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Chesapeake Bay Action Plan

After decades of effort, the voluntary, collaborative approach to restoring the health and vitality of the Chesapeake Bay— the largest estuary in the United States—has not worked and, in fact, is failing. A diverse group of 57 senior scientists and policymakers have joined forces to save the Bay. Read more.

Update Your Septic System or Connect to the Public Sewer System
Grants are Available

Department of Health Expands the Use of the Bay Restoration Fund
for Sewer Connections Where Public Sewer Is Available

The Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) Program has been expanded to include sewer connections of existing dwellings currently served by a septic system where public sewer is available and immediately abuts a property. Grants will be limited to $10,000 per household and will be applied toward the Capital Facility and User Connection Charges. Priority will be given to properties located in the Critical Area and Priority Funding Areas within Existing Sewer Service Areas of the County. Prospective applicants should determine whether public sewer is available to their property by contacting Department of Public Works at 410-222-7511.  

Where public sewer is available, a completed BRF application must be submitted to the Anne Arundel County Department of Health. For application instructions, click here or call the Sanitary Engineering Program at 410-222-7324.  

The property owner is responsible for plumbing, permit and Capital Facility and User connection fees in excess of the grant and abandonment of the existing septic system.  Projects must be completed by June 30, 2014.  Applicants with adjusted gross incomes in excess of $300,000 will be limited to $5,000 per household.  

The BRF Program continues to provide funding for the purchase, installation and five-year maintenance costs of a State-approved nitrogen-reducing unit. For details about funding criteria and the grant application, visit or call 410-222-7324.

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measure your bay footprint

See a problem? Report it:

Sediment runoff, Critical Area violations
Anne Arundel County Environmental Hotline
410 222-7777

Fish Kills, Algal blooms, illegal fishing, oil or hazardous materials spills, critical area or wetlands violations
Department of Natural Resources Chesapeake Bay Safety & Environmental Hotline
877 224-7229

Dredging, clearing in wetlands, illegal piers
Maryland Department of the Environment Water Management Compliance Office
410 537-3510

Oil spills and hazards to navigation
US Coast Guard
877 249-2824

Sick or injured wild animals
Department of Natural Resources
877 463-6497


1000 friends of maryland1000 Friends of Maryland is An organization that supports a new pattern of development that we can afford - socially, economically, environmentally. 1000 Friends is committed to: Preserve the rich array of our natural resources; Maintain and revitalize our existing communities; Protect historic resources and integrate them into the life of the community; Assure efficient, effective transportation choices for all citizens; Support development which takes into account the public's interest; Fully realize the goals of smart growth.

alliance for the chesapeake bayAlliance for the Chesapeake Bay is a regional nonprofit organization that builds and fosters partnerships to protect and to restore the Bay and its rivers. The Alliance does not lobby or litigate. Instead, they do the slow, hard work of bridging dialogue between groups that don't see eye-to-eye, forming strategies for joint solutions, and building the capacity of communities for local-level action.

arnold preservation councilArnold Preservation Council - Its mission is to unite the people of Arnold, preserve its rural heritage and enhance its environment by advocating responsible growth, linked neighborhoods, local businesses and excellent schools. back creek conservancyBack Creek Conservancy - Now forming, by 2025, the Conservancy envisions a fishable, swimmable Back Creek supported by a citizen-led non-profit group that speaks for the Creek and conducts projects to improve and maintain its health.The Back Creek watershed will have cleanwater, abundant life, and conserved lands with public and access to the water. It will benefit from its vibrant heritage as a yachting center, with adiversity of engaged citizens and stakeholders.

chesapeake conservancyChesapeake Conservancy - The Conservancy is edicated to ensuring conservation, stewardship and access of the Chesapeake Bay, its lands and rivers. The Conservancy was created out of a merger between the Friends of the John Smith Chesapeake Trail and Friends of Chesapeake Gateways

city of annapolis logoAnnapolis Conservancy Board - City of Annapolis Board of seven residents with interest in the preservation and conservation of land & water resources. Duties: Solicit the dedication of properties, real and personal, to the City; administer and manage said properties; encourage the preservation of environmentally sensitive land; further implement the goals for improving water quality; provide for the development of additional recreational resources of the City.

annapolis logoAnnapolis Neighborhood & Environmental Programs Department is the "quality of life" department in the City of Annapolis' government. It is made up of two divisions: Code Enforcement and Environmental Programs. Code Enforcement is responsible for licensing, permitting and inspections relating to all facets of code enforcement including, but not limited to, construction, rental housing, zoning, construction trades and wastewater pretreatment. Environmental Programs is responsible for the enhancement of the environment through projects and programs including, but not limited to, urban forest, "Clean Air Initiatives," "Keep It Clean" campaign, storm water management and trail systems.
Green Annapolis Magazine 2009 | Sustainable Annapolis

annapolis logoAnnapolis Environmental Commission - Nine residents who have a demonstrated sincere interest in protection and improvement of the environment. Mission: To promote the protection and improvement of the natural health and welfare of the environment of the City of Annapolis through public education, community service and participation in city environmental policy.

artmaAnnapolis Regional Transportation Management Association (ARTMA) advocates the value of a sound transportation infrastructure and promotes commuter options that save money, time, and quality of life while reducing congestion and pollution.

arlington echoArlington Echo Outdoor Education Center - This is the Outdoor Education Program of Anne Arundel County Public Schools which, for 33 years, has provided an interdisciplinary outdoor education program for Anne Arundel County teachers, students, and parents, using its site in Millersville as well as other satellite sites throughout the county. Each school year it serves over 25,000 students and 8,000 adults.

baltimore waterkeeperBaltimore Harbor Waterkeeper & Blue Water Baltimore - The mission of Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper is to protect and restore Baltimore Harbor and the greater blue water balimorePatapsco River and its tributaries through enforcement, fieldwork, and citizen action in order to make the river suitable for recreation, including fishing and swimming, to improve public health, and to improve the health of the river ecosystem.

barrels by the bayBarrels by the Bay - The mission of Barrels by the Bay is to bring awareness to United Nations World Water Day while educating individuals about water resources.

being in placeBeing in Place: Alliance for Sustainable Communities - Its purpose is to design a human life-style that follows natural patterns and inspires creative problem solving by engaging people as part of the multitude of extraordinary species of life whose richness inspires the spirit and nourishes existence. The guiding principle is that sound environmental policies create jobs, make industry more efficient, help people identify their personal needs with those of their neighbors and those of the earth, provide leadership toward social and environmental justice.

biofilia foundatuoinBiophilia Foundation - The primary mission of the Biophilia Foundation is to support efforts that protect, restore, enhance, and preserve wildlife habitat for all species of native plants and animals. It's secondary mission is to help reconnect individuals with nature.

Businesses for the Bay (B4B) - An initiativeof the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, it encourages businesses within the Chesapeake Bay watershed to take voluntary and measurable actions to support protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and help the public understand the valuable role of the business community in sustaining the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.

center for watershed protectionCenter for Watershed Protection - CWP believes that the key to maintaining and improving the quality of our valuable water resources is to minimize the collective impacts of urbanization and other land use changes at the local watershed scale. This goal is accomplished through: Partnering with Watershed Groups, Making Regulatory Updates and Conducting Program Reviews, Providing Stormwater Services, Distill Research into Practical Tools, Offer Watershed Assessment and Planning, and Train Others to Manage Watersheds

chesapeake bay foundationChesapeake Bay Foundation - CBF is the only independent 501(c)(3) organization dedicated solely to restoring and protecting the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers. Founded 40 years ago, CBF's goal has been to improve water quality by reducing pollution. The motto, Save the Bay, has been the battle cry for that goal.

chesapeake bay program logoChesapeake Bay Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) - LGAC is a body of officials appointed by the Governors of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the alliance for the chesapeake bayMayor of the District of Columbia to improve the role local governments play in Bay restoration efforts and develop strategies to broaden local government participation in the Chesapeake Bay Program. Quarterly meetings of LGAC provide the forum for policy development.

chesapeake bay trustChesapeake Bay Trust is an independent, nonprofit grant-making organization chartered in 1985 by the Maryland General Assembly to engage the public in the protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers and streams. Funding provided by the Trust sparks on-the-ground change in communities throughout Maryland and works to cultivate a new generation of Bay stewards.

chesapeake climate action networkChesapeake Climate Action Network - CCAN is the first grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Its mission is to educate and mobilize citizens of this region in a way that fosters a rapid societal switch to clean energy and energy-efficient products, thus joining similar efforts worldwide to slow and perhaps halt the dangerous trend of global warming.

Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping CouncilThe Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to researching, promoting and educating professionals and the public about conservation landscaping to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

chesapeake environmental protection association Chesapeake Environmental Protection Association - CEPA works to restore the Chesapeake Bay by affecting environmental
policy and action. Its goal is sustainable growth in the region — a future where our precious natural resources are in balance with their use.

chesapeake interfaith environmental groupChesapeake Interfaith Environmental Group is an assembly of faith institutions within the Annapolis and Chesapeake Region and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.  Its mission is to celebrate the gifts of God's creation through worship and putting faith into action for the care of the Earth. It sponsors a yearly Earth Day event.

chesapeake ecology centerChesapeake Ecology Center - The non-profit Center is dedicated to promoting and educating the public about community greening and conservation landscaping practices for the Chesapeake Bay watershed that result in a healthier and more beautiful environment benefiting residents and the region's biological diversity.

chesapeake legal alliance Chesapeake Legal Alliance, Inc. - A non-profit organization dedicated to using the law to improve the quality of the Chesapeake. It grew out of the perceptions that (1) there is a large unmet need for legal resources to enforce and strengthen the laws that govern pollution and development that adversely affects the Bay, and (2) there exists a substantial and largely untapped resource of private lawyers who care about the health of the Bay and are consequently willing to contribute time and effort, pro bono publico, toward its improvement. The goal is to match this resource to the need for legal services to create a network of attorneys with the hope of making a significant contribution toward restoring the Chesapeake to health. It was founded in February 2009.

Chesapeake Stormwater Network - A network of nearly 7,000 stormwater professionals primarily composed of professionals within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed but also including a number of members from other areas of the country and the world. Through this expansive network, it is able to align and integrate the efforts of thousands of individuals working on the stormwater problem across the Bay.

chesapeake sustainable business allianceChesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance - Educates the public on the importance of supporting the local economy, and encourages businesses and consumers to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. We envision a sustainable global economy as a network of Local Living Economies, building long-term economic empowerment and prosperity in communities through local business ownership, economic justice, cultural diversity and a healthy natural environment. Independent businesses create wealth by engaging local people in the production, marketing, and consumption of goods, they pay taxes, and reinvest in our communities.

critical area commissionCritical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays - Oversees the development and implementation of local land use programs directed toward the Critical Area that met the following goals: Minimize adverse impacts on water quality that result from pollutants that are discharged from structures or conveyances or that have run off from surrounding lands; Conserve fish, wildlife, and plant habitat in the Critical Area; and Establish land use policies for development in the Critical Area which accommodate growth and also address the fact that, even if pollution is controlled, the number, movement, and activities of persons in the Critical Area can create adverse environmental impacts.

dwsDavidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary - A non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals. They take in injured or orphaned wildlife to raise them and treat their wounds, with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. When release is not an option, the sanctuary provides them with a permanent home. The sanctuary also takes in a limited number of exotic or non-traditional pets such as emus, pot-bellied pigs, llamas, parrots, burros, etc., who, through no fault of their own, have been given up. Some are placed into new homes. The sanctuary is on a 10.5-acre site with a pond, free-running stream, open fields, woods, flat lands and steep hills where many different species an live and interact in as free an environment as possible.

eastport eco actoin!Eastport EcoAction!is a group of involved residents who are seeking to implement environmental improvements in our community. Our goal is to initiate and complete environmental projects that benefit Eastport and also to partner with and support other organizations with similar goals. These initiatives will help stop the introduction of pollutants into our neighboring waters, mitigate shoreline erosion and enhance our public spaces. Our mission is to create a sustainable and vibrant community action group that will actively look for and implement solutions to our environmental problems.

environment marylandEnvironment Maryland is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Its professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results for Maryland's environment. Environment Maryland draws on 30 years of success in tackling our state's top environmental problems.

chesapeake bay programEPA Chesapeake Bay Program Office: A Watershed Partnership - The Chesapeake Bay Program is a unique regional partnership that has led and directed the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay since 1983. Program partners include the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia; the District of Columbia; the Chesapeake Bay Commission, a tri-state legislative body; the Environmental Protection Agency, representing the federal government; and participating citizen advisory groups.

Greater Severna Park Watershed Action GroupGreater Severna Park Watershed Action Group - The GSPWAG was organized to to engage, educate, and empower the residents, communities, councils, schools, businesses, and local and state government, through outreach programs and events for the purpose of working together through partnerships and networks to restore and preserve the land and water resources within the greater Severna Park area that flow into the Magothy and Severn rivers and ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay.

green building instituteGreen Building Institute - Its mission is to foster sustainable building practices through education and example, working toward our vision of a world where the built environment enhances the natural environment. the Institute provides classes on a number of topics.

green drinks annapolisGreen Drinks Annapolis - Our goal is to bring together all of us who share a passion for the environment and concern for our Chesapeake Bay in a casual, fun, unstructured say .... with drinks and great green ideas! Green Drinks is part of Green Drinks International, which began in the U.K. several years ago. Green Drinks Annapolis follows the original format: We have a lively mixture of people from NGOs, academia, government and business. Come along and you'll be made welcome. It's a great way of catching up with people you know and also for making new connections. Everyone invites someone else along, so there’s always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an organic, self-organizing network.

green meeting industry councilGreen Meeting Industry Council - Leading the meeting industry in improving meeting management by supporting collaboration and the development and dissemination of resources and opportunities that improve the environmental performance of meetings and events. The GMIC is the central location for information and tools to provide you with the green edge in creating meetings and events that: achieve economic objectives, tread lightly on the earth, and contribute to host communities.

institute for conservation leadershipInstitute for Conservation Leadership
The ICL empowers leaders with training and we build volunteer institutions that protect and conserve the Earth's environment. We do this by helping leaders lead better, by building connections between groups with similar goals, and by supporting groups' progress with fundraising, board development, and other activities.

interfaith partners for the ChesapeakeInterfaith Partners for the Chesapeake
(Formerly Chesapeake Covenant Community)
An interfaith partnership devoted to building awareness of the spiritual, faith-based foundation for preserving land, water and all of God's Creation. Our mission is to educate, support and motivate people and communities of faith in the Chesapeake watershed to care for the Earth and all its inhabitants, beginning with their own home, the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
living oceans foundationKhaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation - A privately funded marine science and ocean conservancy foundation. From 2011-2015, the Foundation will circumnavigate the globe aboard the M/Y Golden Shadow working on a single mission called the Global Reef Expedition. Each of the three Foundation’s divisions—Marine Science, Media Relations & Outreach, and Education—work together in order to fulfill the mission of the Foundation.

lower western shore trib teamLower Western Shore Tributary Team - Funding has ended for this team, that was part of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources organization whose mission is to reduce nutrient and sediment inputs and to restore habitat in the Lower Western Shore Watershed through community participation. The team was composed of representatives from citizens' groups, watershed organizations, the business community, environmental groups, agriculture, and federal, state, and country governments. This diversity of representation led to a wide variety of interests in the team's work efforts from notable successes in influencing policy to outreach and educational endeavors to hand-on projects in the water or on the land.

magothy river associationMagothy River Association is an all-volunteer group representing about 46 communities along the Magothy River Watershed. It devotes its efforts to projects that protect the welfare of the river and its inhabitants, such as:
* Maintaining an oyster nursery at Downs Park
* Restoring an oyster bar
* Monitoring water quality
* Helping to restore seagrasses

magothy river associationMagothy River Land Trust - We are a non-profit organization composed of concerned Magothy River area residents. Our mission is to preserve the environment and protect the land within the Magothy River watershed by accepting donations of conservation easements, acquiring property through gift or purchase, and by fostering an increased understanding of our natural resources.

maryland clean energy centerMaryland Clean Energy Center - The organization was created in 2008 to encourage the transformation of the energy economy with programs that catalyze the growth of business, increase related “green collar” jobs, and make clean energy technologies, products and services affordable, accessible, and easy to implement for Maryland residents.

marylandMaryland Department of the Environment -- The mission of the MDE is to protect and restore the quality of Maryland’s air, water, and land resources, while fostering smart growth, economic development, healthy and safe communities, and quality environmental education for the benefit of the environment, public health, and future generations. MDE's vision is to ensure a clean environment and excellent quality of life for Marylanders. The website contains a lot of useful "how-to" information along with reports, regulations, and more.

-Maryland Department of the Environment & Environmental Sustainability - Information for Businesses: Greening Your Facility
Improve Your Environmental Performance and Save Money
The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is responsible for a wide range of regulatory programs that protect our state’s air, land and water resources. Many Maryland businesses, however, aim to go beyond what is required by law to ensure that future generations enjoy the high quality of life and natural environment that our state offers. MDE supports this proactive approach to environmental management and offers information and services to help citizens and organizations set and meet their own goals on the path to sustainability. The website includes links to much useful information.

dnr logoMaryland Department of Natural Resources
Vision Statement
In a sustainable Maryland, we recognize that the health of our society and our economy are dependent on the health of our environment. Therefore, we choose to act both collectively and individually to preserve, protect, restore, and enhance our environment for this and future generations.
Mission Statement
The Department of Natural Resources leads Maryland in securing a sustainable future for our environment, society, and economy by preserving, protecting, restoring, and enhancing the State’s natural resources.
DNR-Wide Objectives
* Healthy Terrestrial & Aquatic Ecosystems
* Efficient Use of Energy & Resources
* Citizen Stewardship, Outdoor Recreation, & Opportunities to Take Action
* Vibrant Communities & Neighborhoods
* Long-Term Economic Prosperity
* Professional Commitment

maryland environmental trustMaryland Environmental Trust
is a statewide land trust governed by a citizen Board of Trustees. It was created by the General Assembly in 1967. Its goal is the preservation of open land, such as farmland, forest land, and significant natural resources. Its primary tool for doing this is the conservation easement, a voluntary agreement between a landowner and MET. MET also endeavors to promote the protection of open land through the Local Land Trust Assistance Program. In addition, MET gives grants to environmental education projects through the Keep Maryland Beautiful Program.

Maryland Environmental ServicesCreated in 1970 by Maryland’s Governor and legislators to protect the state’s air, land and water resources, Maryland Environmental Services is today an independent organization that provides services at competitive rates to government and private sector clients and works on projects including water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, composting, recycling, dredged material management, hazardous materials cleanup, and renewable energy.

maryland green registryMaryland Green Registry is a free, voluntary, self-certification program offering tips and resources to help organizations set and meet their own goals on the path to sustainability. The checklists provided suggest dozens of opportunities for organizations to minimize their impact on the environment. Many are simple, common-sense operational changes and almost all of them can save money. Maryland Green Registry members are listed on the website and invited to use the Maryland Green Registry logo to promote their participation in the program.

maryland green registryMaryland Green Travel is a free, voluntary program that reviews, certifies and recognizes tourism businesses committed to improving their operations in order to reduce their environmental impact. The program helps businesses evaluate their procedures, set goals and take specific actions towards environmental sustainability.

maryland league of conservation votersMaryland League of Conservation Voters - Known as the "Environmental Watchdog" in Annapolis, the non-partisan Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) serves as the political voice of the environment in our state. It was founded in 1979 as a volunteer organization and has since grown to a full-time, staffed organization. The Maryland LCV is a 501 (c)(4) organization and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. There is an Anne Arundel Chapter as well.

smart green & growing Maryland Smart, Green & Growing - The new website at helps citizens, businesses and local governments more easily find their way to an increasing number of sustainable programs, services and ideas. The SGG team has put together great green programs from multiple state agencies in one place where you can access some really useful stuff that can save you money, get you statewide recognition for the green things you are doing and give you the upper hand in keeping up with innovations from Maryland's businesses. SGG brings together state agencies, local governments, businesses and citizens to create more livable communities, improve transportation options, reduce the state's carbon footprint, support resource based industry, invest in green technologies, preserve valuable resource lands and restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

maryland native plant society logoThe Maryland Native Plant Society - The Society's mission is to promote awareness, appreciation, and conservation of Maryland's native plants and their habitats. The organization pursues its mission through education, research, advocacy, and service activities.

maryland pesticide networkMaryland Pesticide Network is a grassroots coalition of organizations in Maryland dedicated to protecting the public and the environment from toxic pesticides and promoting healthy alternatives.  Founded in 1994, MPN's diverse membership includes health care provider, consumer, environmental, parent, labor, agricultural and religious organizations.

maryland sea grant collegeMaryland Sea Grant College is a program of the University of Maryland that supports innovative scientific research, education, and outreach work to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s coastal resources. Drawing on the talent and expertise of the state's universities and laboratories, Sea Grant serves as a bridge between academic expertise and the needs of those who manage, conserve, enjoy, or make their living from the Chesapeake Bay. Sea Grant publishes a magazine for the public, Chesapeake Quarterly, that examines environmental, economic, and cultural issues relevant to the Bay and its watershed. marepMid-Atlantic Region Environmental Professionals is a newly-formed local chapter of the National Association of Environmental Professionals. Its mission is to provide opportunity for professional development and environmental awareness for environmental professionals, organizations and the community of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

national wildlife federationNational Wildlife Federation - Mid-Atlantic Regional Center works with affiliates and partners across the region to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay; the Appalachian forests, rivers and flyways; and the extensive shoreline and coastal bay habitats of the Mid-Atlantic.

oyster recovery partnershipOyster Recovery Partnership
- For more than 15 years, the Oyster Recovery Partnership with its coalition of partners, has been planting hundreds of millions of disease-free oysters back into the Chesapeake Bay. Costing only a few cents to produce and plant, a small donation can plant thousands of oysters and help restore the Chesapeake Bay.

patuxent researach refugePatuxent Research Refuge is one of over 540 refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Established in 1936 by executive order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Patuxent Research Refuge is the Nation's only National Wildlife Refuge established to support wildlife research. The Refuge is world renowned for its research on endangered species such as the Whooping Crane. Today most of the research on the refuge is conducted by the US Geological Survey (USGS) through the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.

patuxent riverkeeperPatuxent Riverkeeper works full time to improve, protect and preserve the river pulling from a variety of resources to provide advocacy. The Patuxent Riverkeeper uses, science, activism, legal skills and a mixed bag of tools, tactics and resources to champion the causes of the river. The riverkeeper patrols the river and the watershed on foot and by boat in order to facilitate first hand monitoring, organizing, intervention and advocacy to assure that existing preservation laws are complied with. The riverkeeper also works with other public and private sector organizations to build coalitions and strategies that pool the efforts of all the stakeholders throughout the watershed who wish to help preserve and enhance the river and its surrounding watershed.

potomac conservancyPotomac Conservancy protects the health, beauty, and enjoyment of the Potomac River and its tributaries. The Conservancy's primary focus is protection of water quality through land protection and sound land use practices. Because clean water alone is not enough, the Conservancy also works to preserve and restore the Potomac's scenic landscapes, and to enhance river-based recreational opportunities.

save mill creekSave Mill Creek is an informal group of concerned citizens working toward understanding, restoring and maintaining the health of Mill Creek on the Magothy River in Arnold, Maryland. Its mission is to act as stewards of the health of Mill Creek, restoring the creek to an ecologically functional water system that is enjoyed for both its beauty and recreational use. Its objective is to have Anne Arundel County initiate a special task force with authority to orchestrate and implement a fast-track environmental restoration plan for Mill Creek that can serve as a model for other watersheds in the County.

scenic river land trustScenic Rivers Land Trust is a private, non-profit, non-governmental corporation chartered in 1988 to protect land through voluntary methods such as conservation easements and educating landholders on issues of conservation and stewardship. The SRLT can accept conservation easements within Anne Arundel County. Its focus is the Severn, South, Patuxent, Rhode, and West River watersheds. It works cooperatively with the Maryland Environmental Trust (MET) as an authorized MET easement agency. We are also in compliance with the Standards and Practices of the national Land Trust Alliance.

severn river associationSevern River Association - Founded in 1911, SRA is the oldest organization dedicated to the preservation of a river in America and Anne Arundel County's largest and oldest civic group with over 70 communities represented. SRA has many activities and is always on the lookout for new people with talents of nearly any kind. It has activities including outings that put members in close touch with the river and watershed we love, legislative and regulatory action to improve protection for the Severn River watershed, cleanup and restoration projects, and more.

severn riverkeeperSevern Riverkeeper - The Riverkeeper's purpose is to promote, preserve, and restore the environmental health of the Severn River and its surrounding watershed through advocacy and promoting enforcement of environmental laws.  Formally speaking, our objective is to improve the Severn’s water quality by reducing the levels of nutrients, sediment, sewage, and toxic chemicals entering the Severn to the point where it can be removed from Maryland Department of the Environment's Impaired Waterways List (Section 303d of the Clean Water Act).

sierra clubSierra Club - Maryland Chapter
The Maryland Chapter oversees Sierra Club activities in Maryland, and has around 15,000 members. It is divided into ten groups who organize local Sierra Club activities, including the Anne Arundel Group.
                     Anne Arundel County Group

south river federationSouth River Federation, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect, restore and celebrate the South River and its ecosystem. Behind this mission is growing movement to create a new mindset about the behavior and involvement of every individual who impacts the South River: how we live on the land affects the health of our waterways. The Federation is a growing, healthy, grass-roots nonprofit environmental organization with some 500 members and volunteers, four staff and a board of directors comprised of dedicated community leaders. Home of the South Riverkeeper.

spa creek conservancySpa Creek Conservancy - The non-profit organization fulfills its mission of stewardship of the Spa Creek watershed through education, preservation, mitigation, and restoration. Its vision is to be a model organization for restoring and protecting urban watersheds. Its goal is to keep Spa Creek clean and alive so that it is fishable and swimable, from the headwaters to Annapolis Harbor and the Severn River.

string of pearlsString of Pearls Project honors those who have contributed lands for preservation in six states and the District of Columbia of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Its founders believe that the preservation of land leaves a perpetual legacy for the greater good and deserves to be recognized. To protect the water, land must be preserved. “Pearls” are lands throughout the watershed that are preserved forever. Like knots in a mesh net, they keep together the mosaic of patches and corridor networks to hold the landscape together. They tie together land, water, wildlife, and people, in harmony. That synergy is necessary for sustainability and it is a challenge for this region.

sustainable annapolisSustainable Annapolis - A City of Annapolis program designed to gather input for the creation of a Community Action Plan that will address sustainability and climate issues confronting the city. Citizen input is being solicited to create a plan that best fits the community.

sustainafestSustainafest - Its mission is to educate and engage people of all ages and interests to take action in their everyday lives to strengthen our community, improve our environment, and support our local economy.

unity gardensUnity Gardens - Its mission is to empower local groups to build leadership and partnership through the creation of neighborhood greening projects that enhance the quality of life throughout Anne Arundel County.

Watershed Assistance Collaborative - In recognition that not all jurisdictions currently have the capacity to implement large-scale non-point source restoration and protection efforts, Maryland’s State agencies, the Chesapeake Bay Trust, University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program, University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center, NOAA and the EPA joined together to create the Watershed Assistance Collaborative (Collaborative) in the Fall of 2008. The Collaborative is a partnership that provides services and technical assistance to communities to advance restoration activities and projects. By leveraging resources of existing programs, the Watershed Assistance Collaborative exists to provide coordinated capacity building opportunities to local implementers.

watershed stewards academyWatershed Stewards Academy - The Academy trains and supports community leaders to serve as Master Watershed Stewards in the protection, restoration and conservation of our watersheds, working to reduce the negative impacts of stormwater runoff in Anne Arundel County. If you live in Anne Arundel County, you can make a difference in the health of our waterways.

weems creek conservancyWeems Creek Conservancy works to protect, preserve, and improve the Weems Creek Watershed from its non-tidal branches (Moreland and Cowhide Branches) through the tidal creek to its confluence with the Severn River. It works with City, County, State, and Federal Agencies, as well as other environmental and civic organizations, to mitigate the effects of development, educate residents and businesses in the Watershed, and perform restoration projects for the creek.

west rhode riverkeeperWest/Rhode Riverkeeper - A community-supported conservation organization affiliated with the Waterkeeper Alliance. It focuses on enforcement of environmental laws by patrolling the rivers to identify and stop illegal sources of pollution and we hold those responsible accountable. We work to reduce legal pollution through advocacy, education and restoration of habitat.

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veteran compostVeteran Compost - Veteran Compost is a veteran owned business focused on turning organic waste into a high quality soil amendments.  We provide organic waste collection, compost equipment, and finished compost.  We're very passionate about organic waste recycling, organic soil products, and composting.

Green Building Law Brief - Whiteford, Taylor & Preston's Green Building Law Brief is a blog covering Green Building and Sustainability issues from a legal perspective. Edited by Will Pearce, LEED AP BD+C, Green Building Law Brief features the collaborative work of members of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston's Green Building and Sustainability Industry Group, a multidisciplinary team of attorneys from our Construction and Surety, Corporate, Community Association, Intellectual Property, and Real Estate practices.

green building law brief BLOG

annapolis & anne arundel conference & visitors bureau logo Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference and Visitors Bureau – Its purpose is to plan, produce and promote programs designed to increase the volume of visitors, vacation, and conference/meeting business within Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. Location: 26 West Street.
The CVB recently renovated its building with insulated windows and low-VOC carpeting and created a garden with all native perennials sustainable annapolis logoto keep maintenance at a minimum.
The CVB was named an Annapolis Certified Environmental Steward by earning more than 100 points from a checklist of categories including a wide range of efforts such as recycling, native landscaping, installing energy efficient systems, conserving water, and more, consistently showing initiative to decrease its negative impacts on the Chesapeake Bay and increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship.

Atlantic Energy Services - Provides solar, biomass and energy auction alternatives to businesses, industries and governments. Information: Bill Wolfe, President, 410-990-1200

herrington harbour eco lifestyle resortHerrington Harbour Eco Lifestyle Resort - The property includes two marinas, waterfront event facilities, beachfront lodging and more. The resort follows extensive Green practices and a culture of sustainability. The property has restored wetlands and filters its stormwater runoff with native plants and gardens. The facility offers event design and catering, both on and off-site. Herrington on the Bay has a culinary mission; to specialize in sustainable Chesapeake cuisine, while providing authentic global cuisine to guests who want to share traditional fare with their party. The chefs are inspired to incorporate locally grown produce, locally harvested seafood, and organic, natural, and sustainable raw products from their suppliers. Information: 800 213-9438

Energy Management Associates Energy Co-op - Offers to lower your electric bill by letting you lock in a rate that is lower than BGE. Contract periods of 1-3 years are available. You still get the same energy bill you have always received, but because of deregulation, you decide which company to buy your energy supply from, paying the same same distribution charges and taxes, but the electricity itself. The contract does not transfer if you move to another location. Commercial savings are available too. To learn more, contact Blair Harrison, 410 693-7372.

ecolistic cleaningEcolistic Cleaning - A bio-based, eco-friendly cleaning service. Ecolistic Cleaning uses Dyson HEPA vacuums, biodegradable and safe cleaning products, and care in your home. Licensed, bonded & insured. Make a positive impact on your family’s health and prevent the dangers of harsh toxins that enter your daily environment.
Free, in-home estimate! Call 443-534-9742 or 888-4-ECOLISTIC or visit our website. Click on the logo..

Bay Forest Cleaners - A "wet" cleaners that has invested in the new green technology offering only environmentally friendly solutions.
Location: 956 Bay Ridge Road, in the Giant Food shopping center. Phone: 410 268-3806

cornAnnapolis Community Food Gardens - Teaching organizational groups – such as schools, churches, hospitals, residential facilities, apartment residents, and neighborhood associations – how to construct, manage, and maintain a community food garden. Contact Helen Loughrey, Executive Consultant.

The Clay Bakers is a paint-your-own-pottery and glass fusing studio. No reservations are necessary. sustainable annapolis logoThe store was named an Annapolis Certified Environmental Steward by earning more than 100 points from a checklist of categories including a wide range of efforts such as recycling, native landscaping, installing energy efficient systems, conserving water, and more, consistently showing initiative to decrease its negative impacts on the Chesapeake Bay and increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship. The store recently incorporated energy efficient appliances and light fixtures into the building and it purchases items for sale from a manufacturer in Baltimore rather than sourcing from further away.

local food beatLocal Food Beat - Eat foods that have SOLE: Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical. Host your own Sustainable Foods Cooking Class in the comfort of your own home or business. Sustainable foods are those foods which are healthy for consumers and kind to the environment. Learn how to find and make nutrient dense foods which will help heal you and reduce inflammation. To learn about classes which will include Thyroid/Adrenal Education Class, recently written about in the Washington Times, and a new class on Foods for Hypothyroidism, please sign up for the newsletter by contacting. Sharon New-Bauckman, MS, founder of Local Food Beat, 410-206-9343. She is a food and health educator and blogs regularly on her website:

leafMy Green Guide Maryland - is a new resource that educates Marylanders on Green living and helps link you with companies, services and products that can help achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition to articles, guides, and other useful information, My Green Guide Maryland includes a strong, and growing, Green Business Directory in print and also online. If you're getting this email, you are most likely eligible to be included in this directory for FREE! Click here and fill out your information.

Recycling Old Cell Phones

Why not donate that old phone in a way that will help a lonely soldier stationed overseas call home more often. Cell Phones for Soldiers gets paid by a recycler for every phone it collects and that money is turned into calling cards for our troops. From the website you can print out a postage-paid shipping label to send in your phone. Win-win: soldiers get to call home and you recycle your phone responsibly.

nautical destinationsNautical Destinations
Go Green with Environmental Responsibility!
A “Bay friendly” charter program for the Chesapeake offering groups the option to arrange private charters “with environmental responsibility.” Working closely with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, DNR’s Clean Marina Initiative, Businesses for the Bay and Boat US Foundation, Nautical Destinations’ established criteria for their participating boats, caterers and other vendors involved in the charter. Offering both sail and power in Annapolis and Baltimore clients can choose from various yachts including “Lady Pintail,” “Duchess of Pintail,” “Blue Horizons,” and “Schooner Woodwind.” All boats and vendors have signed a “Green Pledge” to confirm their commitment to environmental stewardship ranging from biodegradable cleaners and clean fueling devices to providing reusable tableware and recycling trash. ND is a member of the Green Meeting Industry Council. A portion of each charter fee will be designated as a donation to Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Solar Energy Resources & Sustainable Building
See the Chesapeake Climate Action Network's write up on local sources, including Maryland solar grants.

terralogosTerraLogos Green Home Services
TerraLogos Home Energy Inspections© identify a home’s hidden energy leaks and provide a customized improvement plan for reducing home energy costs while improving comfort and health. See the company's online list of Green Links, "partners and green home improvement friends."

terrapin adventuresTerrapin Adventures
Terrapin Adventures (TA) is all about fun! We have created a new realm of adventure with only wood, rope and cable. Our company is on the cutting edge of fun bringing vacation type adventures from around the world to your doorstep. We've combined fitness and thrills within the context of caring for and understanding our environment. It's fitness in a group environment without the heavy equipment. It's thrills without the carnival like crowds. It's exploring, learning about and enjoying nature as it was meant to be. Our hope is to become a giving and growing part of the Baltimore Washington community by working with local charities, global businesses, tourists and neighbors.

EPA's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program
It helps the federal government "buy green," and in doing so, uses the federal government's enormous buying power to stimulate market demand for green products and services. Geared first to help federal purchasers, this site can help green vendors, businesses large and small -- and consumers so such things as:
* Find and evaluate information about green products and services
* Identify federal green buying requirements;
* Calculate the costs and benefits of purchasing choices;
* Manage green purchasing processes

handshakeFree On-Site Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessments
The Maryland Department of the Environment offers businesses free on-site waste reduction assessments through the University of Maryland Technology Extension Service. These assessments are not inspections! They are confidential, completely voluntary and non-regulatory. The purpose is to identify measures that can be taken to make the most efficient use of the energy, water and raw materials you use. You'll receive a report listing specific recommendations that protect the environment, your workers and save you money!
To learn more about pollution prevention and to schedule an on-site evaluation of your business, call MDE's Pollution Prevention Program at 1-800-633-6101 (ext. 4119) or visit the website.

EMSFree Environmental Management System Implementation Assistance
Environmental Management Systems help organizations identify and manage both their regulated and unregulated environmental impacts. Benefits include a strong environmental compliance program, reduced environmental liability, increased efficiency, enhanced image with customers and the public, improved employee environmental awareness and a system for continual
improvement. Assistance is provided through workshops and on-site meetings. Businesses that complete this program are fully prepared to certify to the international ISO 14001 standard for EMSs if they choose to do so.
To learn more, contact Laura Armstrong, MDE P2 Coordinator at 410-537-4119, or visit the website.

maryland's bestMaryland's Best is your source to find the best local products from Maryland farmers. From produce, seafood, and specialty foods to grains, nursery items, and ag-recreational activities.
Find everything you need and more!


Gerald W. Winegrad
Maryland's and The Bay Region's Inconvenient Truth: The Bay is in Dismal Shape and Clean-up Goals are Not Being Met. What Needs to be Done and How Can We Achieve It?
Former Senator Gerald W. Winegrad presents a power point presentation and leads discussions on the status of Chesapeake Bay restoration and what needs to be done. He discusses the latest EPA Bay Program analysis and data on meeting the 2000 Bay Agreement goals and legislative proposals for restoring the Bay, including a re-worked Green Fund. Senator Winegrad will discusses the necessity of dealing with population growth, sprawl development and the loss of forest land and presents startling data on the impacts of such growth on the Bay's decline. He also details the increasing problems of stormwater runoff and agricultural pollution and the need to address these in order to restore the Bay.  
Senator Gerald W. Winegrad is a former State Senator from Annapolis and was the leading environmentalist in the Legislature who was responsible for many great Bay initiatives including the phosphate detergent ban.  He Chaired the Senate Environment and Chesapeake Bay Subcommittee and served on the Chesapeake Bay Commission for 12 years. In 2002 he was presented the prestigious Life Time Achievement Award by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. He is a Professor at the graduate School of Public Policy, University of Maryland, where he teaches a course on Bay restoration.

Rita Calvert
“Food for Life Balance” - Buy Fresh Buy Local Chesapeake Region & Chesapeake Feasts~Farm Tours


Annapolis Hybrid Marine
Featuring an electric marine propulsion motor that requires no warm up time, is low in weight and compact in size, and saves money. The electric marine propulsion system is virtually silent, making it easier to communicate while motoring. No oil, and no exhaust fumes mean a cleaner boat, a cleaner environment and more enjoyment.

arbonneAt Arbonne, beauty begins with premium botanical ingredients, innovative scientific discovery, and an unwavering commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products. Arbonne creates personal care and wellness products that preserve and enhance the skin, body and mind for an integrative approach to beauty. To learn more about Arbonne products and the Arbonne Green Commitment visit the website or call Trish Brewer at 301-455-0431.

chesapeake bay roasting companyChesapeake Bay Roasting Company
A locally based micro-roaster of specialty coffees. Its central mission is to provide customers with the best coffee available and to improve and preserve our local watershed. Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company offers a full line of wholesale blends and single origins, and donates a portion of the proceeds from its ‘Tributary’ line of products to various watershed improvement efforts. 
Using the most cutting edge and environmentally sound roaster in the world, CBRC roasts and packages its retail coffees on a just in time basis. They are proud to package their coffees in reusable and recyclable steel cans because of their low ecological footprint.  Please visit the website for more information on purchasing CBRC coffee -- "Barista Quality Coffees at Home" -- and how you can join in the effort to restore the bay.

Clean Energy Corn - Corn Burning Stoves
See the Chesapeake Climate Action Network's write up on these stoves as a way to reduce the use of electricity and greenhouse gas emissions.

greenfeet logoGreenfeet
An online store whose motto is "The Planet's Homestore - Leaving green footprints since 1997." They also produce the free "More Hip than Hippie" podcasts and emails with lots of good ideas.

green pedalsGreen Pedals
The store specializes in sales and rentals of electric transportation including bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and conversion kits. They also offer repairs and often host special events.
Location: 105 Annapolis Street, West Annapolis. Phone: 410 280-5005.

moving onMoving On
It's time to recycle yourself, feel lighter, and more alive. After years of accumulating stuff (both internal and external) and taking care of others, it's time to shed illusions, rearrange our priorities, and more fully embrace our lives. Kater Leatherman's book can be your blueprint to doing just that by getting rid of material and emotional clutter, detoxing your kitchen, and getting you on the road to a personally sustainable life.

oscar and olive osprey coverOscar and Olive Osprey: A Family Takes Flight
A book for children with a lovely environmental message for youngsters and instructions on how to build an osprey platform so you can attract an osprey family to your property. “We can stand to learn a lot from these animals, such as the natural structures of family and how life works in stages and cycles. When a child connects with nature, they learn just as much about their inner selves as they do about the outside world,” says author Janie Suss.

quintain marketingQuintain Marketing is proud of the steps it has taken to Go Green including: offers recycled and environmentally friendly promotional products; has a corporate sustainability policy; recycles all plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper waste, and has a compost bin for food waste; powers its offices with 100% wind energy from Commerce Energy through the BGE energy choice program; uses only sustainable cleaning products and post consumer recycled paper and paper goods; on the board of directors of the Annapolis Sustainable Business Alliance, a business group that educates consumers on the importance of buying locally and encourages businesses to adopt practices that are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible; encourages the use of local vendors when sourcing products for customers in an effort to reduce air emissions from delivery vehicles. | Information

wood rain barrelRain Barrels of Annapolis
Recycled oak whiskey & wine barrels make perfect rain barrels and are ideal for eco-concious homes in the Historic District. Delivery and installation is available and the company will donate part of the proceeds to Annapolis Green!
To order email or call 410 267-0673. | Information

sustainable annapolis logoRich Morton's Lincoln Mercury of Annapolis – The dealership was named an Annapolis Certified Environmental Steward by earning more than 100 points from a checklist of categories including a wide range of efforts such as recycling, native landscaping, installing energy efficient systems, conserving water, and more, consistently showing initiative to decrease its negative impacts on the Chesapeake Bay and increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship. It uses a waste oil furnace to heat the buildings in the winter and a multi-purpose parts washer solvent in bulk to reduce packaging waste. Location: 1013 West Street.

sustainable annapolis logoScotty’s Automotive Service – was named an Annapolis Certified Environmental Steward by earning more than 100 points from a checklist of categories including a wide range of efforts such as recycling, native landscaping, installing energy efficient systems, conserving water, and more, consistently showing initiative to decrease its negative impacts on the Chesapeake Bay and increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship. The company uses secondary containment for all bulk hazardous materials and an aqueous (water-based) parts cleaning system. Location: 147 Gibraltar Avenue.

shakleeShaklee Products
Local Distributor Helen Fitzgerald tells us that Shaklee has been committed to the environment for over 50 years and was the first Climate Neutral Certified Company. Helen can steer you toward the Green Product Line.

Sustainable Green Home SolutionsSustainable Green Home Solutions
Offering garden composters, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting products (rain barrels)

K&B True Value Store
K&B True Value, at 912 Forest Drive and, has been family owned and operated since 1974. Owner Jared Littmann adds the latest environmentally-friendly products, like non-toxic high-quality paint (Mythic Paint), a laundry detergent refill station (Sun & Earth), and organic fertilizers (Jonathan Green), coconut shell briquettes (Coshell), and sustainable annapolis logomuch more.  With its 5th annual Earth Day celebration 2011, K&B True Value will have donated 5000 tree saplings to help green the community. Meanwhile, K&B True Value has improved and reduced its environmental impact by improving energy efficiency and expanding recycling activities, and accepts for recycling customers’ CFLs, ink cartridges, and rechargeable and dry cell batteries. The store was named an Annapolis Certified Environmental Steward by earning points from a checklist of categories including a recycling, native landscaping, installing energy efficient systems, and more, consistently showing initiative to decrease its negative impacts on the Chesapeake Bay and increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship.

vivoVivo features regional artists, independent designers, and others who cherish the earth and all of its inhabitants. Its goal is to help you express your individuality ... in your clothes, your home, and your gifts. Location: 6 Fleet Street
sustainable annapolis logoThe store was named an Annapolis Certified Environmental Steward by earning more than 100 points from a checklist of categories including a wide range of efforts such as recycling, native landscaping, installing energy efficient systems, conserving water, and more, consistently showing initiative to decrease its negative impacts on the Chesapeake Bay and increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship. 100% of Vivo's items for sale are Fairtrade and are made from sustainable materials. On average, Vivo! recycles 75% of its total refuse.

How to...

seafood watchSelect sustainable seafood at a restaurant or to prepare at home, courtesy of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Green Your Holidays - A Tip Sheet

boat us foundationGreen Boating
Here's a quick list of "21 Simple Steps to Cleaner Boating" from the BoatU.S. Foundation.

mtamBoat Shrink Wrap Recycling Program
From the Marine Trades Association of Maryland, in cooperation with the Maryland Clean Marina Program and the Chesapeake Bay Trust with support from Anne Arundel County Waste Management, Mid-shore Recycling and Cecil County Waste Management.

annapolis logoHow to start recycling in the City of Annapolis
recycling routes & dates; where to get free bins, yard recycling tips, residential refuse tips & more


green dogHow to be a "Green Pet" Owner

How to Start a Pet Waste Station Program in your community

Test Case: Starting a Pet Waste Station Program in Arundel on the Bay

appleHow can you tell if the fruits and vegetables you're buying are really organic -- that is, pesticide-free?
Click here for a handy video
that will help you tell if it's conventional, organic, or genetically modified.

spa creek conservancyFrom the Spa Creek Conservancy ... but applicable to concern about any body of water

recycle symbolIdeas for recycling from Ideal Byte


pesticide risk booklet coverpesticide booklet coverIf you don't think pesticides affect you, think again. There are real risks associated with their use. To learn more, download the Maryland Pesticide Network's resource guide entitled, Pesticides: The Risks, Prevention & Healthier Choices.

The Maryland Pesticide Network has produced a pamphlet that gives you guidance on how to garden in a way that keeps our environment and your family safe.

As stated in the pamphlet: "A great way to protect the health of your family and pets, your budget, and the Chesapeake Bay watershed is by creating beautiful, healthy gardens using 'safer land care' practices. When we live on land that is soil-healthy, we can reduce and even forgo fertilizer and pesticide use, which can impact public health and the environment—including the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries."

Download The Healthy Garden Alternative: Easier Than You Think

chesapeake quarterlyChesapeake Quarterly - This award-winning magazine publishes entertaining and informative articles about the Chesapeake Bay region's science, history, economy, and culture. The magazine is produced by the staff of Maryland Sea Grant at the University of Maryland and is written for the general public.

edible chesapeakeEdible Chesapeake is a quarterly publication that celebrates the abundance of local and seasonal foods in the Chesapeake watershed. They celebrate family farmers, fishermen, food artisans, chefs, and other food-related businesses, as well as the consumers, home cooks and restaurant-goers who support them.

taste of the bayTaste of the Bay Magazine is a free, monthly cultural magazine serving readers in the Anne Arundel and Calvert counties. Ten issues are produced per year, with two joint issues; July/August and December/January. It is distributed to over 250 specifically chosen locations throughout Annapolis, the surrounding areas, and the Eastern Shore, and mailed to many Anne Arundel County residents. Topics include restaurants, antiques and shops, art and cultural points of interest, home, garden, and family, and healthy and beauty resources.

chesapeake bay program officeChesapeake Bay 2006 Health and Restoration Assessment Report

Major changes in managing growth, agriculture needed to save Bay, by Gerald W. Winegrad, published in September 2007 issue of Bay Journal (publication of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay).

Natural E-Source Newsletter
Free, sent out via email monthly by the Maryland Maryland Department of Natural Resources. It contains information about the natural world and news, offers, and a Just for Kids section.
Register to receive the newsletter


black lemonBlack Lemon Parlor - A Vegetarian Lifestyle Guide to Annapolis

Other Information

EPA Releases New DVD with Several Videos on Reducing Runoff from Urban Areas

What is Anne Arundel County's Critical Area Program?

lipstick Info About Lead in Lipstick

No Child Left Inside

City of Annapolis Information:

=We've taken the pledge to Think Outside the Bottle and take back the tap.

We're not going to use bottled water at our events nor at home. Click on the image to learn more. Be sure to watch the video!

Climate 101 with Bill Nye

learn more about climate change


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