Green Drinks Archive - 2015

There was no Green Drinks in December 2015. We held an open house in our new office instead.

Tuesday, Nov. 3

77 Main Street, Annapolis

To Celebrate Being Responsibly Local
We're having our own historic tea party!

Event Sponsor

The Burning of the Peggy Stewart—An Annapolis Tea Party
by Glenn E. Campbell, Historic Annapolis

In October 1774, ten months after the Boston Tea Party, a ship owned by Anthony Stewart andhis father-in-law, James Dick, arrived in Annapolis harbor. The brig Peggy Stewart was named after the merchant’s daughter, and it carried 53 indentured servants and a small load (just over a ton) of taxed tea along with other goods consigned to Thomas Charles Williams & Company.

When word of the tea leaked to Maryland patriots, many of them gathered in Annapolis to
decide what to do about the situation.

This wasn’t the first time that Stewart, Dick, and the Williamses were in hot water with local patriots—all of them had been chastised for challenging an earlier boycott of taxed English
imports as far back as 1769 and 1770. By 1774, many people weren’t willing to let them off easily with just a warning and orders not to unload and sell their tea.

There are conflicting reports about exactly what happened, but it appears that most people in the crowd thought that burning the taxed tea would settle the matter.

That wasn’t good enough for Matthias and Rezin Hammond and other radicals, who led a mob to Anthony Stewart’s house on Hanover Street. They erected a gallows and called for the destruction of the house and the tarring, feathering, and hanging of Stewart if he didn’t agree to torch his own ship.

Read the whole story... see how it turned out!

We had our very own historic "tea party," in our own local way, by holding Green Drinks -- sponsored by Historic Annapolis -- in the historic 77 Main Street Warehouse now occupied by Capital Teas.

Back in 1774 Annapolis had its own real tea party when the sailing ship Peggy Stewart was burned in the harbor. The remains of it have never been found. Read more -->

We like to think that November is for locals... with the annual peek into our fabulous homes that is Annapolis by Candlelight the first weekend and concluding with the Small Business Saturday on the last weekend.

Support Local Attractions

Annapolis by Candlelight
luminariesHistoric Annapolis was present to introduce Green Drinkers to some of the city's finest architecture during Annapolis by Candlelight, an annual evening walking tour of private and historic homes. Tickets were available at Green Drinks too.

This year's tour featured some of the oldest houses in Annapolis including:

Support Local Businesses

At Green Drinks, we had information about Capital Teas' terrific & interesting teas, adult beverages and appetizers in a building that was the "Warehouse of the Victualling Office" during revolutionary times. Capital Teas featured its organic Pumpkin Tea and offered coupons and other promotions for its sister store, Sugar Daddy Spicy Mama, located just steps away at 6 Cornhill Street. Capital Tea's fleet of stores is growing, including a new location at the Annapolis Mall.

shop smallWe heard from the new Annapolis Partnership about its initiatives -- as the MainStreets Partnership and Annapolis Business Association joined forces to form the new organization. The formal "launch" of the partnership was held on Nov. 10.| Read more. | And we heard about downtown merchants' support of Small Business Saturday at the end of November.

Local business Mills Fine Wine & Spirits made a great selection of beer and wine for us, including, of course, some local options. And our appetizers were provided by Cafe Normandie! Both businesses are locally owned and both are on Main Street. And Miss Nancy's Fancy Bakery provided delicious sweets!

mills fine wineBeverage selection, offered for a small donation, plus softdrinks & water, included:

cafe normandieFor over thirty years foodies and fans have enjoyed the delicious and clever cuisine from the kitchen of Best Chefs America award winning Chef Jean Louis Evennou of Cafe Normandie at 185 Main Street. He runs a kitchen dedicated to locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, often obtained that day from local farmers and producers, and producing the rave results. We are delighted to offer Green Drinkers a taste of France!

Run Responsibly

Annapolis Green registered as a charity in the Across the Bay 10K Race on Nov. 8 to promote Cup-free Racing because of how much better that is for the environment! Please consider donating to our "Team!"| Read more. | We had our HydraPouches available for sale at Green Drinks.


And since the LED Wine Glasses were such a hit at the Green Drinks Extra at the boat show in October, -- thanks to another local business, Ocra Green Marine -- we offered them for sale again during Green Drinks. We lit up the night with our drinks!

There was no Green Drinks in October 2015. We held a Green Drinks Extra at the Orca Green Marine booth at the Boat Show instead.

Thursday, Sept. 10

Charles Carroll House & Gardens
107 Duke of Gloucester, Annapolis

Back to the Future

Event Sponsor

With enthusiastic budding young environmentalists and a backdrop of history, Green Drinks truly celebrated all that is good about our community.

The Charles Carroll House and Gardens was the perfect location to spotlight our cultural heritage. (The "back" part of our theme.)

Here's a big thank you to managers Tim and Eileen Leahy for their gracious hospitality. We hope you had a chance to see a bit of the house and urge you to go back for a full tour. | Learn more about this historic property.

spa creek conservancySince the property is on Spa Creek, Amy Clements, President of the Spa Creek Conservancy, attended and answered questions about the environmental work done on the St. Mary's property next door and even took a few people on a brief tour of the parking lot's stormwater features. | Learn more about the work of the Conservancy.

St mary's schoolAnd St. Mary's high school teacher Paul O'Hearn added that just changing out the type of lights in the parking lot has saved the school literally thousands of dollars in energy costs. He also introduced a few of the high school students who are working hard to be environmental stewards (The "future" part of our theme.). In fact, high school students who complete the rigorous environmental studies program earn college-level certification in this important field. And the stewardship program of St. Mary's Elementary was showcased too. | Learn more about the school and its programs. | We're looking forward to working with St. Mary's students to establish a corps of Student Ambassadors to get the Green Gospel out about sustainability at our Responsible Events & Festivals events!

And the food! Palate Pleasers brought an incredible spread that even included caviar, all served on very cool banana leaf compostable plates. We are so lucky to have a great relationship with this award-winning catering company -- in business in Eastport for 25 years! Thank you, Eric for the great food and for working under our limited budget! | Learn more about Palate Pleasers.

Pinkey's West Street Liquors did a great job selecting quality wines for us (at a very reasonable price). Thank you to owner Paul Malley. Pinkey's is located at 1100 West Street.

Event Sponsor -- Thank you to the Maryland Seafood Festival, Sept. 12 & 13 -- now in its 48th year -- for sponsoring our event. We raffled off tickets to the festival, held at Sandy Point State Park. Thank you to Stephanie Duncan Troxell for attending and representing the festival. | Learn more.

We also want to thank the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront for helping us "class-up" our event with by donating a generous supply of tablecloths. We so appreciate the Marriott management helping us out in this way.

Finally, we want to thank our volunteers. We can't possibly run a Green Drinks event without help and these folks consistently and happily give of their time (and muscle).

Greeting Green Drinkers were Sandy Williamson, Leslie Sandoz and Mariel Yarbrough. Alexa Zaledonis and Kelly Lange (pictured) served the bar, and Ken Tom took some great photos, some of which are posted here (We'll have a full slide show soon.). And Leslie and Ben Redwine helped us with set-up. Thanks also to Tom Cagle who was stuck in traffic for hours transporting a few of our Eco-Stations to our event to make recycling easy.

Finally, we want to thank our great friend and tireless supporter of Annapolis Green, Anthony Clarke, co-owner (with Michael Galway) of Galway Bay, Killarney House, Brian Boru and Pirate's Cove restaurants. Already a Founding One Hundred sponsor, he surprised us with an additional $500 contribution! We are so blessed to have Anthony and Michael in our Annapolis Green "family."

Thanks to everybody who braved the rain to attend. For such iffy weather, it was a great turnout, which just goes to show you that neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Green Drinkers from the swift completion of their appointed networking! (With apologies to Herodotus and the US Postal Service.)

There was no Green Drinks event in August 2015

Tuesday, July 14

gallery 3976 oyster recovery partnership
1818 Margaret Avenue, Annapolis Design District

in the

It Takes a Village: Art, Oysters & Tea

Event Sponsor:
Flying Dog Brewery

It Really DID Take a Village to Create a Successful Green Drinks

We owe a big thanks to many people for a very successful... and happily different... Green Drinks. We enjoyed an eclectic evening at the Annapolis Design District when Gallery 3976, along with the Oyster Recovery Partnership and Capital Teas, hosted Green Drinks. 

First, we appreciate the hospitality of host Gallery 3976! All of the talented shop owners were open and telling Green Drinkers all about their art work, and selling too! And we'd like to extend a special thank you to Suzi Jett of Annapolis Brand who first approached us with the idea of hosting Green Drinks at 3976. It was a great idea!  

We highlighted three different organizations working as one for our event and for stewardship and beautification to create a vibrant and Green town. This demonstrated how artists, non-profits, commercial companies, and citizens, all have a role to play in taking care of our land and waterways.

We owe a big thanks to Suzi Jett and the talented artists at Gallery 3976 for their very generous hospitality:

  • Adriana Marie Events
  • Allison Barnhill Designs
  • Annapolis Brand
  • By the Bay Creations
  • Cricket Studio
  • Deborah Watson Decorative Painting & Fine Art
  • Furniture SpeaksOld Things New
  • Pier 77
  • Ramon Matheu Pop Artist
  • Rustic Beautiful
  • Steve Seamans Photography

Photographer Steve Seamans set up a very fun photo booth that brought out the little kid in many Green Drinkers. We'll have those photos up soon! Thank you, Steve.

The Annapolis Design District was a new area for us -- and one that is home to many creative businesses and non-profits including our hosts. Check it our online.

One thing we really enjoyed doing was bringing to the attention of Green Drinkers that the Design District is in the headwaters of Spa Creek. The more we can do with stormwater-savvy beautification the better for the Creek and the better for property values! We will be working on this in the months to come with Design District leaders and the Spa Creek Conservancy. Beautification and landscaping increase property values and attract customers. Beautification is a core component of Annapolis Green's "Keep Annapolis Beautiful" initiative as an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.

greenstreet growersAnd speaking of beautification, we owe Brad Kuklinski of Greenstreet Growers a big thanks for dressing up a bike with greenery at the entrance of Green Drinks as an example of store-by-store beautification. We set this up to bring attention to the Design District’s Upcycle Planters Competition to kick off beautification of the District with “fun, funky and noteworthy” planters in front of area businesses. Judging will be held the week of September 14 and will be announced at the Art in Action event on September 26, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., on Edgewood Street.

dirk schwenkAnd here’s a big thanks to award-winning singer-songwriter-guitarist Dirk Schwenk -->
who set the mood with his beautiful music. Check him out online! Dirk plays music in the evening but his day job is as an attorney specializing in real estate, waterfront, planning and zoning, and maritime law. Check out Check out Bay Law, LLC.

flying dogOur Event Sponsor was Flying Dog Brewery and we want thank that company for donating the beer for the evening. Flying Dog has a big commitment to the Chesapeake Bay and a special relationship with the Oyster Recovery Partnership.

We are featured Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout and Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale. Both have a connection to stewardship of the Bay.

Every bottle of Pearl Necklace sold enables the Oyster Recovery Partnership to plant 10 oysters in the Bay. Learn more. Dead Rise was brewed to celebrate Old Bay's 75th anniversary and proceeds benefit True Blue, a program that advocates on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay's 5500 watermen. Flying Dog rep Brian Shorten did a great job talking about this and the brews themselves. Thank you.

The Oyster Recovery Partnership folks were at Green Drinks in full force with a terrific display all about the wonderful job that organization does to bring back the oyster population in the Bay. Even “Shelly” the oyster showed up! Thank you to Paul Schurick, Bryan Gomes, and all the other enthusiastic ORP staff.

Capital Teas provided a very interesting twist with its complimentary samples of its refreshing Vino Teano wine mixers. Tea in wine? Yes! Tea in Beer? Yes. Read about Capital Tea’s new downtown store, Sugar Daddy Spicy Mama. A big thank you to Adam Levin-Epstein for showcasing Capital Teas at our event.

Also, we’ll be at Capital Tea’s 77 Main Street store for Green Drinks in November. More info to come.

Delicious appetizers were provided by Julie St. Marie Catering and Event Coordination. We can always count on Julie and she made it easy for us to offer you great nibbles in an unusual setting and small space. She’s innovative and always steps up to a challenge. Thank you, Julie!

We were also happy to bring Pinkey’s West Street Liquors into Green Drinks. Owner Paul Malley took important steps at his small business to treat stormwater, including permeable pavement and a stormwater planters, to protect Spa Creek. And he really knows his wines as was evident as he poured at the wine table he staffed for us. Thanks so a nice price break from Paul, we were able to offer wine on a complimentary basis. Thank you, Paul!

And John Talman brought his CrabTown Curbs Cuisine food truck to our event. That was an enjoyable and tasty first for us. Thank you, John!

And finally, we cannot put on Green Drinks without volunteers. Thank you so much to Sandy Williamson, Cathie Trogden and Rita Calvert for staffing our reception tables.

Photos of the event will be posted here soon!

Tuesday, June 23

at the Loews Annapolis Hotel
126 West Street

Green Roots
: Weaving the Past with the Present for a Sustainable Community

On June 23, 2015, just before Green Drinks Annapolis began at Baroak at the Loews Annapolis Hotel, we held a ceremony to announce our affiliation with Keep America Beautiful, marking a big move forward for our organization.

While our name is still Annapolis Green, we’re using the new Keep Annapolis Beautiful logo when we work in:

Why did we do this?

Keep America Beautiful is the nation’s leading nonprofit that brings people together to build and sustain vibrant communities. With its powerful network of community-based affiliates, KAB works with millions of volunteers who take action in their communities to transform public spaces into beautiful places. That mission fits perfectly with Annapolis Green.

Whether the place is a community garden, a city park or a vacant lot, public places provide a neutral space in which people can come together with a shared purpose of community building. By continually improving public spaces while caring for neglected ones, positive social and economic change occurs in communities across the country.

We began working with KAB last summer. Our "Do Good. Have Fun." project — the clean-up and refresh of the Ellen O. Moyer Back Creek Park — was funded by a grant obtained via KAB.

We see our mission as combining care for the environment with beautification because both are part of building a vibrant, sustainable community!

Teaming up with Keep America Beautiful opens up great opportunities for Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. For example:

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program — In the summer of 2015 we will launch a program to keep cigarette butts off our streets and out of our rivers with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, funded by a KAB Grant. We're calling it "Scuttlebutt." Watch for more details.

GameDay Recycling Challenge — A goal of ours for the fall of 2015 is to participate in the KAB GameDay Recycling Challenge program at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium during Navy Football games. The GameDay Recycling Challenge is a friendly competition for colleges and universities to promote waste reduction at their football games.

During the challenge, colleges and universities implement waste reduction programs during home football games. Schools track and report waste reductions and disposal data that is used to rank the schools. The competition is run by a partnership of the College and University Recycling Coalition (CURC), RecycleMania, Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and EPA’s WasteWise program.

KAB has so many turn-key programs, many with accompanying grants, that will benefit our community. And there is science to back it up too.

Recently, KAB completed a literature review to better understand how researchers, experts and practitioners describe and understand the complex conditions that create blight and the many policy responses that communities are taking. Blight can include litter, graffiti, and abandoned properties. It’s the broken window theory: If you don’t repair a broken window, you can guarantee that more will be broken because it will appear that no one cares. Blight causes blight.

Luckily, our community is pretty clean – we learned this in a litter survey we conducted as part of our affiliation requirements (see below). But there is plenty of room for improvement. Rural roads and many suburban roads are packed with beverage containers, fast-food containers and plastic bags… and cigarette butts. Wherever a fence or hedgerow acts as a barrier, you’ll see the litter.

Remember the KAB crying Indian commercials of the 1960s? We’re going to work on a campaign as memorable as that to re-instill a “littering is just wrong” ethic in our community.

While our historic downtown is beautiful – even more so with the hanging baskets and planters provided by Homestead Gardens – there are other parts of our community that are not. Keep Annapolis Beautiful plans to increase beautification in other parts of our community too.

In the beginning...

the brick companies
loews annapolis hotel

We would also like to acknowledge two organizations that we consider Keep Annapolis Beautiful Partners: The Brick Cos. for its financial sponsorship of our application to KAB; and Loews Annapolis Hotel for donating its meeting space and staff time to our initial organizational meeting last year and our workshop last week. Both companies’ operations are as Green as they can be (see the Loews' Maryland Green Travel profile) and we consider them great supporters.

Keep Annapolis Beautiful is only the second KAB affiliate in the state. The other is Keep Prince George's County Beautiful, which is a government entity, part of that county's Waste Management Division in the Department of the Environment.

Together we can make our community more beautiful and reduce the amount of litter on our streets - it ends up in the water and becomes an ugly public health hazard and threatens the health of our beloved rivers and Bay. Keep Annapolis Beautiful will lead the way.

We have big plans moving forward. But first, some richly deserved thank yous.

First, a big thank you to our KAB Trainer, John Deuel. He was the best meeting facilitator and trainer we could have ever had.

The affiliation process could not have been completed without the help of two hard-working volunteers:

Linda Barfield, who planned and helped us execute the litter survey. Linda worked with KAB in Puerto Rico and we were so fortunate that she gave of her time and expertise to help us get this big job done. We took an entire day to look at 50 areas, each ½-mile long, from Severna Park to Edgewater and assessed how littered they are. Bottom line: Overall it's not bad, but there are areas that are awful - and not where you might think! Watch for more about that later.

The other volunteer we owe a big thank you to is Leslie Redwine. She designed and disseminated a community appearance survey to examine how our community sees itself and helped us assemble our 44-page affiliation report. It was a difficult job and we greatly appreciate her time, brainpower and persistence.

At our affiliation ceremony, four Annapolis City Alderpersons and a representative from the County Executive presented us with citations for our work over the past 10 years and for what we will do for the community with Keep Annapolis Beautiful. June 23, 2015, was declared Keep Annapolis Beautiful Day in Annapolis. In addition, the City presented Elvia and Lynne with citations at the last city council meeting on June 22, 2015.

Alderman Jared Littmann and Mayor Mike Pantelides present Lynne Forsman & Elvia Thompson
with citations at June 22, 2015, council meeting

Aldermen Ross Arnett, Joe Budge, and Jared Littmann with Alderwoman Sheila Finlayson present a proclamation to Elvia Thompson and Lynne Forsman declaring June 23, 2015
Keep Annapolis Beautiful Day Photo by Kenneth Tom

Anne Arundel County Constituent Services Officer Victor Henderson presents a proclamation to Lynne Forsman and Elvia Thompson Photo by Kenneth Tom

Once again we were spoiled by Loews Annapolis Hotel and Baroak Cookhouse and Taproom! Thanks to General Manager Barbara McMahon and her amazing staff, we spent our entire day of training, ceremony and Green Drinks in their capable, accommodating hands despite the heat and severe thunderstorms. (A special thank you to Randee Steiner.) See Baroak's Maryland Green Travel profile to learn about its sustainable practices.

And our greeters! It is almost impossible for us to hold a Green Drinks event without help from folks who set up and break down, greet our Green Drinkers, answer questions, and make everything flow so smoothly. A big thank you to Astrid Caldes, Rita Calvert, Leslie Trott Givens-Neff, Karin Hannah Stern, and Sandy Williamson. And to the guys who did (literally) some heavy lifting for us, Kevin Green and Anthony Clarke, thank you!

Quite a few of us stayed for dinner and it was terrific. If you haven't eaten at Baroak, stop in for some delicious surprises and a huge beer selection.

And finally, we'd like to thank representatives of the MainStreets Annapolis Partnership and the Historic Annapolis Foundation for being with us after a long day marking the 50th anniversary of the designation of Colonial Annapolis as a Historic Landmark. Doug Smith and Lisa Craig of MainStreets spoke about our Green Drinks theme, "Green Roots: Weaving the Past with the Present for a Sustainable Community," emphasizing how our affiliation with Keep America Beautiful works well as a public-private partnership, tying the past with the present. Donna Ware of Historic Annapolis echoed that sentiment.

Lisa Craig, head of city's historic preservation office and MainStreets Annapolis;
Donna Ware, Vice President of Historic Annapolis, Doug Smith of MainStreets Annapolis;
Robert Clark, President & CEO of Historic Annapolis; and Alderman Joe Budge of Ward 1
Photo by Kenneth Tom

Photos of Green Drinks will be posted here soon.

Tuesday, May 12

300 Second Street, Annapolis

Sea level rise -- it's coming -- and our city is planning for it now.
Find out more at Green Drinks Annapolis.

scroll down to see the photo slideshow

At the April Green Drinks we called attention to the importance of clean water -- both locally and globally. In May, we looked at how Climate Change is going to alter our relationship with water in a different way, right here at home.

David Mandell, Senior Planner in the City of Annapolis Annapolis Office of Emergency Management office gave a synopsis of how the city is addressing changes that will be needed as sea level rises. Many Green Drinkers were very interested in this and Dave had a line of people wanting to talk with him.

historic annapolisDonna Ware, Vice President for Historic Preservation at the Historic Annapolis Foundation discussed how her organization is part of the planning process too -- a natural partnership given the large number of historic buildings that will be threatened by high water. The building that houses the Chart House has its own history: it was once part of the iconic Trumpy boat building operation -- part of Eastport's unique maritime heritage.

Michael Dowling, consulting architect with the City's Cultural Resources Hazard Mitigation planning process spoke as well with details about all the agencies and non-govermental organizations involved.

climate stewards of greater annapolisThe Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis' Jack Lahr made a short presentation about grass roots efforts to address climate change. This group had quite a presence with a number of volunteers and literature to distribute. Learn more.

chart house annapolis

We would like to give a big thank you to the Chart House Restaurant, particularly Sales Manager Amy Paulin, for the hospitality. It was not easy for the staff to accommodate our large numbers (close to 200!) but they provided a generous amount of delicious appetizers and took good care
of us.
<-- photo by Kenneth Tom

The beautifully renovated Chart House hosted our event, right on the water, overlooking Spa Creek. The Executive Chef Chris Lacasse worked up a menu of complimentary appetizers that included veggies, crab and oysters and were delicious.

And congratulations to the Chart House as it became the State's 10th restaurant certified by Maryland Green Travel. We presented Regional Director Paul Broccolina with the official certificate! (Photo by Kenneth Tom) -->

During the Chart House renovation, contractors reclaimed as much wood and materials as possible and those materials were used to build the new entrance, bathrooms, and build the "bulkhead" around the existing kitchen. Everything that could not be reused was recycled. The Chart House management has implemented a recycling program within the restaurant as well as a system for saving wine corks to be repurposed. And Chart House continues to save oyster shells for future oysters as a partner with the Oyster Recovery Partnership.

Here's a snapshot of other Chart House Green practices:

Our Green Team's calculations show that we are recycling more than 2500 lbs. per week with most of the weight coming from bottles and cardboard. Conversely, we generate approximately 7700 lbs. of trash each week. The resulting recycling rate by weight is currently 24%.

We are procuring local food and beverages, using green cleaners and recycled content paper towels & tissues. An eco friendly disposables plan is in place to phase out Styrofoam.

The Chart House has other Greening practices in mind that will be implemented soon including the "Kitchen Video" that places orders without paper and perfectly times cooking and delivery to the table to eliminate food waste. And... they may be considering an electric vehicle charging station too!  

About Sea Level Rise

The University of Maryland's Center for Environmental Science led an investigation that concluded that the State of Maryland should plan for a rise in sea level of as much as 2.1 feet by 2050. Scientists say it could be as much as 3.7 feet by the end of the century. Learn more.

City officials are also concerned about the effect of this on the inventory of historic structures and cultural heritage in this area and are developing a Cultural Resource Hazard Mitigation Plan.

annapolis weather it togetherThe City of Annapolis recently developed a Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, which was updated in 2012, to address various types of natural disasters prevalent to the region. However, the long-term concern for the accelerating rate of sea level rise and the devastation realized in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has created a sense of urgency in Annapolis for the development of a Cultural Resource Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The plan will identify and mitigate potential loss to historic resources associated with natural disasters, primarily threats to sea-level rise, subsidence, and flooding. By assessing the significance of cultural resources within the 100-year flood plain boundary and risk from flooding associated with those resources, planning for their preservation enables the City of Annapolis to better protect the architectural integrity of the Colonial Annapolis Landmark. Learn more. | Presentation


Thursday, April 16
Annapolis Maritime Museum

It's All About the Water

Introducing Buy a Lady a Drink, A Global Program by

stellar artois

Along with partners Katef Brothers, Stella Artois, and, we celebrated the 45th annual Earth Day and clean water in a local and global way.

Locally, the focus was on the importance of protecting the waters of Chesapeake Country to the area’s ecology and heritage and how everyone can do his or her part from the beautiful vantage point of the Annapolis Maritime Museum. Annapolis Green introduced the now-forming Back Creek Conservancy and encouraged people to join the effort so Back Creek, where the Museum is located, there will be a group of people speaking on its behalf and undertaking projects to improve its health.

In a global sense, Green Drinks was the U.S. launch of "Buy a Lady a Drink," with Stella Artois and  -- a campaign to drive awareness of the global water crisis and help provide solutions.

Every day, women around the world spend a combined 200 million hours collecting clean water for their families. “Buy a Lady a Drink” aims to help put a stop to these water-collecting journeys, so women can start new journeys of their own.

Stella Artois has made a donation of $1.2 million to, which was co-founded by Matt Damon, and is now inviting the public to join the cause by purchasing limited-edition Chalices. One Chalice will help provide five years of clean water to one person in the developing world.

The etched Chalices were sold out so Neal Katcef of Katcef Brothers, distributors of Stella Artois, generously provided one from his inventory to Green Drinkers while they sampled complimentary Stella Artois and Stella Cidre. And, we screened two short videos about Buy a Lady a Drink that demonstrate the need.

And Stella Ambassadors demonstrated and taught Green Drinkers about the nine-step ritual of the perfect pour!

wenteeastport liquorsIn addition to Stella's beverages, we offered complimentary Wente Vineyards Chardonnay and Cabernet wines, provided by Eastport Liquors and soft drinks.

Our complimentary appetizers were provided by two of the finest caterers in town -- one new, one already well-known: Baroak Cookhouse & Taproom, the new restaurant in Loews Annapolis Hotel; and Julie St. Marie Catering/Event Coordination. Yum!


Julie St. Marie's Menu
Flank Steak Roulade with Julienned Veggies & Boursin
Wild Mushroom Tartlet
Smoked Salmon Platter

Baroak's Menu
Chicken Skewers
Mini Crabcakes

rentals to rememberWe would also like to thank Rentals to Remember for their generosity in making our setting elegant and fun.

In order to cover our costs, we requested a $10 donation to this Green Drinks event. Appetizers, beer, cider, wine and soft drinks were free and everyone left with a complimentary Stella Artois Chalice keepsake.

Earth Day is April 22, but Green Drinkers to celebrated early as we truly did Think Globally and Act Locally during Earth Day month.

About Stella Artois, AB InBev & Water
Stella Artois is proudly brewed by AB InBev, the leading global brewer. “Buy a Lady a Drink” is one program in an extensive series of water-related efforts the company has undertaken in its long-standing commitment to water conservation and protection. The company is currently spearheading a multi-year, global program to reduce water risks and improve water management, protect watersheds and reduce global water usage. Water is essential to AB InBev products, as well as to the social, economic and environmental well-being of communities where the company operates.

About Stella Artois
Stella Artois® is part of a Belgian brewing tradition dating back to 1366. It is the No. 1 Belgian beer in the world and is present in over 80 countries. Stella Artois® is a bottom filtered, blonde pilsner. It is thirst quenching with a malty middle and crisp finish delivering a full flavor and a hint of bitterness. Stella Artois® is best enjoyed served between 3 and 5 degree Celsius and should be served in the unique Stella Artois® Chalice according to the 9-Step Pouring Ritual to guarantee a perfect experience of this gold standard lager. Visit for more information.

For more than 20 years, has been at the forefront of developing and delivering solutions to the global water crisis. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers innovative, community-driven and market-based initiatives to ensure all people have access to safe water and sanitation -- giving women hope, children health and communities a future. To date, has positively transformed the lives of more than two million people around the world, ensuring a better life for generations ahead. Learn more at and

Thursday, March 19
Homestead Gardens


Event Sponsor

The Homestead Gardens 2015 Flower Show was a spectacular setting for our 7th Annual March Green Drinks in the Garden event. This year's flower show theme was Celebrate Maryland, a perfect tie-in with Maryland Day, particularly since this was Homestead Gardens' first year as a participant in that celebration. See more about Maryland Day below.

Green Drinks focused on a celebration of spring -- so needed after all the snow and cold weather -- the Flower Show, Project Clean Stream, Main Street Annapolis Partnership's Annapolis in Bloom program, and Maryland Day's Growing A Little Greener Initiative. We also made an announcement about a special new partnership with Homestead Gardens!

The event featured ways YOU can participate in community spring cleanups that are local, regional and national in scope: the watershed-wide Project Clean Stream, Keep America Beautiful's national Great American Cleanup, and GreenScape in the City of Annapolis. Read more below.

We are proud to say that once again, Herrington on the Bay, a premiere Maryland waterfront wedding and special event site overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, provided sustainable, delicious, and locally sourced appetizers including fresh oysters, chucked by the waterman who caught them that day, John Van Alstine. Owner Anna Chaney and her staff invited some of the very farmers whose food we will enjoyed.

Anna Chaney and Chef Michael Archibald

  • Oysters on the Halfshell
  • Maryland Beef BBQ Sliders with Homemade Cole Slaw
  • Hot Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Dip
  • Veggie Lettuce Wraps
  • Miniature Freshly Baked Cupcakes

Mills Fine Wine & Spirits let us sample and enjoy their selection of beer and wine, including:

Beverages were offered for a donation to Annapolis Green. Non-alcoholic beverages were available.

The yearly March Green Drinks at Homestead is our most-anticipated Green Drinks of the year. And Homestead Gardens generously provided discount coupons for Green Drinkers!

About Our Event Theme

Our event sponsor was the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, organizer of Project Clean Stream. The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has been connecting the public to their local outdoor space through Project Clean Stream for 12 years. The program culminates in a unified day of service when volunteers spend a few hours outside cleaning trash from parks, rivers and streams or otherwise improving their communities. These volunteers beautify the neighborhoods in which they live and work, but also gain awareness about the impacts they may have on the environment. In 2015, that unified day of service was April 11. However, the Alliance supports cleanups throughout the spring. Registering your springtime cleanup with the Alliance for more publicity to get more volunteers and supplies such as bags and gloves. Read more.

Keep America Beautiful has a nation-wide cleanup effort called the Great American Cleanup. The Great American Cleanup is the country’s largest community improvement program that kicks off in more than 20,000 communities each spring. This national program engages two million volunteers who take action in their communities to create positive change and lasting impact.

GreenScape is a City of Annapolis and community partnership investment of beautification, clean-up, and planting in public spaces throughout the City of Annapolis. GreenScape was founded through the efforts of former Mayor Ellen Moyer and the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Advisory Board. For more than 20 years, hundreds of projects have been initiated and adopted by individuals, community groups and neighborhood associations. GreenScape takes place each spring and fall. Read more. The 2015 date was Saturday, April 25, when hundreds of Annapollitans worked all over town. We encouraged Green Drinkers to join in.

Homestead's "Celebrate Maryland 2015 Flower Show" showcased the rich heritage of our state with a miniature Maryland (with displays and information about Seaside Living, Agrarian Living, Annapolis Living, Urban Living, and Mountain Living). Read more. It was a perfect tie-in to Maryland Day.

Maryland Day, March 20-22, commemorated the formal founding of the colony of Maryland on March 25, 1633, or 1634, at the colonists’ first landfall in Maryland. This became the site of St. Mary’s City, the colony’s first settlement. Marylanders began observing Maryland Day in 1903, when the State Board of Education designated it as a day to be devoted to the study of Maryland history. In 1916, the General Assembly authorized the celebration of Maryland Day as a legal state holiday. Many local attractions that normally charge an entrance fee.

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Wednesday, February 11
Galway Bay Irish Pub


green drniks annapolis
A FUNdraiser
for Annapolis Green

Galway Bay Irish Pub

63 Maryland Avenue

Eat, Drink, Laugh.
Show off what you know about the environment.
Win Prizes!

Who knew Green Drinkers and other environmentalists are such trivia fans... and so competitive? It was a blast! Close to 100 people played at the inaugural Green Trivia. We plan to make this a new tradition at Galway Bay Irish Pub.

Food, fun and a little "learnin' about the environment," along with a few good Green Drinks and Green Drinkers and GREAT food -- that was what our evening wa all about.

There was no lack of environmental "brilliance" along with team names such as "Small Minds," "Baby's First Happy Hour," "The Composters," "The Regulators," "Green Drunks," "Chicken Litters," and "Chesapeake Babes." You'll want to join in next time!

Lots of people enjoyed Galway's delicious three-course fundraising meal, everybody had fun and everybody learned something new!

Galway Bay Assistant General Manager Gary Brown presented us with this check -- proceeds from the fundraising dinner.

We can't thank the crew at Galway enough -- the attentive servers and Gary, Michael, Sean and Anthony. Galway provided gift cards for first, second and third place winning teams. And thank you to Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits for donating bottles of organic wine for the first and second place teams.

This was a very knowledgeable group, and yes, there were some ringers -- several Master Watershed Stewards and the executive directors of 1000 Friends of Maryland, Trash Free Maryland Alliance, and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters! Everyone said "do it again!" and we will. For next time, West/Rhode Riverkeeper Jeff Holland has challenged the other Riverkeepers.

Questions & Answers

The winners -- 1st place: Chicken Litters; 2nd place: Green Drunks

We hope this will be just the first of more trivia nights to come!

Here's how it worked

Some folks got a team together, others formed into teams when they arrived. Cost was will be $10 per team, payable at the door.

Galway Bay offered a special fund raising menu (click here) - three courses for $25. The special menu was available that evening from 5 to 10 p.m. with $10 from each meal participant generously donated by Galway Bay to Annapolis Green, along with the teams' entry fees of $10.

We had three courses of trivia questions with three prizes for the winning team in each and then a final round among the three winning teams to determine the overall winner. The top two teams were awarded a bottle of organic wine as well..

Galway Bay, a Maryland Green Travel Partner, is one of the Greenest restaurants in the area in its operations and the sourcing of its food.  

As they say, "Live Green Eat Irish!" Read more. 

Wednesday, January 7
Galway Bay Irish Pub

63 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis
5:30 -  7:30 p.m. 

Environmental Legislative Preview - State & County

Event Sponsor

We had a great, albeit FROZEN, Green Drinks at Galway Irish Pub. Our hosts, Galway Bay Irish Pub, provided the perfect cozy venue for a rainy, cold, yucky night. There was a lovely buffet of appetizers, more being passed by friendly servers, and of course, lots of Irish beer and other adult beverages! We were pleasantly surprised that so many Green Drinkers turned out on such a raw night. It was loads of fun.

Galway Bay, a Maryland Green Travel Partner, is one of the Greenest restaurants in the area in its operations and the sourcing of its food.  As they say, "Live Green Eat Irish!" Read more. 

Gree Drinkers discussed what might be on the horizon for the legislative session that will was about to start, and many n stepped across the street for a deeper discussion of these issues at a Legislative Preview event hosted by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, at 86 Maryland Avenue. 

Among the topics covered were:

If you don't know what these issues are all about, find out on the Maryland League of Conservation Voters website.

A few headlines from the event:

Russell Rankin of Mid-Atlantic GEM (formerly of eCruisers), became a Founding One Hundred sponsor by presenting us with a $1000 check! He thanked us for introducing him to the business community in Annapolis when he first arrived in our town and kidded that he figured he’s eaten more than $1000 worth of food at Green Drinks in the past few years.

Severn Riverkeeper Fred Kelly, who has put himself on the installment plan, contributed another $100 toward his Founding One Hundred sponsorship. (You’re almost there, Fred!)

The Capital’s E.B. Furgurson III joined us and wrote a story about the LCV’s legislative preview and mentioned Green Drinks. Reporters are more than welcome at Green Drinks – please join us anytime!

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