wind turbineWind Energy at Greenbury Point

July 3, 2009 —"Everything is moving forward very smoothly. However it is a slow process as the Navy has a method that needs to be adhered to" said Delegate George. "With most of the research steps done for the project, the process now turns to the formal testing of the wind for six months to a year as required by the Navy. However, other steps can proceed after we have just three months of official readings." 

"What has been great about the slow process is how much the technology has improved.  The 300 foot turbines we are considering generated 1700 mega watts when we started.  Now, the newer ones generate 2500 mega watts despite moving slower. This helps in the protection of birds" he said. "And the increased watts of power further help in the elimination of green house gases.  Keep in mind that the entire city of Annapolis uses 18,000 mega watts and that six to ten towers could produce as much as 25,000. The infrastructure, including the grid that is already in place from the former radio towers, makes this ideal."   The Navy has assured him that the public would still have access to the property.

Delegate George is also involved in the identification of other locations around the state that may have been overlooked.

"I have co-sponsored several bills that are creating incentives for solar, but I could not accept that there was not some way to incorporate wind into our portfolio. This helps us get to our goals and the Navy to get to theirs."

He hopes to have the Greenbury project moving along by the end of the fall. 

"At that time, I would like to show the Navy a collection of written support in order to assure them that we are interested in this moving forward. What a wonderful statement this would make for Annapolis to lead the way!"

ron georgeDelegate George is collecting your comments of support at

To contact him by mail or phone:

Delegate Ron George
District 30 Office: Bladden Street House Office Building
Office # 152
Annapolis, MD 21401

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