The Story of the NAPTOWN TAP

Plastic: Reduce the Use!

Then "Snap with the Tap"

Our NAPTOWN TAPS are in action! See below.

Annapolis Green is the first organization in the United States to have these unique water dispensers. Contact us to rent or buy your own NAPTOWN TAP.

Thank you, NAPTOWN TAP Sponsors and Presentors!

SPONSORS provide funds to purchase the TAPS via grants
or direct donations.


what's up media

PRESENTERS provide funds to transport the TAPS & to spead our message at various locations.

weems & plath

chesapeake bay magazine


Our NAPTOWN TAPS were in action this summer & fall at these events

  • Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s booth at the Annapolis Boat Shows
  • Weems & Plath’s Tent Sale
  • The Brick Companies' 125th Anniversary Celebration
  • The Brick Companies' TBC Classic
  • Electric Vehicle Showcase on Maryland Avenue
  • 2017 SAP International 5O5 World Championship Regatta
  • Annapolis Rotary's World's Largest Crabfeast
  • Save the Bay Day
  • Green Drinks


We had many people snap a photo with the NAPTOWN TAP, at the Weems & Plath Tent Sale at 214 Eastern Avenue, and at the Chesapeake Bay Magazine booth at the boat show, as they refilled their reusable bottle or cup and shared it on social media with the hashtag #NAPTOWNTAP.

Appropriately enough, our prize winner -- the best photo taken with the tap, was of a talented local photographer, John Bildahl. Ironically, he was the subject of the photo and not the photographer (who was his wife, Sandy), but he did win a prize, just being in this photo (she did too!).

Annapolis Green is on a campaign to cut the use of throwaway plastic water bottles to protect our waterways and our health, and to save money.

The NAPTOWN TAP is a new product that dispenses unlimited filtered water for fill-ups of reusable bottles and cups, thus eliminating the single-use water bottles.

Why this campaign:

Plastic water bottles are bad for the environment:

What You Can Do to Protect the Earth
from Plastic Pollution

REUSE: Carry a reusable bottle. Fill it up at the NAPTOWN TAP!

REFUSE: Don’t buy or accept single-use water bottles. We don’t need ‘em.

RECYCLE: If you see plastic bottle litter, pick it up and recycle it.

RETHINK: How do your everyday decisions affect our environment? Ditching the plastic bottle is a small, but important step! And while you’re at it, refuse the plastic straw and coffee stirrer too!

SHARE: Offer Free Filtered Water with the NAPTOWN TAP at your next event. Or, own your Own TAP! Ask us about that.
Our goal: To have as many as possible out at events & festivals to Reduce the Use of plastic water bottles.

It’s Not Just Us

Watch The Story of Bottled Water – from the Story of Stuff Project: An eight-minute video that is a real eye-opener on this subject.

sailors for the seaSailors for the Sea has information about plastics at sea and damage it is doing to the planet.

5 gyres instituteThe 5 Gyres Institute’s mission is to empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, art, education, and adventure. Lots of good information. 5 Gyres refers to the places in the ocean where eddies concentrate pollution – also known as the garbage patches… but it’s not that simple.

boat us foundationThe BoatUS Foundation’s story on plastic pollution and the state of the 5 gyres

sailors for the seaBan the Bottle – An organization promoting the environment by advocating bans on one-time-use plastic water bottles. We believe that tap water tastes great and by eliminating plastic bottles in schools, offices and public areas, we can eliminate unneeded waste in landfills.

San Francisco – the first US City to ban plastic water bottles. It has already banned plastic bags and foam food containers.

corporate accountability internationalCorporate Accountability International's Think Outside the Bottle Campaign

volvo ocean raceVolvo Ocean Race “is putting sustainability at its heart and focusing on taking action to help ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’ – the rapidly growing and critical problem of plastic polluting the ocean, highlighted by the United Nations Environment’s Clean Seas campaign that is being adopted by the Volvo Ocean Race.” First in its three key pillars of sustainability: “To minimise the race’s own footprint with a particular focus on reducing and where possible eliminating the use of single-use plastic by the teams, and in the Race Villages – a challenging task but one that will help to change behaviour by making it a focus.”

The Houston Zoo has banned single-use plastic water bottles and plastic bags because of the danger they pose to animals in the wild.

Misguided Policy - Washington Post reports: “National parks put a ban on bottled water to ease pollution. Trump just sided with the lobby that fought it.” Read the story.












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