Green Drinks Archive - 2014

We did not hold Green Drinks in December 2014.

Thursday, November 6

Great Frogs Winery
3218 Harness Creek Road


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and Tug Responsibly too!

Event Sponsor

1 north wealth services

We had a great event at Annapolis' only winery, the award-winning Great Frogs, just minutes from downtown Annapolis. It was a rainy, yet festive, evening of wine tasting and delicious appetizers, in a lovely setting among the vines. La Prima Catering provided a delicious seasonal menu of sustainable appetizers that beautifully accompanied Great Frogs' wines, which were available for sale in a tastings format, and by the glass and by the bottle.

We enjoyed this in the beautiful, rustic barn and under a tent with a little music and great company. A big thank you to 1 North Wealth Services, a Different Kind of Investment Advisor, for sponsoring our event!

run responsibly logoacross the bay 10KOur theme was Run ResponsiblyTM to celebrate our participation in the Across the Bay 10K race on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Sunday, Nov. 9. In addition to Annapolis Green's help with recycling and composting, Race organizers are making this a "cup-free" race to eliminate the usual paper cup litter associated with water stops. Instead, they are asking runners to bring their own bottles or containers.

hydrapouchAnnapolis Green helped by offering another alternative, the HydraPouch,® thanks to sponsorship from the Maryland State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness and Maryland Sports, and the Chesapeake Conservancy. We offered these almost weightless, flexible, clip-on drinking pouches for sale at the Pre-Race Expo on Nov. 7 & 8 at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. And... we previewed them -- and even sold a few -- at Green Drinks. If you're a runner, you might want to buy one or two for yourself! | Read more about our Run ResponsiblyTM campaign and the HydraPouch.®

It was a privilege to be invited to our local winery, yet with that came additional catering challenges to create a first-class event. We asked for a nominal charge for this edition of Green Drinks: $10. There was a cash bar, but your $10 got Green Drinkers admission to an informative event in a very special location and a Great Frogs commemorative wine glass!

About Great Frogs

Our hosts were winemakers Andrea and Nate O'Shea (and dog Finn McCool). The vines were planted in 1999 at Harness Creek Vineyards, located very close to the South River and the wines have won awards in competitions across the country. This quote from the Great Frogs website describes Andrea and Nate's winemaking philosophy:

Our old tobacco barn is the cornerstone of our rustic, artisanal approach to farming and winemaking. Situated on a peninsula in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, you will still find shucked oyster shells in the soil reminding us of the watermen that are central to Annapolis' history. We are determined to preserve this green space so that it will continue to be a farm, as it has been since 1691. We invite you to taste the rich history of Maryland's capital as you drink our wines.

The O'Shea's have named and labeled their wines to reflect the Chesapeake. Names include the Waterman, All Hands on Deck, City Dock, and more. Green Drinkers enjoyed several types of Great Frogs wines -- from Chardonnay to Port and declicious blends. And you can buy bottles to take home with your official Great Frogs wine glass. Be sure to visit Great Frogs’ website for online ordering. Great Frogs wines also are available at many local liquor stores and restaurants.

About La Prima

Everyone raved about the food provided by La Prima Catering. La Prima has a four-star rating from the Green Restaurant Association and takes great pride in its environmental standing. La Prima Catering emphasizes quality and healthy food using fresh, natural ingredients in all its recipes.
View La Prima’s Sustainability Initiatives.

This was the delicious menu we enjoyed.

Broccoli and Cheddar Soup
Creamy rich cheddar cheese combined with our farm raised broccoli, served in demi cups

Fall Kale Salad
Shredded kale and carrots with dried cherries, sugared walnuts and feta, served with a honey mustard and white balsamic vinegar dressing

Sweet Potato Wedges
Roasted till crisp and spicy sprinkled with our Cajun spice blend

Beet Root Deviled Eggs
Fresh farm eggs marinated in magenta beet root, with cooked yolks blended with our own space blend

Focaccia Cocktail Sandwiches
Petite sandwiches on freshly baked focaccia bread: eggplant, smoked mozzarella, house roasted tomatoes and pesto

La Prima served fresh ingredients -- many from Groundworks Farm on the Eastern Shore. The farm has a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for the winter season. The pickup site in Annapolis is at Vin 909 in Eastport. Learn more.

Thursday, October 2

Eastport Yacht Club
317 First Street, Annapolis 

Theme: Annapolis' First Green and Clean Regatta

Event Sponsor

We were delighted to partner with Eastport Yacht Club's Green Team to present Green Drinks during its J/80 World Championship regatta.

We had a terrific crowd, perfect setting, engaging speakers and folks who were very enthusiastic about stewardship of the environment. It was very refreshing! There were lots of new faces … and lots of EYCers too at this celebration of the Greening of the J/80 World Championship and EYC in general.

The Club worked hard to have this event certified as a Gold-level Clean Regatta by Sailors for the Sea, the same organization that Greened the last America's Cup. And it did come in at the Gold certification level. A presentation was made to the club by Tyson Bottenus, Sailors for the Sea's Sustainability Director. We’ll take credit for being a part of that success, along with WasteStrategies and Veteran Compost.

Clean Regattas is a certification program that helps sailing events voluntarily achieve higher environmental standards. Participants work to fulfill comprehensive Best Practices and receive the economic, public relations and social benefits of running environmentally friendly events. Sailors for the Sea provides support and materials, and the final certification that a club or event is a Clean Regatta. That means that a lot of best practices are being implemented -- all to the benefit of the Chesapeake Bay. | See Sailors for the Sea's blog about the regatta.| See EYC's best practices and what the Green Team did to obtain the certification.

EYC asked us to participate under our REF program (Responsible Events & Festivals... Make the Right Call!) and we are brought in recycling and composting -- not only for the regatta, but also for the Boat Show Bash, a big party EYC throws each year during the Annapolis sailboat show (This year held Saturday, Oct. 11). With its new, very eco-forward thinking Club house (Read about the club's current environmental stewardship practices.), EYC used the regatta week to pilot both full-scale recycling and composting. Five days in, Commodore Scott Miller confirmed that this will be the case. 

Because of Annapolis Green and our Greening sponsors, Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company and Dream Yacht Charter, over 70% of the club's trash was recycled and 660 lbs. of food waste was composted during the regatta week. Annapolis Green’s 15 eco-stations were deployed for easy recycling. We also introduced composting to the Club for the first time. This was being done in the “back of the house” and with Greening sponsor Blue Bag Organic's compostable bags for ease of operations. Commodore Scott Miller confirmed on Living Green in Annapolis that the club will continue recycling and composting from this point forward! | Listen to the interview

An added bonus, Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company served complimentary coffee each morning to the regatta competitors.
Through the company’s H2O Initiative, it gives back to groups like Annapolis Green to help our Bay. From its eco-friendly roaster to fully recyclable K-Cups, they’ve certainly earned the moniker “The Sailors Coffee.”

LEHR Environmentally Friendly Technology marine engines that burn propane were on display at the race village thanks to Greening sponsor Scandia Marine. Green Drinks event sponsor Mercedes Benz of Annapolis’ new B-Class and Smart electric drive cars were displayed at the village entrance -- see below -- to provide info on the benefits of driving electric. Green Drinks sponsor companies RER Energy, Solar Energy World, and Hyde Concrete provided educational materials on energy from the sun, and the benefits of porous concrete – like that installed in EYC’s parking lot.

A big thank you to Mercedes Benz of Annapolis for sponsoring this edition of Green Drinks! We are thrilled to partner with our local dealership, located at 324 Sixth Street (410-268-2222, Dealership rep James Shellum brought their two eco-friendly, electric drive models, the brand new B-Class and the Smart electric drive, to Green Drinks giving everyone a look into the great possibilities of affordable no-gas driving.

ocean research projectRight at the start of Green Drinks, sailor, explorer, and environmentalist Matt Rutherford (pictured left) entertained everyone with stories about his adventures and his Ocean Research Project, to measure pollution in our oceans. He and his partner, Nicole Trenholm, are sailing to provide data that explores man’s relationship with the planet’s oceans. Learn more

listen to our interview with Matt Rutherford on Living Green in Annapolis on WNAV.


Green Drinks Refreshments Sponsors

J/80 World Championship Greening Sponsors


Results of the EYC Green Team's Efforts Against Sailors for the Sea's Certification Requirements

1. Green Team - Form a team of volunteers who can manage your Clean Regattas efforts.
A team of volunteers was established to manage the Clean Regatta effort.


2. Water Bottle Reduction - Reduce or eliminate the use of disposable plastic bottles.
West Marine provided reusable water bottles for all regatta participants, committee boats, and volunteers. Regatta participants were asked to refill their reusable water bottles at the water station located in the event tent. On the water, a water boat provided refills between races.

Result: 260 reusable water bottles were distributed; 3,600 plastic water bottles were kept out of the landfill.


3. Trash Free Regatta - Keep your regatta site trash free

Throughout the event volunteers maintained the site and encouraged participants to recycle. Signs were displayed throughout area to encourage appropriate trash disposal and recycling to keep site clean.

4. Recycling - Provide and promote recycling services during regatta.

Annapolis Green provided 16 on-site Eco-Stations for the Regatta and also the Boat Show Bash the following week. An Eco station contains separate trash and recycling receptacles. Lunches were provided in a reusable, recycled bag.
Result: 5,500 cubic feet, or approximately 32,000 lbs., of trash were recycled and kept out of the landfill.


5. Compost - Provide composting at your regatta site for food scraps and/or compostable food service products.

Disposal was arranged through a third party, Veteran Compost. Kitchen staff separated compost material for appropriate disposal.
Result: Final amount of compost will be supplied by Veteran Compost.


6. Non-Toxic Cleaning Products - Use only non-toxic cleaning products during your event.

West Marine provided a package of non-toxic products for each boat. The package included non-toxic boat wash, bilge cleaner, a sponge and Velcro straps.
Result: 1,344 oz. of non-toxic boat soap and 1,344 oz. of non-toxic bilge cleaner was given away to the participants.


7. Gray Water Reduction - Reduce gray water runoff from your event.

The porous parking lot design made any on-land gray water runoff negligible. In-water boat washing was either water only or using the non-toxic cleaner from West Marine.
Result: Approximately 250 oz. of non-toxic boat soap, creating 500 gals. of non-toxic gray water were used during the event. There was no gray water runoff since washing was done on the club grounds.


8. No Discharge - Prevent the discharge of treated and untreated sewage in near shore environments.

EYC has a pump-out on-site. J/80s do not have heads. All committee boats with Y-valves were tied off.

Result: No Brown water was discharged during regatta.


9. Oil Spill Prevention - Prevent oil spills from happening during your event by using oil spill kits and creating an Oil Spill Response Plan.

An oil spill kit is located by the dock per Clean Marina requirements. Scandia Marine Center, a sponsor, provided oil spill clean-up kits for each race and committee boat.
Result: 42 oil spill kits were distributed to the participants


10. Paper Reduction - Reduce paper usage by switching to paperless communications. Use recycled paper for required printing.

Tablets or iPads were provided to the measurement team, registration team and race officials for all data entry. Information entered was displayed on large screens and posted to the website. All formal notice and announcements were provided electronically via email or by website postings. Twitter and Facebook were used for conveying unofficial notification as events unfolded. Based on previous regattas.
Result: It is estimated that just for measurements alone, this technology resulted in 10 reams, or 5,000 sheets, of paper not being used. Through the use of electronic communications and using two-sided printing, approximately 15 reams of paper were saved.


11. Biodegradable Products - Use biodegradable plastic or reusable dinnerware.

Only biodegradable materials were used for the events. 


12. Bottom Paint - Use copper-free bottom paints on all event vessels.

None of the J/80s use ablative paints. Our written clean regatta policy encourages the use of copper-free bottom paints for boats that use bottom paint. 


13. Bottom Cleaning - Ensure that bottom cleaning takes place in approved areas and at approved times.

Boats remained in the water during regatta. As a result no chemicals could be used for bottom cleaning. Racers were notified that all boat cleaning before and after launch would be on the porous parking lot. 


14. Maintenance - Ensure toxic emissions from maintenance practices are properly contained.

No heavy maintenance (sanding/painting/fiberglass repair) is permitted at EYC. Through written material, responsible light maintenance and disposal practices were encouraged. 


15. Carbon Footprint - Reduce your regatta's carbon footprint.

As a result of the efforts of the regatta's Green Team, EYC has adopted many of the best practices for use at future regattas, events and daily activities. Some of these practices are a recycling/composting program, use of only recycled office paper, use of more biodegradable products, and reduction in the use of water bottles. In addition, an alternative energy committee has been established to evaluate solar panels and other renewable energy sources for the Club.
Result: EYC has began a recycling and composting initiative at least one year earlier than expected due directly to the Green Team’s efforts in promoting the Clean Regatta Program. In the next 12 months EYC expects to recycle 75% of the trash that would otherwise go to the landfill. This is approximately 140,000 cu. ft., or 500 tons, of recyclable materials. In addition, with our new focus on reducing water bottles, we expect to save another 3,600 water bottles in future regattas.


16. Recycled Trophies - Use recycled or practical items as regatta awards.

All J/80 trophies were made from recycled glass provided by Weisenbach Recycle, a company recommended by Annapolis Green. There were five skippers trophies and 15 individual trophies.

Result: Twenty trophies made from recycled glass were distributed.


17. Stormwater Pollution Prevention - Prevent stormwater pollution from your event.

The porous concrete parking lot, rain barrels and landscaping are specifically designed to keep stormwater from flowing directly into the Bay.

Result: For every one inch of rain on the buildings and grounds of EYC, 39,000 gallons of raw stormwater is prevented from flowing directly into the Bay.


18. Alternative Fuels - Use alternative fuels, such as biodiesel, in regatta boats and generators.

All deep fryer oil used at EYC is later sold and converted into biodiesel. In addition, educational information was displayed in the vendor village and at the party tent on our Green day. LEHR Environmentally Friendly Technology marine engines that burn propane and Mercedes electric cars were displayed in the vendor village. Renewable energy and solar companies provided educational materials and sponsored the Green Drinks reception that brought our efforts to the attention of the environmental community.
Result: Some 140 lbs. of fryer oil was recycled and converted to biodiesel.


19. Track your success - Document and track your success. Create metrics to measure success.

This document is our means of tracking our success. 


Congratulations, EYC!

Tuesday, September 9

Killarney House Pub
584 West Central Ave , Davidsonville

Theme: Solar September
"I Heard about it at Green Drinks” came true on this rooftop!

And a celebration of Living Green in Annapolis' 100th show!

Event Sponsor: Kenergy Solar

We gathered on Sept. 9 to dedicate Killarney House's new solar array and learned so much about solar power and how much good it can do for businesses and private homes.

A big thank you to Killarney owners, Anthony Clarke and Michael Galway, for being such terrific hosts and examples for the community. In addition to the solar investment, the Irish Restaurant Company is a shining star in environmental practices. | read more | We encourage you to patronize Killarney House, Brian Boru, and Galway Bay to support their efforts -- and enjoy great food, drink and atmosphere too. 

Thanks also to Ken Stadlin and company from Kenergy Solar for sponsoring Green Drinks and for giving "tours" of their solar installation at Killarney. | read more

AND... a big thanks to Curt Harpold,member of the Electric Vehicle Assocation of Greater DC for bringing his Tesla Roadster! It made such a great Green impression and pumped up Killarney's owners' interest in providing an electric vehicle charging station!

AND... at Green Drinks we toasted to the fact that owner and installer met at Green Drinks! 

AND... at Green Drinks we raised a glass to toast the fact that WNAV had just aired the 100th edition of Living Green in Annapolis! Yes, Elvia and Vic have been on the air every week for two years. Have a look -- and a listen to all the past shows -- at

There was no Green Drinks in August 2014

Wednesday, July 9

400 Sixth Street, Eastport, Annapolis

Theme: Do Good & Have Fun

Event Sponsor
The Chesapeake Bayhawks

We returned to our original spot where we started Green Drinks in 2006. The new Blackwall Hitch continues to showcase sustainability having just received the Environmental Stewardship certification from the City highlighting its amazing stormwater savvy parking lot!

We had a great time at Green Drinks, with a big crowd, fantastic appetizers, the Chesapeake Bayhawks' mascot, Hawk-Eye, and a terrific, enthusiastic vibe. 

We'd like to thank Susan, Jessica, Chuck and the staff at Blackwall Hitch for their hospitality and for the tickets to the Irish Festival that we gave away to Green Drinkers.

We hope you'll return again and again to enjoy their terrific food and atmosphere! The restaurant has received its City of Annapolis Environmental Steward certification and is a welcome addition to the growing list of restaurants that source locally as much as possible, recycle, and generally operate in away that cares for the Earth.

For information on the restaurant's stormwater management parking lot, see the Spa Creek Conservancy website. It may look like a lot of blacktop, but it was carefully designed to capture and treat ALL of the stormwater that falls on that property. Rain does NOT go rushing into Spa Creek carrying and other pollutants. Instead, thanks to a grant obtained and managed by the Spa Creek Conservancy, the rain goes underground where Nature's filtering process goes to work and it's returned fresh to the acquifer for use by us another day. (photo: the lot under construction showing some of the drainage area)

Our over-arching theme this month, as we shared our upcoming programming, was truly all about Doing Good and Having Fun.

"Do Good. Have Fun," July 26 -- Our event sponsored by Bud Light and Keep America Beautiful on Saturday, July 26. It will be a fun morning of cleaning-up and refreshing the Ellen O. Moyer Back Creek Nature Park followed by lunch and great party! Read more here.

And thank you to the Bayhawks staff members who brought that team spirit to Green Drinks, along with their huge championship trophy. See more photos, taken by Bayhawks staff on our Facebook page.

The Chesapeake Bayhawks Go Green Night, July 31 -- On Thursday, July 31, our very own professional lacrosse team will play the Denver Outlaws in an action-packed game at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, starting at 7:30 p.m. The team has designated this game as Go Green night and part of the ticket sales will benefit Annapolis Green. Read more below.

The Bayhawks gave us a unique promo code for a discount on tickets for the July 31 Go Green Game. See below. The game will be played at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. We encourage you to wear green that night.

About Our Event Sponsor -- The Chesapeake Bayhawks

Have you been to a Bayhawks game? It's non-stop action right here in our backyard... played at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

The Bayhawks give a lot back to our community and the July 31 game is no exception. In addition to it being alumni night, it will be Go Green Night. As they play against the Denver Outlaws, starting at 7:30 p.m., the team will stress the importance of being kind to the environment and part of the ticket sales will benefit Annapolis Green.

And in keeping with the momentum started the previous Thursday (see below) at "Do Good. Have Fun." (where rumor has it there just might be a visit by mascot Hawk-Eye and the Hawkettes cheerleaders) fans can continue to enjoy Anheuser Busch beverages at the Bud Light Zone on the field.

Bayhawks games are a blast! Come out and cheer for our hometown team!

"Do Good. Have Fun." with Annapolis Green 

Save the Date: Saturday, July 26

Sign up today to take part in a fun way to do some good for the environment and our community in this initiative sponsored by Bud Light with Keep America Beautiful.

Annapolis Community Boating, whose headquaters is in the Park, is partnering with us too, particularly for litter patrol along the shoreline. Annapolis Community Boating's mission is to make boating accessible and fun for all.

Let's get together to "Do Good. Have Fun."

In more than 60 locations across the country this summer, young people will join together to do some good work for the community and have fun too! Annapolis Green, as an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, has organized a clean-up, spruce-up of the Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park on Back Creek (on Edgewood Road). It will be  followed up by a big party at Port Annapolis Marina, right next door, courtesy of Bud Light.

learn more

Everyone is welcome at Green Drinks. There is no charge and no RSVP is needed.

There was no Green Drinks in June 2014

Wednesday, May 27

760 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park

Theme: It's All About Our Rivers

Event Sponsor
chesapeake conservancy

We learned about how saving the Chesapeake Bay starts in the rivers and streams closest to our homes. Saving the Bay is daunting but protecting our rivers and streams... that's more manageable. There are terrific organizations working hard in all four rivers closest to the Annapolis area. Green Drinkers and learned about:

Magothy River Association

Scroll down for more information on these organizations.

Event Sponsor: We Got to Know Them & Said Thanks! 

This edition of Green Drinks was sponsored by the Chesapeake Conservancy. The Conservancy's mission is to strengthen the connection between people and the watershed, conserve the landscapes and special places that sustain the Chesapeake's unique natural and cultural resources, and encourage the exploration and celebration of the Chesapeake as a national treasure. Check our their website and the Ospreycam and follow the lives of parents Tom & Audrey and chicks Breezy & Spitz!

Find out more at the Conservancy's website and listen to our interview with Executive Director Joel Dunn on Living Green in Annapolis on WNAV. Just click here.

Event Host: Café Mezzanote

"The Mezz," in Severna Park, was our gracious host at the last Green Drinks on May 27. Thank you to owner Tommie Koukoulis for his hospitality and amazing appetizers that were really a full meal. His big news that night was that The Mezz was starting a "Revolution" by going Green in all aspects of operations and food. That includes no GMO. Here is The Mezz's pledge: "We promise to prepare, whenever possible, all of our foods with locally sourced, sustainably grown or raised, and/or certified organic ingredients." We'd like to take a little credit for helping The Mezz on its Green journey. Way to go! Now let's all support this fabulous restaurant. Click here for the menu and more information.

The Mezz generously offered Green Drinkers 15% off a wonderful Italian dinner after Green Drinks. Delizioso!

It's All About Our Rivers

There were presentations about how saving the Chesapeake Bay starts in the rivers and streams closest to our homes. Saving the Bay is daunting but protecting our rivers and streams... that's more manageable. There are terrific organizations working hard in all four rivers closest to the Annapolis area.

Magothy River Association - Green Drinks was held in the watershed of the Magothy River. The Magothy River Association is an all-volunteer group representing about 46 communities along the Magothy River Watershed. It devotes its efforts to projects that protect the welfare of the river and its inhabitants, such as: maintaining an oyster nursery at Downs Park, restoring an oyster bar, monitoring water quality, helping to restore seagrasses.

Severn River Association - Founded in 1911, it is the oldest river conservation organization in the country. The Severn River Association is an all-volunteer organization that  protects and restores the river's 81-square-mile watershed. The association offers monthly talks for the general public about the sources and solutions of water pollution, monitors water quality, and is active in growing oysters to plant on a historic oyster reef. 

Severn Riverkeeper Program - Its mission is to protect and restore the Severn River for current and future generations by reducing pollution, muddy runoff, contamination, and loss of habitat so that the Severn is removed from EPA's "impaired waterways" list and is once again safe and swimmable. Activities include water quality monitoring, seeking funding for and construction of restoration projects to reduce runoff, patrolling for critical area violations and legally challenging developers and regulators when merited, and educating residents, policy makers and regulators about problems facing the river.

South River Federation - Its mission is to protect, preserve, restore and celebrate the South River and its interdependent living community. Its programs are community based and rooted in science with hands-on restoration work and thoughtful advocacy. The Federation monitors erosion and run-off problems at construction sites to stop pollution from entering creeks, coordinates citizen efforts and restoration partner resources to plant millions of oysters that help filter and clean the River, organizes volunteers to remove tons of trash from creeks and streams.

West/Rhode Riverkeeper Program - Founded in 2005, the West/Rhode Riverkeeper Program works to protect families and communities by stopping pollution.  Programs strive for healthy and safe rivers and streams. The organization works together with communities to enforce environmental law, promote restoration, and advocate for better environmental policy. It also supports a pumpout boat and provides access to the water with free community kayaking in the summer months.

Wednesday, April 23

126 West Street

Theme: Climate Change

Event Sponsor
Chesapeake Climate Action Network

It was our "Every Day is Earth Day" networking happy hour for those who are passionate about the environment and it was an enlightening evening.

Theme: Learn Something 

years of living dangerouslyThe theme was the most serious issue facing planet Earth: Climate Change.   

Educate yourself about climate change now.Click here to watch the first episode of Years of Living Dangerously, free, online. It's a series, starring Harrison Ford ad other celebrities and produced by James CameronJerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a good introduction to how climate change affect us all. Watching this will be one of the most eye-opening 59 minutes you'll ever spend.


We had tons of handouts to help Green Drinkers learn more about Climate Change, including:

We also had copies of the April issue of What's Up Annapolis magazine, featuring a story about stormwater restoration projects including the Cabin Branch project spearheaded by Severn Riverkeeper Fred Kelly who was in attendance. And we had copies of Bay Journeys, provided by the Chesapeake Conservancy, a terrific guide to the nearby outdoors.

If you couldn't make it to Green Drinks, we can send you these publications. Just send us an email.

Our Climate Change experts, John Murray and former Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer, who were trained by Al Gore as part of the Climate Reality Project, spoke for a bit and discussed the issues with many Green Drinkers.

learn more about climate change

Climate 101 with Bill Nye

Event Sponsor: Get to Know Them & Say Thanks! 

This edition of Green Drinks was being sponsored by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), the first grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Its mission is to build and mobilize a powerful grassroots movement in this unique region that surrounds our nation's capital to call for state, national and international policies that will put us on a path to climate stability.

Event Host: Eat, Drink & Say Thanks!  

Green Drinks' host, the Loews Annapolis Hotel and WEST Kitchen & Tavern are both partners of Maryland Green Travel. They have instituted many sustainable practices including recycling, water conservation, minimizing disposable food service items, waste reduction, and energy efficiency, among others. Read more.

The Loews' Green Team made quite a splash at Green Drinks led by "Lucky," who performed the first-ever Green Drinks rap! His lyrics were about saving the planet with energy efficiency and he was a hit. Now there's a guy who is passionate about his work and about being good to the Earth.

Thank you so much to Loews General Manager Barbara McMahon and her entire staff for the terrific appetizers, the drink specials, and the free parking... and the 20% of dinner!

New Founding One Hundred Sponsors

We were very happy to introduce representatives from two of our newest Founding One Hundred sponsors: EP Henry and MOM's Organic Market. Click on the links to their companies and check them out. Then, think about getting on that exclusive list of Founding One Hundreds yourself. | read more | You can make your $1000 donation in installments if you like. That's what Severn Riverkeeper Fred Kelly is doing. He handed us his sixth $100 check at Green Drinks!

And finally, thank you to Leslie Trott Gibbons-Neff for helping us set up and greet people as they arrived.

Wednesday, March 19

back in the garden for our sixth spring at
homestead gardens
743 West Central Avenue

Setting the Stage for Annapolis in Bloom at Homestead Gardens

Event Sponsor


April’s Green Drinks Annapolis returned to Homestead Gardens, for our sixth year, just in time for the Gardens’ spring open house, entitled “Setting the Stage for Spring." It’s was a fitting title since Annapolis Green focused on a number of upcoming spring events including the downtown Annapolis hanging baskets and planters program, “Annapolis in Bloom;” Maryland Day "Growing a Little Greener" events; and the upcoming Project Clean Stream. Learn more.

herrington on the bayOur Green drinkers found themselves surrounded by Homestead’s beautiful flowers while enjoying delicious complimentary appetizers provided by Herrington on the Bay.

Herrington on the Bay hosts fun, relaxing, and free-spirited parties and celebrations in an Eco-Lifestyle fashion. At our event, enjoy Chef Mike Archibald's new cuisine, that ranges from tomatoes caprese skewers with fresh basil and mozzarella to fresh and light spring rolls with marinated tofu and spring veggies to cocktail cupcakes infused with liqueurs.

A Note from Anna Chaney of Herrington on the Bay: Herrington on the Bay proudly sponsors Annapolis Green at Homestead Gardens on the cusp of the Eve of Spring Equinox 2014! Celebrating 22 years of service to our friends and neighbors celebrating their family members births, reunions, graduations, promotions, retirements, and celebrations of life; we are thankful to all who have entrusted our professional and friendly team to prepare events that everyone enjoys and remembers! We thank Annapolis Green for being here and affording all of us who share like goals to protect and respect this beautiful earth and our Chesapeake country. Lynne and Elvie have created a fantastic alliance and opportunity for us all to collaborate and I am grateful to be a part of this family. So, come on out and enjoy some of Chef Mike Archibalds new cuisine from tomatoes caprese skewers with fresh basil and mozzarella to fresh and light spring rolls with marinated tofu and spring veggies to cocktail cupcakes infused with liqueurs. We look forward to serving you and chatting about the upcoming spring and summer seasons!

millsBeverages were provided by Mills Fine Wine and Spirits. We enjoyed the variety of wines and beers Mills provided including Slack Tide Blanc, Girasole Hybrid Red Blend, St. Michaels Gollywobbler White, and these craft beers: Fordham Gypsy Lager and Evolution  Brewing Lot #3. These were available for a small donation to Annapolis Green.

The Gardens were open for shopping during Green Drinks with a special discount offered for those attending the event.

Featured Springtime Events

Annapolis in Bloom

annapolis in bloomA sure sign of spring is the appearance of beautiful hanging baskets in downtown Annapolis and along the Spa Creek bridge. Did you know that that beautification effort is provided at-cost by Homestead Gardens?

What makes this beautiful bit of Annapolis' spring and summer landscape work is the dedicated work of Homestead's staff in continual watering and weeding. This is expensive. The project costs about $40,000. The City of Annapolis covers about half of the cost but the rest must be raised from private funds. In the past, the local business community has covered this. But this year, the public will have the opportunity to participate too to "Fund a Flower," "Build a Basket" or "Plant a Pot." The MainStreets Annapolis Partnership is spearheading the crowdfunding effort along with us as we focus more on beautification with our new affiliation with Keep America Beautiful. Stay tuned for details!

The 7th Annual Maryland Day Growing a Little Greener - March 21-23

md-day_logo_20141Maryland Day is a collaborative event sponsored by Four Rivers Heritage Area including Annapolis, London Town & South County. From historic sites and cultural activities to natural resources and conservation, Four Rivers Heritage Area offers something for every member of the family over this annual weekend celebration of all things "Maryland."

Special event activities are being offered for just $1 or FREE! And, many heritage-minded businesses – restaurants and shops – also participate by offering specials throughout the weekend.

chesapeake eye care & laser centerThanks to Annapolis Green -- as part of our Festival Greening Program -- and our sponsor, Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center, Maryland Day will Grow a Little Greener… signaled by the addition of a green petal on its Black-Eyed Susan logo.

As folks travel to various sites and participate in activities, they will see examples of eco-friendly practices including the use of distinctive Eco-Stations that encourage and make recycling easy.

We are helping sites take sustainable steps by providing recommendations and deploying eco-stations to select sites. The overarching goal for this year’s Seventh Annual Maryland Day is to encourage good stewardship throughout the region as we play, learn and celebrate all that is good about our state on the Chesapeake Bay. Read more.

Project Clean Stream - April 5

project clean streamThe Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has been connecting members of the public to their local outdoor space through Project Clean Stream for 11 years. The program culminates in a unified day of service when volunteers spend a few hours outside cleaning trash from parks, rivers and streams or otherwise improving their communities. These volunteers beautify the neighborhoods in which they live and work, but also gain awareness about the impacts they may have on the environment.

In 2014, that unified day of service will be April 5th. However, the Alliance will be supporting cleanups throughout the spring. You can start a cleanup in your neighborhood, or join in on one that is already in place. Read more.

Homestead Gardens' Setting the Stage for Spring Open House - March 15-23

tulipsStarting with Opening Night on Friday, March 14, 6-9 p.m., Homestead offered a series of special events to usher in spring, including inspirational displays, new product launches, workshops and seminars, visiting vendors, demos, kids' events, a special Ladies Night, and more. Read all about it!

The store was open for shopping during our event and Green Drinkers benefitted from special discounts.

Wednesday, February 26
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

returning to one of our favorite spots... 
golf club at south river
3451 Solomons Island Road

Expanding Our Horizons and Our Reach with


Sponsoring Organization
chesapeake legal alliance

Win a Solar System for Your Business
  -- For New Founding 100 Sponsors!

Have you been considering supporting Annapolis Green by becoming a Founding One Hundred sponsor? Here is an unbelievable incentive that will not only support us, but will save you money and bring you clean solar power for your business!

rer energy group

RER Energy Group is offering to build a FREE solar PV system for one new Founding One Hundred sponsor!

"The system will be offered to one business that becomes an Annapolis Green Founding Member between February 26 and March 19, 2014," said Dennis Satnick, Senior Consultant for RER. "A minimum 40kW system is being offered to create better understanding of the annual electric bill savings and illustrate how solar PV systems can be built with no capital outlay and financed by RER through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)."

The new sponsors' names will be put into a flower basket and a drawing to determine the winner will be held at Green Drinks on March 19 at Homestead Gardens. Read more

We were warm and toasty at The Bistro at South River, one of the most stunning spots in the area for our exciting announcement: Annapolis Green's affiliation with Keep America Beautiful!

Uniting with this 60-year-old, venerable organization will open doors to grants and -campaigns that will launch a new era of community vibrancy that is Green and clean!

From clean-ups to creating beautiful public spaces, reducing waste and increasing recycling, we showcased what's coming up and what opportunities will come, such as:

If you have a business location, find out how you can win a FREE solar PV system from RER Energy Group -- see the sidebar.the brick companies

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to The Brick Companies, not only for hosting Green Drinks at The Bistro, a Maryland Green Travel partner, -but also for sponsoring our Keep America Beautiful affiliation application.



Tuesday, January 21
6 - 8 p.m.

Due to the snowstorm, the Environmental Summit and Green Drinks were canceled.
The Summit was been rescheduled, but it was not possible to reschedule Green Drinks to follow the Summit.

The Official After-Party for the 20th Annual

Theme: Continue the Conversation!


Historic Inns' Maryland Inn

top of Main Street at Church Circle

Sponsoring Organization: Chesapeake Legal Alliance
chesapeake legal alliance

Continue the Conversation! Meet and mingle with State Delegates, Senators, and other policy makers at the official after-party of the Citizens' Campaign for the Environment's 20th Annual Maryland Environmental Legislative Summit.

Green Drinks Annapolis, the “fun side of eco-awareness… making serious connections,” will serve as the official after-party for the 20th Annual Maryland Environmental Legislative Summit on Tuesday, January 21, from 6-8 p.m. at Historic Inns' Maryland Inn.

The Summit, sponsored by the Citizens’ Campaign for the Environment, is a forum for the public to hear from top legislative leaders and advocates about the environmental priorities for the 2014 General Assembly Session, from 4:30 – 6 p.m. When the summit ends, “Continue the Conversation” in a casual atmosphere, over cocktails, at Green Drinks. All the delegates, senators, top government officials and environmental leaders have been invited.

Our hosts at the Maryland Inn will treat us to a complimentary turkey breast carving station with rolls and condiments, and an imported & domestic cheese & vegetable crudities display.

Green Drinks, sponsored this month by the Chesapeake Legal Alliance, with assistance from the Citizens Campaign for the Environment, is free with a cash bar but donations to Annapolis Green, its non-profit organizer, are encouraged. No RSVP is required for Green Drinks.

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