World's Largest Crab Feast Goes Green!
Compost those Crabs!

70th Annual Rotary Crab Feast
From the Bay to the Earth
Friday, Aug. 7

We are working with the Annapolis Rotary to make the 70th Annual Crab Feast a “Bay Responsible,” Zero-Waste event through our Responsible Events & Festivals Program. Close to 2500 feasters are expected to enjoy the bounty of the summer at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium from 5 – 8 p.m. on Friday, August 7.

We will be there making sure that recyclables go into our blue Keep America Beautiful bins and that compostables go into Veteran Compost’s totes. This year ALL waste/trash will fit into one of these categories so NOTHING will go to the landfill!

Read what 2015 Crab Feast Chair has to say
in the Conference & Visitors Bureau's "Meet the Locals" series.

As supporters of local businesses, we enlisted the help of Leonard Paper of Baltimore to provide all compostable tableware!

What will be composted?
Our industrial composting company, Veteran Compost, can handle all this: Crab shells, corn cobs, watermelon rinds, hot dog leftovers, soup cups, crab trays, BBQ plates, soup spoons, crab knives, paper towels, brown paper on the tables and even the mallets!

Within two months all that food waste will become wonderful compost for local gardens.

What will be recycled?
Beer cups, beverage cans and bottles.

About the summer’s bounty
Sadly, the crab catch in the Chesapeake is not big enough to provide all the crabs needed for this event at a reasonable price. So, most of the crabs will come from other states. All will be #1 males -- no females. And they will be steamed by Shoreline Seafood of Gambrills in the traditional Chesapeake way, “Hot and Old Bay Seasoned.”

The corn is all from the Eastern Shore as are the watermelons (from the .

Here’s the menu – all you can eat and drink

Feasters in the Preferred Dining area will also enjoy Stella Artois beer and Maryland wines from:

hero campaignWe ask that feasters take only what they can eat as this event is "Bay Responsible."

Responsibility applies to alcoholic beverages too. The Crab Feast has teamed up with the Hero Campaign for Designated Drivers to promote the use of sober designated drivers to prevent drunken driving tragedies throughout our country. Read more.

How you can help

Volunteer – Although the Rotarians do a great a great job of running this huge event, Annapolis Green needs help getting the message out to the feasters. We need smiling folks standing by our bins making sure folks put their waste in the right bins and even explaining why. We also need folks to greet feasters as they wait in line to get in – again, with our message – and to staff our information table. You’ll have a great time and yes, you too, will savor the summer’s bounty! Let us know right away if you’d like to help.

Be a bushel sponsor - Buy a Bushel
The goal of the annual Rotary Crab Feast is to raise funds for local non-profit organizations. All proceeds go to these worthy causes. The biggest expenditure for the Crab Feast is the crabs themselves. Each bushel costs approximately $200 and Rotary orders more than 340 bushels. So, to maximize the amount that can go to charity, Rotary has announced a new sponsorship campaign: Bushel Sponsor! The sponsorship cost is $200 per bushel and there are benefits associated with the sponsorship including tickets to the Crab Feast. Read more

The event will be held rain or shine as the seating is under cover.

Buy tickets online

Remember to take what you’ve learned with you and apply it to your own crab feasts this summer and make them Bay Responsible:

• Take only as much as you can eat.
• Use compostable (best) or recyclable (better) tableware and utensils.
• Don’t buy styrene tableware (Styrofoam).
• Start your own compost bin at home.
• Recycle more.

Visit Annapolis Green’s table at the Crab Feast to learn more, see samples of compostable ware and see the compost from last year's feast!

Read about our Rotary Crab Feast efforts in 2014: We composted over 20,000 pounds of food waste!

Do you have an event coming up that you want to Green? Contact us.


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