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and business community. Come join in and see what all the buzz is about!

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Wednesday, March 14

homestead gardens
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Homestead Gardens, 743 West Central Avenue, Davidsonville


gardens that work

alliance for the bay  bee friendly solar

This will be our 10th annual visit to the beautiful garden, in bloom, right in the middle of its flower show, "Gardens that Work." Complimentary hors d'oeuvres, for the 10th delicious year, by Herrington by the Bay. Organic wines and premium beers by Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits. Suggested donation to Annapolis Green: $10.

Homestead's Gardens that Work program is designed to show you how our garden, lawn and landscape can work in harmony to generate health, wellness and beauty. Come and be inspired! Learn how your gardening efforts can work for the benefit of the Bay, the bees and your body. And... just enjoy the flowers... a welcome respite from winter.


herrington on the bay

Italian Meatballs
Herrington uses local, hormone-free ground beef from Progressive Farms in Harwood, Maryland, to make these delicious,
savory meatballs seasoned with Italian herbs and spices and graced with Herrington's Pomodoro Sauce

Herrington's Crab Dip in a Slider Roll
Herrington blend of Monterey, Parmesan and cream cheeses with jumbo lump Blue Crab meat, served hot in a homemade slider roll

Blackened Blue Catfish & Grits
With chili lime butter served over poblano & cheese grits

Avocado Toast
Shaved asparagus, tomato & Honey's Harvest Farms cured egg yolk served on a seeded gluten free crostini


annapolis compost

Learn all about how to turn your kitchen scraps into rich compost. You'll dramatically reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill! In fact, 40% of all food waste in the United States ends up landfills, collectively producing more greenhouse gases than air travel. Your food waste is not trash... complete the circle of life by making sure your food waste goes back into the ground as compost, as nature intended.


In 2016, the region of Anne Arundel County, City of Annapolis and the Town of Highland Beach were, together, designated as a Bee City USA. Bee City USA is a nonprofit national organization that fosters ongoing dialogue in urban areas to raise awareness of the role pollinators play in sustaining three-quarters of the world’s plant species and what each of us can do to provide them with healthy habitat. All groups involved in this partnership understand the importance of sustaining pollinators, and want the region to become more pollinator-friendly. See their exhibit near the "Pollinator Hotel."

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters will provide information on improvements to the Forest Conservation Act, currently making its way through the General Assembly. Learn what you can do to save our forests by strengthening existing legislation.

A Word from our Sponsors

alliance for the bayproject clean streamEvery spring, tens of thousands of volunteers come together to pick up trash from local streams, creeks, rivers, parks, and neighborhoods as part of the Alliance’s Project Clean Stream — the largest cleanup event in the Chesapeake Bay region -- in all six Bay states and the District of Columbia. Through Project Clean Stream, the Alliance offers hands-on opportunities through our partnership with residents, local businesses, environmental organizations, local governments, community groups, houses of worship, schools and universities, to come together to take action to restore clean waters to local streams. creeks and rivers. Volunteer now! The 2018 official Project Clean Stream Day is April 7 with cleanups taking place from March 1 to June 9.

businesses for the bayBusinesses for the Bay is an Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay membership association designed by businesses for businesses. It provides a forum where businesses can make their voices heard, share best practices, facilitate environmental stewardship volunteer opportunities for employees, save money, reach social and sustainability goals, and promote environmental efforts that are important to them, their customers and their communities.

bee friendly solarBee Friendly Solar is comprised of three solar energy projects planned on private property in Lothian and Tracy's Landing with full support of each of the landowners. BGE customers will be eligible to receive savings on the clean energy produced from the projects. The site will be planted with pollinator-friendly native plants and flowers.


Recap of Previous Green Drinks

Tuesday, February 27

Chart House Annapolis
300 Second Street, Eastport, Annapolis

the boatlife


We celebrated the 2018 Annapolis Restaurant Week (February 25 - March 3) and launched our campaign to reduce plastic pollution in our waterways: "Don't Suck. #SipResponsibly." We had a packed house with lots of enthusiasm to go with delicious appetizers, and the paper straws we supplied were everywhere!

photos by our wonderful volunteer photographer, Ken Tom

Thank you to our volunteers who helped us put on Green Drinks: Rita Calvert, Sandy Williamson, Cathie Trogdon, Karin Hannah Stern, Tom Cagle, Cat Marucci, and Carl Wagner.

chart houseFirst, we were excited to return to the fabulous Chart House with the beautiful waterfront surroundings of this iconic restaurant housed in a historic building. We were happy to see Green Drinkers stay for dinner to enjoy the Restaurant Week menu.

The Chart House's chef delighted us with these complimentary offerings:

We launched our newest campaign, "Don't Suck. #SipResponsibly." drawing attention to reducing the use of wasteful and environmentally harmful plastic straws. Thank you to our campaign sponsors: Leonard Paper, Live Green, Margaret Morrell, Edward Vesely, DMD, and his wife, Angela Miele, DMD.

The campaign, which will continue beyond Restaurant Week, has two parts:

Read more about "Don't Suck. #SipResponsibly." and see how YOU can be involved. See the video below, by Sister Eden Media, and pledge to Stop Sucking!

Secondly, we're stepping up our natural cork recycling campaign, soon bringing that to area restaurants and bars too. Corks are a valuable resource and should not be tossed away. They are not trash. Corks can be recycled and made into flooring, foot ware and even yoga blocks, like the ones we have available for sale! Do you have corks to recycle? Bring them to us! Want to volunteer to help with this? We need folks to collect corks for us. Read more about our ongoing cork recycling campaign.

Event Sponsor

the boatlifeOur event sponsor, The Boat Life, is planning a festival in September that is all about the waterside lifestyle -- sailing, power boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more... including music and beer. The Boat Life Festival is a fun way to engage new families and individuals in the world of boating fun, water sports and an active outdoor lifestyle. By attracting people into the event with live music, local food & drink, a unique marketplace and a hands on approach to all things in the water, they anticipate attracting 20,000-30,000 attendees over the two-day event. Save the dates: Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 29 & 30. More info to come at theboatlife.com

Our Green Drinkers learned about The Boat Life and how plastic pollution is choking our waterways and what everyone can do to help! We can all do our bit so that we can all enjoy the good life... the boat life... on pollution-free waterways.


Thursday, January 18

Galway Bay Irish Pub
63 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis

after the

The way to make positive change in our community is to get involved in the legislative process at all levels of government. Many people went to the Maryland Environmental Legislative Summit to learn what the environmental priorities are for the 438th session of the Maryland General Assembly and how we can all make a difference. And then we Continued the Conversation at Green Drinks.

There were people from all walks of life at Green Drinks, joining in spirited conversation, appetizers, and a cash bar.

galway baygalway bay live greenWe'd like to thank the management and staff of Galway Bay Irish Pub for being the best of hosts. The appetizers were delicious and the service gracious and friendly, as always.

Being a good steward of the planet is the company's #1 core value. They work hard to reduce their carbon footprint by composting all their kitchen scraps with and by recycling.

Galway Bay is one of the Greenest restaurants in town, and not because they are Irish. In fact, being a good steward of the planet is the company's #1 core value. They work hard to reduce their carbon footprint by composting all their kitchen scraps with and by recycling. There's more... read on. There's more... read on. And they are Annapolis Green Founding One Hundred sponsors! 

Thank you also to our volunteers, Rita Calvert, Elizabeth Benitz, Daphne Glover Ferrier, Sandy Williamson, and Board Member George Blevins.

And to those of you who made a donation to Annapolis Green that night, thank you. We are most appreciative.

Maryland Environmental Legislative Summit

Green Drinks followed the Summit organized by environmental leaders during which the top priorities for this year were discussed by Speaker of the House Mike Busch, Senate President Mike Miller, Bob Perciasepe (former Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary and Deputy Administrator of EPA), Attorney General Brian Frosh, and others.

The priorities of the environmental community this year include:

Want to stay up to date? Follow the Maryland League of Conservation Voters' Hot List.


Thursday, December 7

We had cookies, Stella Artois beer, and organic wines and a festive atmosphere to get you in the mood to shop and support our local businesses! And it was extra special with the first-time overhead lighting on Maryland Avenue!

Just to get into the spirit of the season, the Bayfield Brass played favorite holiday tunes on the chilly sidewalk outside our building.   

Many people began their Midnight Madness – with Annapolis Green at our Open House holiday celebration!


Gift Ideas

Christmas Crab Compost

Our Christmas Crab Compost was ready for pick-up! It's the best gift you can give the gardener in your life: sweet-smelling, fluffy compost made largely from the "waste" from the Annapolis Rotary Crab feast last August.

We're sold the compost in convenient 15-lb. green bags, $10 each. Just plop on a red bow, and you've got the perfect holiday gift that completes the circle of life - from the Bay to the Garden! Bulk quantities were also available.

Speaking of gardening and plants...

Other Ways to Go Holiday Green

Calling all School Administrators, Teachers, Parents & Students
Win a Green Wall for Your School

Description: http://annapolisgreen.com/images/GreenstreetGreenWallsLogo.pngGreenstreet GreenWalls, a division of Greenstreet Growers, announced a contest to give away a FREE interior living green wall to one lucky Maryland school.

Description: http://annapolisgreen.com/images/GreenstreetGreenWalls.pngIt was installed at the Annapolis Green House, just for our event, so everyone could see how a green wall works and what it looks like. The next day, the mini-wall moved over to Annapolis City Hall and greeted those who attended the first Council meeting of the newly elected aldermen and mayor.

The green wall uses the process of "phytoremediation," the use of plants to remove contaminants from the air. The result is cleaner, healthier air!

The contest was open to ALL Maryland schools, K-12, both public and private and ended on December 31 at 11:55 p.m. The green wall is valued at approximately $10,000 and requires little maintenance. UPDATE: The wall was awarded to Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.
Learn more about it by reading the flyer and the press release.

Recycle Holiday Lights with Annapolis Green and MOM’s Organic Market

moms organic marketIf you haven’t switched over to LED holiday lights yet, start now! We will help you recycle the old, inefficient incandescent strings. Bring your unwanted lights to the Annapolis Green House, 92 Maryland Avenue, before January 31, 2018, for recycling. For the 7th consecutive year, MOM’s Organic Market will take them at the end of the season and send them to a lights recycler. Let’s not put valuable materials into the trash where they will be wasted in a landfill! Recycle the lights with us… just like the Annapolis Jaycees did at the end of the season. The Jaycees brought us the lighted garlands that graced many businesses downtown to Annapolis Green where a jolly group of volunteers separated out the light strings from the greens (greens were picked up by Public Works).

Where do they go?
All lights are recycled locally via Capital Assets. Capital Assets has a ZERO electronic waste landfill policy and is certified by a number of third party verifiers. Visit their website to learn more.

What happens to the recycled lights?
First they’re mechanically shredded and separated by parts (PVC, glass, copper, etc.) with the reusable pieces being sold to manufacturers and turned into new products. All scrap components are smelted down into their raw commodities and sold for reuse. All commodities are tracked to their final reprocessing point. Broken down raw commodities from old electronics can be used to create new holiday lights, roofing and construction materials, piping, car batteries, other electronics, lead wheel weights, flatware, jewelry, and more!

Benefits of recycling holiday lights:
Recycling raw materials from end-of-life electronics is the most effective solution to the growing e-waste problem. Most electronic devices contain a variety of materials, including metals that can be recovered for future uses. By dismantling and providing reuse possibilities, intact natural resources are conserved and air and water pollution caused by hazardous disposal is avoided. Additionally, recycling reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the manufacturing of new products!


Tuesday, November 14

Light House Bistro
202 West Street, Annapolis

5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Reclaiming What's Valuable and Making it Even Better!

please note that donations benefited both Annapolis Green and the Light House Bistro

"By enjoying a meal, hosting a meeting, throwing a party, or taking a cooking class at Light House Bistro, YOU are helping sustain our social enterprise that trains and employs people determined to move from homelessness to stability and a promising future! Thank you for helping us change lives one meal at a time!"
                                                                                - Elizabeth Kinney, President of The Light House Social Enterprise, LLC

An enthusiastic crowd came to enjoy the cozy atmosphere at the Bistro, to reconnect with old friends, meet new people and learn something new. If you hadn’t been to the Bistro, this was your chance to enjoy wonderful food and cozy surroundings while knowing that you are supporting a program that reclaims lives for the betterment of our community.

It was an especially interesting mix of people of all ages and all walks of life who heard Elizabeth Kinney, a Board member of the Light House Homeless Prevention Support Center talk about how the Bistro is part of its culinary program, providing skills and opportunities to members of our community who need a chance to start over and thrive. The story of the Bistro is nothing short of inspiring. Read more. It is an outgrowth of The Light House Homeless Prevention Support Center's culinary school social enterprise program, B.E.S.T Catering. B.E.S.T. stands for Building Employment Success Training Program. The program "...provides life-changing skills, experience and opportunities to move people forward as they rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient."

We'd especially like to thank the cadre of volunteers who helped us - some are Green Drinks veterans and some new to us. We'd like to thank Rita Calvert, Karin Hannah, Sandy Williamson, and Greg Perry, and Cathie Trogdon. They were joined by our new team of enthusiastic millennials, Cat Marucci, Cassidy Patton Papadopoulos , and Josh Cranford. We are thrilled to see how our team is growing and getting better all the time!

light house bistroAnd we'd like to thank Executive Chef Beth Rocca who juggled food preparation and staffing of three terrific bartenders on a night when the Bistro is normally closed.

And finally, a big thank you to our event sponsors, Symmetry Agency and Live Green. Read more about the work they do. You'll see Symmetry's work soon, as the firm is redesigning our website!

The Community Development Network of Maryland (CDN) recently presented Light House Bistro with the Innovation Award at its Fourth Annual Community Development Week's Awards Luncheon. 

Further, "In keeping with The Light House mission of reclaiming lives, the interior of the building uses fixtures and materials that are repurposed and reclaimed" and even includes an original church pew from St. Anne's where The Light House began almost 30 years ago!

Pie & Wine:
A Holiday Baking Class at the Bistro
Tuesday, November 21
5 - 7 p.m.

Sign up today for Pie & Wine! Each person who attends will enjoy wine, Light House Bistro appetizers, and baking instruction from our very own Chef Beth Rocca. You'll leave with two beautiful pies just in time for Thanksgiving!

Price per person: $100
Only 16 spots available! Please bring 2 of your own pie plates

Contact Beth Rocca to reserve your spot beth@lighthousebistro.org

Fun facts about the Bistro:

And the food is delicious! Here is the menu Chef Beth Rocca and staff crafted just for us:

The cash bar included organic wine and a special green drink: a cucumber gin fizz!



Thank you to Our Sponsors

Live Green is a healthy, wealthy, eco-friendly lifestyle affordable for everyone. Thousands of name brand, healthy products at wholesale prices, delivered free. Live Green plants 20 trees for every member. Protect our planet and help plant 20 million trees by 2020.

A portion of your membership fee will go directly to Annapolis Green and Live Green guarantees you will save at least your $99 membership your first year, or they will give it back!

Information: www.lg.life/membership or call Lee, the GreenMom, at 443-220-5750

Symmetry is a creative agency based in Annapolis, in the heart of the Arts District. Our mission is to blend the analytic and the creative – expertly implementing and carrying out strategies to materialize visions into reality. By combining business strategy with creative vision, our team has extensive experience in creating engaging brand strategies for our clients.

We are also one of the founding members of The Commons (on West Street) and are very excited to support Annapolis Green and our neighbor the Light House Bistro.

Located in The Commons, 209 West Street, Suite 203, Annapolis, MD 21401 | info@symmetry.agency


Sunday, October 29

Francis Scott Key Auditorium, St. John’s College
60 College Avenue, Annapolis

Theme: Sea Level Rise
keeping history above water

We invited Green Drinkers to join us at Harry Browne's or Galway Bay
for an adult beverage and to continue the conversation.

Jeff Goodellphil dykeIt was a special Green Drinks in conjunction with this public lecture and book signing about Sea Level Rise! We are seeing the effects of Sea Level Rise in Annapolis right now, with an ever-increasing number of days of flooding, particularly visible at City Dock. Come learn and then mingle with people from all over the world who are examining this issue and, like Annapolis, determining how to make their cities resilient in the face of this consequence of Climate Change.

The lecture was the public part of the sold-out Keeping History Above Water Conference, an international gathering hosted by the City of Annapolis in partnership with the Newport Restoration Foundation. Conference discussions examined the increasing and varied risks posed by sea level rise to historic coastal communities, their built environments and traditional lifeways.

Green Drinkers heard the Special Keynote Lecture, "Our Shifting Shores: When Culture and Nature Collide" by Phil Dyke, a Coast and Marine Adviser, National Trust, Cornwall, United Kingdom. His talk was followed by remarks and a book signing by Jeff Goodell, author, investigative journalist, and contributing editor to Rolling Stone Magazine. He discussed his book, The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World. The book signing was courtesy of Back Creek Books, 194 Main Street.

Hear Jeff Goodell interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air

This Green Drinks was a bit different in that soft drinks and light appetizers were offered from Bon Appétit catering, courtesy of Keeping History Above Water conference planners. Annapolis Green salutes Bon Appétit for its environmental stewardship at St. John's as they both recycled and composted at this event.



Tuesday, September 12

scroll down to see the photos

3451 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater

a Brick Companies property




Our theme was all about playing golf while being good stewards of the environment. We are teeing off our Responsible Events & Festivals Golf Responsibly Program, set to launch at the Brick Companies' TBC Classic tournament at Queenstown Harbor on October 3. At Green Drinks we gave a preview of what makes a golf tournament Green and how we are working with The Brick Companies to make it so.

We just received a grant from the Waste Management company for our Golf Responsibly program. Waste Management has a terrific track record in this area with its Waste Management Phoenix Open being one of the Greenest tournaments in the world. We are using this tournament as an example as we develop a Golf Responsibly Toolkit that the organizers of any tournament could use, thanks to a grant from The Brick Companies. We screened the video we commissioned Backfin Media to make for us as part of the Toolkit. Click to see the video. Whether you're a golfer or not, we made folks laugh and think! In fact, several of the cast members of Backfin Media's video were at Green Drinks. It was a star-studded evening!

Enjoying TBC’s The Golf Club at South Rivers’ new back patio and firepit, we enjoyed the soft sounds of local musician Jack Selway in the beautiful setting of this private club, just minutes from Annapolis in Edgewater.

Chef Frederick Daniel delighted us with appetizers, and a 15% discount encouraged folks to stay for dinner when Green Drinks ended. The Bistro specializes in only the freshest local ingredients as well as Maryland signature Crab Cakes and Crab Soup and the staff prides itself on exquisite cuisine, delicious drinks and impeccable service.

Want to play at the Golf Club at South River? We raffled off complimentary social memberships and a round of golf for four. Golf and Social memberships are available at The Golf Club.

Thank you to our sponsors: Victor Stanley, one of our Founding One Hundred Sponsors, whose recycling and landfill receptacles grace our front porch at the Annapolis Green House. Victor Stanley, a Maryland company, is a new member of the Maryland Green Registry; BrightView South River Assisted Living; Greenstreet GreenWalls, a division of Greenstreet Growers. Greenstreet representatives gave us a sample their amazing GreenWalls for indoor and outdoors use and promoted their Greenstreet Gardens Fall Festival Weekends Sept. 23 - Oct. 29, from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day and a contest currently underway with the grand prize being a free living wall for a school! Read the details here.

Of course, we could not present Green Drinks without our volunteers. We would like to give a special thank you to Sandy Williamson, Cat Marucci and Denise Traynor for helping and Ken Tom for taking the marvelous photos below.

photos by Ken Tom


Green Drinks was not held in July or August 2017
In July we presented Clicquot on the Creek instead.


Wednesday, June 14

Historic Inns of Annapolis' Governor Calvert House

Gathering of the Greens

The Maryland Green Registry Leadership Awards

Event Partner

US Green Building Council, Maryland

ben grumbles
Secretary Ben Grumbles

fiddle oaks
The Fiddle Oaks

It was a fun time as we  socialized with people from across our state who strive to implement sustainable practices at work and home--members of the Maryland Green Registry.  

The Maryland Green Registry Leadership Awards are presented to five organizations that have shown a strong commitment to sustainable practices, measurable results, and continual improvement. | About the Maryland Green Registry Awards

Annapolis Green was proud to have partnered with the Maryland Green Registry and the US Green Building Council for this event.

Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles presented several awards at the "Gathering of the Greens." | read more

It was especially fun with live bluegrass music from The Fiddle Oaks!

Thank you to the event sponsors, below, and a special shout-out to Victor Stanley (one of our Founding 100s) and SuperGreen Solutions who exhibited at our event.  Both companies  have their products on display at the Annapolis Green House.

Thank you to Harry Browne's, right next door to the Governor Calvert House, who presented Green Drinkers with $20 gift certificates redeemable with the purchase of two dinner entrées. And Galway Bay Irish Pub, just around the corner on Maryland Avenue, extended its Happy Hour pricing through the night for Green Drinkers.

Do you have a business that takes steps to save energy and do good for the environment? Consider joining the Maryland Green Registry. | read more

Podium Sponsors


Reception Sponsors

   sloan  joyce agency     victor stanley

Maryland commercial pace   budova engineering   supergreen solutions


Thursday, May 18
scroll down to see the photos

The Birds & the Bees - Celebrating Pollinators


beeHey, what's the buzz? Annapolis Green returned to the Loews Annapolis Hotel/Baroak Cookhouse & Taproom for a Green Drinks events that focused on protecting the birds and the bees, and all the pollinators that make good food possible.

There was plenty of information about the importance of providing habitat for pollinators and about beekeeping. We had local honey for sale, live music, delicious complimentary appetizers and two special herb and honey-infused cocktails made by an expert mixologist at the cash bar.

We can thank a pollinator for every third bite of food we eat. Annapolis Green has focused on the role of bees, wasps, hummingbirds and bats during the month of May. Did you know that Annapolis and Anne Arundel County are each certified as a “Bee City” by Bee City USA.

About Our Event Sponsor

one energy renewablesOneEnergy Renewables, a privately held B-Corp company actively developing utility-scale solar projects nationwide, was founded in 2009.

solar farm & wildflowersA pioneer of the offsite solar project model, it specializes in pre-construction development of ground mounted solar PV projects, with a program to plant pollinator-friendly plants among the panels in solar farms.

See a webinar, "Solar with Monarch Habitat: A Win-Win in the Land of Milkweed and Honey," given by OneEnergy Renewables' Eric Udulhofen, as part of the US Fish and Wildlife Services' Monarch Butterfly Conservation Webinar Series in partnership with the Monarch Joint Venture. The series of webinars focuses on monarch biology, monitoring, and conservation.

More About Our Event

Our guests were greeted by the Loews' Green Team whose members are working every day on the hotel's Green initiatives.

Loews Annapolis Hotel/Baroak crafted two special Green Drinks cocktails just for us, infused with herbs from its garden and, of course, local honey, courtesy of West River Apiary. They were the Queen Bee's Tea (rum, sweet green tea, fresh lime, mint, pomegranate juice, and honey) and Beekeeper's Bourbon (bourbon, ginger beer, fresh lime juice). They were delicious!

Our event was once again both inside and on the patio with the special attraction of The Traveller Pop-Up Bar, a one of a kind beverage experience for the cocktail enthusiast. Built in the style of a 1930s speakeasy, this modular pop-up bar is traveling to Loews Hotels across the country, delivering specialized cocktail menus generated through an exclusive partnership with Collectif 1806. This partnership arms The Traveller with a collective base of knowledge from some of the leading mixologists in the country, as well as access to the oldest cocktail book library in the world. | Cocktail menu. | When experiencing The Traveller, you can immerse yourself into the sailors for the sea reusable strawrevitalization of the “golden age of cocktails” and experience the library and menus through interactive digital menus, and the perfectly curated cocktail.

Are you sick & tired of the plastic load caused by plastic drinking straws, particularly in our waterways? Thanks to our special guest, Sailors for the Sea's Robyn Albritton (Sustainability Director), our guests were each given a free, stainless steel reusable straw! Robyn was in town encouraging our sailors and regattas to pledge to protect our waterways through the Clean Regattas program we have been assisting with for several years.  And the straws... they contained the "Skip a Straw, Save a Sea Turtle" message to emphasize how are oceans and sea creatures are being strangled by plastic.

Here's the message: Every day Americans use 500 million plastic straws. Straws are on the top 10 list of marine debris items collected during the International Coastal Cleanup They have been found stuck in the sea turtles' noses and in seabirds' stomaches -- proving to be deadly. If plastic continues to infect our ocean, it's estimate that by 2050 every seabird will have plastic in the stomach and there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish." Read more.


Bee City USA

Homestead Gardens' "Bee a Hero" Pollinator Club
- Thank you to Heather Wheatley, Nursery Manager, who brought and gave away some beautiful pollinator friendly plants.

Honey’s Harvest Farm with local honey available for sale from West River Apiary (Hear our interview with West River Apiary’s Bob Greenwell on Living Green in Annapolis) - Thank you to Anna Chaney, owner of Honey's Harvest and her son, Connor.

Bee Friendly Food Alliance - Thank you to Christy Leavitt of Environment America for attending our event. The Bee Friendly Food Alliance is a network of chefs, restaurants, and others in the food industry coming together save the bees by keeping chefs, restaurant owners, and others in the food industry updated on the problems facing bees. It also provides opportunities to take action and educate customers about bees. Earlier this year, 235 chefs and restaurateurs sent a letter calling on the EPA to ban bee-killing pesticides. The partnership is educating and engaging tens of thousands of Americans through its No Bees, No Food campaign. Baroak signed up on the spot to be the first partner restaurant in Maryland, and Herrington on the Bay did too!

Stella Artois/Buy a Lady a Drink Chalices for sale.

Our raffle of a hand-made ceramic jar from the Providence Center (pictured, right) was won by Daphne Ferrier.

Great Music!

We enjoyed live music from Alexander Peters, a Maryland based songwriter with a conviction toward his craft. His desire to resurrect the sounds of the past have taken his music down a long dirt road with a folk story at every turn…

Great Food!

Baroak’s Chef Maria delighted us with generous delicious appetizers and we were encouraged to stay for dinner with a 20% off coupon! Baroak features dining as a social experience with standout mussels & frites that delight the palate and signature dishes that offer exciting spins on new American favorites. | Menu

We'd like to thank everyone who made a donation to Green Drinks upon arrival. It really makes a difference!

Now in its 11th year, the intent of Green Drinks Annapolis is to gather the eco-minded from all walks of life to meet in person, exchange information, meet new people and learn something new. Everyone is welcome. Green Drinks is an initiative of Annapolis Green, a non-profit whose mission is to connect, inform, and inspire Annapolis residents, organizations, and businesses to care for the environment, live more responsibly and create a more beautiful and thriving community.

by Ken Tom


Wednesday, April 12

Buy a Lady a Drink - It's All About Clean Water

Event Sponsor:
Katcef Brothers and Stella Artois

the April Green Drinks was successful beyond our wildest dreams. Our aim was to sell 200 Stella Artois chalices in our support of the Buy A Lady A Drink clean water campaign with our event sponsor, Katcef Brothers. Thanks to the big crowd who joined us at the beautiful Annapolis Maritime Museum, and the generosity of Neal Katcef, who offered a three-for-two deal, we told 225 chalices! That means that 225 women and their families in a developing country will have clean water for five years!

From the beautiful vantage point of the Annapolis Maritime Museum, Annapolis Green and Katcef Brothers joined Stella Artois and Water.org to reintroduce the Buy A Lady A Drink campaign to the local community to get involved in the effort to help end the global water crisis. Together we will focused on the global perspective but together we took local action. | Press Release | Buy a Lady a Drink is an initiative of water.org, an organization co-founded by actor Matt Damon, and Stella Artois. We launched the campaign in the United States two years ago with Green Drinks at the Museum and this event was to reintroduce it to the community.

Every day, women around the world spend a combined 200 million hours collecting clean water for their families. Buy a Lady a Drink aims to help put a stop to these water-collecting journeys, so women can start new journeys of their own. There are three new chalices to add to your collection, featuring designs from Brazil,Uganda, and Cambodia.

Admission to Green Drinks was $13, and that includes a Limited-Edition Stella Artois Chalice, appetizers, Stella Artois and Stella Cidre and wine.

In addition, our sponsor, Neal Katcef, made this great buy 2, get 3 offer: If you bought a second chalice he gave you a third one FREE, to complete your set!

We have chalices for sale at our offices at the Annapolis Green House, 92 Maryland Avenue and online on our shopping page. Add to your chalice collection (one representing each country)! They make great gifts.

Delicious appetizers were provided by Julie St. Marie Catering & Event Coordination with cuisine inspired by the three countries whose designs are etched on the chalices: Brazil, Cambodia and Uganda. Thank you!

Bacon wrapped Hearts of Palm
Vegetable Empanadas

Chili Lime Chicken Kabobs with Thai Chili dipping sauce
Mini Beef Stir-fry in Belgian Endive

Fried Plantain with Mango Salsa
Plantain Chips with Mango Salsa

We would also like to thank Great Frogs Winery for its donation of wine for our event and the staff of the Annapolis Maritime Museum for its hard work to make our Zero-Waste event a success. We composted and recycled everything so nothing went to the landfill.

Our volunteer photographer, Ken Tom, took some fabulous photos which we will post here soon. Also, we owe a big thank you to "Master Volunteer" Rita Calvert for helping us with sign-in along with Elizabeth Benitz, Justin Sheppard, and Peter Holden (who never took a break!) and to bartenders Greg Perry and Robyn Modly. And thank you to Tom Cagle who hauls our eco-stations for us. The Katcef staff was tremendous, especially Cassie Mabery. We could not have done this without their help.


Wednesday, March 22
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It's the 11th Anniversary of Green Drinks Annapolis!

The Importance of Composting

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and two of its initiatives:
Project Clean Stream
the largest cleanup event in the Chesapeake Bay region
Businesses for the Bay

Annapolis Green returned to Homestead Gardens for one of our most anticipated Green Drinks Annapolis events -- our ninth yearly trek to Homestead Gardens in the midst of its beautiful annual spring Flower Show, Modern Homesteading.

It was beautiful at Homestead! Where else could you see a vintage pick-up, a coop housing chickens with bouffant hairdos, and a 1950s window with the famous leg lamp in the window, all surrounded with beautiful color!

For over 25 years, Homestead Gardens has presented a themed flower show every March to celebrate the coming of spring and dust off the doldrums of winter. The title of the 2017 Flower Show is "Modern Homesteading - a lifestyle of self-sufficiency." Compost is a vital component of healthy soil, and of self-sufficiency. It saves resources, is good for the Earth, and is easy to do!

Our event focused on the importance of composting -- the practice of returning food scraps and other organic matter back to the Earth as Nature intended.

Our goal this year is to get everyone involved in composting, whether at home, at our events & festivals, and at our compost sales (more news later about a spring sale). Composting is one of our projects but also was our theme for March, starting with our screening of "Dirt! The Movie" earlier in the month, and our radio program, Living Green in Annapolis, focusing on composting with guest Dr. Frank Gouin, who also attended Green Drinks and answered questions. Click here to learn more and listen to the show.

Karl Schass from Annapolis Compost spoke about his company's food scrap residential collection service and Nate Powers from Homestead Gardens spoke about the Garden's home composting products.

Homestead Gardens held a series of demonstrations and talks about all sorts of topics during the flower show, including "Compost Tea Time" on March 24. If you want to know more about composting, contact Dr. Gouin, the "compost guru," or the experts at Homestead.

Our Event Sponsor

Our sponsor was the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and its Project Clean Stream, the largest cleanup event in the Chesapeake Bay region and Businesses for the Bay.

project clean streamalliance for the chesapeake bayWould you, as an individual, or as a member of a group want to get your hands dirty this spring for the good of our watersheds? Look into Project Clean Stream, a watershed-wide cleanup scheduled for April 1 (Cleanups can that can be scheduled anytime from March 1 through June 9). Several are planned in our area and you can start your own! Learn more.

businesses for the bayBusinesses throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed can play a critical role in protecting and restoring the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed, rivers, and streams. Businesses for the Bay is an Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay membership association designed by businesses for businesses. It provides businesses with a forum where they can make their voices heard, share best practices, facilitate environmental stewardship volunteer opportunities for employees, save money, reach social and sustainability goals, and promote environmental efforts that are important to them, their customers, and their communities.

herrington on the bayAdmission to Green Drinks Annapolis was a $10 donation to Annapolis Green and included appetizers from Herrington on the Bay catering, led by Anna Chaney and her talented crew and featuring their favorite locally sourced "plant forward" menu items. Herrington on the Bay has delighted Green Drinkers for the past nine years at this event with innovative and delicious locally sourced appetizers and this year was no exception. Patronize our Green Drinks partner: If you are looking for an incredible waterfront site that operates in the Greenest manner possible, and with an experienced planner and imaginative executive chef, contact Herrington on the Bay.

The Green Drinks menu:

  • Red Quinoa Bowl with Roasted Vegetables
  • Herrington's Hot Crab Dip, containing jumbo lump crab meat, cream cheese, white wine, lemon juice, Old Bay seasoning, Monterrey Jack cheese, Parmesan cheese, and served with baguette
  • Matcha Almond Cookie

Our exclusive night at Homestead also came with a discount shopping coupon! Thank you to Homestead Gardens CEO Brian Riddle for his continued generosity and that of his staff. Patronize our Green Drinks partner: Shop at Homestead and take advantage of their expertise, participate in their many seminars and demonstrations, and join the Pollinator Club.

millsThe cash bar was supplied by Mills Fine Wine & Spirits. Owners Jen and Jerry Donahoe selected an interesting array of Visit Mills at 87 Main Street. Below is what was served at Green Drinks, in case you loved it and want more!


  • Crow Chardonnay Blend, Maryland
  • Clovelly Vidal Blanc, Maryland
  • Harmony Dry Rosé 2014, Maryland
  • Castello Leccia Toscano Rosso, organic
  • Viña Illusion Rioja, Spain, organic
  • Goru Verde Monastrell, Spain, organic


  • Evo Lot #3 IPA
  • Oliver Blonde Ale
  • Calvert Wye Rye

As an added treat, Rutabaga Craft Juicery was be on hand with delicious and healthy non-alcoholic beverages to try. Visit their store at 116 Annapolis Street in West Annapolis.

We also want to thank MOM's Organic Market for exhibiting and taking care of the sale of drink tickets for us. MOM's closest store to us is at 6824 Race Track Road in Bowie and it's well worth the short drive.

Other exhibitors included:

And did you see our Tread Lightly campaign with permeable bricks donated by EP Henry? Learn more and "buy" a brick!

Putting on a big event like this means that there a LOT of moving parts. We would not be able to do this without our volunteers. Helping us at this Green Drinks were:

Tom Cagle Rita Calvert Julie Crudele
Carolyn Hill Liam Kissinger Greg Perry
Liam and Logan Sabo Kenneth Tom Sandy Williamson
And our board members:
Kristi Neidhardt, Brad Leahy, Kevin Green, Jackie Guild, and Jim Ferguson

Photos by Kenneth Tom

Green Drinks is an initiative of Annapolis Green. Our mission is to connect, inform, and inspire Annapolis residents, organizations, and businesses to care for the environment, live more responsibly and create a more beautiful and thriving community.

And Green Drinks is one of the ways we do just that!

photos by Elvia Thompson


Thursday, January 26

2017 Legislative Session Environmental Priorities: "Continue the Conversation"

Historic Inns of Annapolis' Governor Calvert House
58 State Circle, Annapolis

Annapolis Green has long believed in the benefit of continuing the magic of conversation. That was especially evident after this year's standing room-only 22nd Annual Legislative Environmental Summit. Following up on the enthusiasm of the Summit and its lobby full of engagement, we were proud to host a very successful Green Drinks Annapolis a short walk away, where the conversation continued to flow.

Summit Agenda

Welcome - Karla Raettig, Maryland League of Conservation Voters

Honorable Kumar Barve, Chair, House Environment and Transportation Committee

Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor

Honorable Michael Busch, Speaker of the House

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Commissioner

Honorable Michael Miller, President of the Senate

Environmental Agenda for 2017

Budget and Enforcement - Ben Orr, Maryland Center on Economic Policy

Clean Energy Jobs Act: Override the Veto - Joelle Novey, Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light

Ban Fracking in Maryland - Nadine Grabania, Citizen Shale

Keep Antibiotics Effective Act - Pat McLaine, University of Maryland School of Nursing

Prevent Septic Pollution - Dru Schmidt-Perkins, 1000 Friends of Maryland

Staying Engaged Through the Legislative Session - Julie Lawson, Trash Free Maryland

Here's huge thank you to our friends at Historic Inns of Annapolis. Their willingness to host us in the beautiful atrium and ballroom in the Governor Calvert House was ideal. See the photos below.

Thank you also to the Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Hatcher Group for making donations to help us pay for the appetizers.

We always welcome many new faces at the legislative Green Drinks including many from around the state too. We hope to continue this tradition every January and hope that in doing so, we will inspire action related to the very important issues facing us on a state, local, and yes, even federal level.

We were also very happy to welcome several delegates to Green Drinks, including Delegate Kumar Barve of Montgomery County, chair of the House Environment and Transportation Committee.


There are quite a few environment-related bills in the pipeline at the State House. The topics specifically identified at the Summit to be of top importance included:

    sierra club maryland
  • Budget and Enforcement
  • Overriding the Governor's Veto of the Clean Energy Jobs Act
  • A Ban on Fracking in Maryland
  • Keep Antibiotics Effective Act
  • Preventing Septic Pollution

In the first week of February, there was success as the Governor's veto was overturned.

Your most important duty as a citizen is to stay informed and make your voice heard!

  • Do you want to keep antibiotics out of the food your eat? Let your delegates and senator know.
  • Do you want the best technology to be used when septic systems are installed or upgraded? Let your delegates and senator know.
  • Do you want fracking to never happen in Maryland? Let your delegates and senator know.

All it takes is a phone call or an email (or an office visit) to make your voice heard. If you don't know who represents you, click here.

There are also many opportunities to join like-minded people in organized lobby days in the next few weeks. Watch our calendar for this information.

To keep up with the status of important legislation, sign up for the Maryland League of Conservation Voters' "Hotlist."
Each week, Maryland LCV presents this detailed list of environmental legislation moving through the Maryland General Assembly. To sign up email hotlist@mdlcv.org.

Also, you can get status, and the actual text of the bill, from the General Assembly website, here.

living green in annapolisAnd we are dedicating many of our radio programs to the issues in the General Assembly. For example, next Wednesday's program will be about a proposed ban on polystyrene (Styrofoam). More info and show archive.

Back to Green Drinks!

We'd like to thank our volunteers! We would not have been able to put on this event without them. They include our photographer Ken Tom, whose photos you see above, Sandy Williamson, Elizabeth Benitz, Karin Hannah Stern, Kelly Lange, Tom Cagle, Tom Guay, Mariel Yarbrough, and our intern, Kerry Aszklar.

No where else in the area will you meet so many eco-minded people from all aspects
of our environmental and business community. Come join in and see what all the buzz is about!


Everyone is welcome at Green Drinks. There is no charge unless specified, and no RSVP is needed.



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What is Green Drinks Annapolis?

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There are over 800 Green Drinks organizations around the world. The Annapolis group is the one of the largest in the United States, following New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and Portland. More about Green Drinks International.