2017 - Think About it

"The biosphere doesn't belong to us; we belong to it."
-- E.O. Wilson

Our wish for you as 2016 closes out is for happiness, health, and greater awareness of the awesome planet of which we are a part. Increasing that awareness... and your part in it... is part of our big plans for 2017, to make our community even Greener in a fun way.

Stewardship of the Earth begins at home. So resolve today to do your bit in 2017:

Or it could be Annapolis Green! We have done a lot in the past ten years to bring the community together on behalf of the environment that nurtures us.

We have produced over 200 radio programs informing you on topics from electric cars to the John Smith Water Trail to Climate Change to local agriculture and more.

We have hosted over 100 Green Drinks events to encourage you to meet like-minded people in person for a little fun with your eco-awareness. As a result of Green Drinks, not only have your learned about many topics, but you've been to new venues, you've filled jobs, you've started new partnerships and relationships... and you've been part of a community.

Our office at 92 Maryland Avenue, the "Annapolis Green House" has begun to be the Green community center we envision as was evident during the holidays when many people came in to participate in our "Wrap Responsibly" and holiday lights collection events and to buy Christmas Crab Compost! Small meetings are being held in our space and the number of walk-ins who just want to learn more is growing every day.

Our website continues as a source of local information and an events listing like no other. Our strength is in the sharing of everyone's information.

And our Responsible Events & Festivals (REF) program continues to grow as we work to make events sustainable in our area... something that was hardly thought about just a few years ago. Now our efforts have made zero-waste the norm to strive for -- so that everything is composted or recycled and nothing goes to the landfill. With the Annapolis Rotary Crabfeast alone, we kept over 13 tons of food waste out of the landfill -- and now it's in the gardens of those who purchased Christmas Crab Compost. The crabs have gone from the Bay to the Garden... Nature's circle of Life.

Support Annapolis Green's efforts for 2017. Just click here. Any amount will help us continue our good work.

We wish you the happiest of holidays! Stay tuned for information next week about the January 2017 edition of Green Drinks.


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