in Queen Anne's County. the same course will be followed this year on race day, Nov. 8, 2015.

BGEAnnapolis Green provided recycling and composting to the Finishers Party at the end of the 2014 Across the Bay 10K, with our partners, Veteran Compost and WasteStrategies, thanks to a grant from BGE.

Race organizers, consulting with local authorities and conservation groups, wisely declared the race to be "cup-free," that is, runners were not provided throw-away paper cups at water stations. Can you imagine what would happen with over 20,000 paper cups flying around the Bay Bridge? So runners brought their own non-glass bottles or other containers. We took this opportunity to introduce the Hydra Pouch.

The Annapolis Green HydraPouch®

We provided an alternative to bottles and other containers, the HydraPouch,® thanks to sponsorship from Maryland State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness and Maryland Sports, and the Chesapeake Conservancy. Each pouch is branded with the Run ResponsiblyTM logo and the Maryland State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness logo. At the 2014 race, each pouch contained a "message in a pouch" card with a information about Bay conservation from the Chesapeake Conservancy.

hydrapouchThe HydraPouch® helps runners drink-up quickly, cleanly, and with a minimum of effort.

It's an almost weightless, flexible pouch that clips onto the runner's clothing and works perfectly with the "fast-fill-up" HydraPour® nozzles that race organizers connect to water supplies for runners. It's much better than carrying a bottle for 10 kilometers!

The HydraPouch® eliminates the problem of trying to drink from a paper cup while running or jogging.

Get your drink in you, not on you.
Carry it and sip it - no more gulping or choking.
Eliminate cups on long club training runs.
Reduce or eliminate cups at race aid stations.

We will offer the branded Annapolis Green HydraPouch® for sale at the Pre-Race Expo on Nov. 7 & 8 at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

You can buy a branded Annapolis Green HydraPouch®Onlline -- just click here -- or directly from Annapolis Green. Just send us an email.

About the HydraPouch® Sponsors

As the oldest Council on Fitness in the Nation, the Maryland State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness, with the support of several Maryland Governors and Secretaries of Health, and in alliance with the President's Council, has worked in support of legislation and events that highlight public health, a healthy environment, and public policy that protects both. Our members come from the athletic, physical education, health care provider and fitness instructor communities. We have fought for smart growth, against childhood obesity and for overall family health through legislation, awards, conferences, speakers bureau, educational materials and co-sponsorship of fitness events, such as the Bay Bridge Run.

Maryland Sports' mission is to enhance Maryland's economy, image and quality of life through the attraction, promotion, retention, and development of regional, national and international sporting events.

The Chesapeake Conservancy is dedicated to ensuring conservation, stewardship and access of the Chesapeake Bay, its lands and rivers. The Conservancy was created out of a merger between the Friends of the John Smith Chesapeake Trail and Friends of Chesapeake Gateways. It advocates, marshals new resources and forges new partnerships to increase public access to the Chesapeake and its great rivers, ensures conservation of the region’s most treasured landscapes and waterways, and promotes stewardship and enjoyment of the region’s natural, cultural, and historic treasures.


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