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annapolis half marathonAnnapolis Green provided recycling for the Annapolis Half Marathon, Saturday, Dec. 1.

Boat Show Greening

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Annapolis Green partnered with United States Boat Shows and four sponsor companies
to Green the most visible outdoor events in downtown Annapolis -- the United States Sailboat
and Powerboat shows in October.
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Annapolis Green Team Launches Initiative to Move Special Events Toward Sustainability

severn savingsSevern Savings Bank has signed on as the inaugural sponsor of Annapolis Green's Festival Greening program. The partnership is designed to Green special events across Anne Arundel County and the program is available to organizations holding outdoor festivals and events in the area to assist them with efforts at recycling and waste reduction. As the first sponsor of the program, Severn and has agreed to cover the cost for this program for five events including LaFiesta del Verano benefitting the Wellness House, Aug. 25; the 2012 Maryland Seafood Festival, Sept. 8-9; Hospice Cup Shore Party, Sept. 22; and the Rock and Roast, sponsored by the Box of Rain Foundation, Spring 2013. Waste reduction for the events will be managed by waste strategiesWasteStrategies, LLC, a local environmental management company dedicated to crafting long-term zero waste strategies.

The purpose of the program is to divert recyclables from scarce landfill space, a move that makes economic and environmental sense for the Chesapeake Bay area. Recycling reduces waste and prevents pollution by decreasing the need to extract raw materials from the Earth. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and keeps our air and water cleaner.

press releaseUsing this program last year’s Maryland Seafood Festival saw recycling of 2,560 pounds, or 32.5% of the total 12,600 pounds by weight, and over 50% of the waste by volume, including 160 pounds of grease and 600 pounds of compostable waste. Prior to the program being put in place 100% of the waste was being disposed of as solid municipal waste, winding up in the landfill.

Currently there is no requirement for festivals in Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis to recycle in order to obtain a permit. However, this is something that Lynne Forsman and Elvia Thompson, co-founders of Annapolis Green, would like to see change.

Our eco-stations are becoming Greening fixtures around town!

la fiestaIn September we initiated our Festival Greening Program with WasteStrategies and powered by Severn Savings Bank at the Wellness House’s Fiesta del Verano. Plates, knives and forks, cups and other recyclables were diverted from the landfill as they were placed in our colorful eco-stations at the event.

CBYRA Goes Green

cbyraecostationsThe Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association recognizes that sailors are good Bay stewards. For the second year, CBYRA is greening its Annapolis Race Week tent party on City Dock, Sept. 1-3. Last year's effort diverted a whopping 70% of the waste generated at the party from going to the landfill into recycling!

That's a great way to Party Green!

Photo: Eco-Stations at last year's tent party

earEastport a Rockin' 2012 Went Green

annapolis green logoEastport A Rockin' partygoers were given the opportunity to recycle cups, bottles, cans and more at this year's event last Saturday, thanks to the Festival Greening partnership between Annapolis Green and WasteStrategies.

"It worked great," said Jess Pachler, Eastport A Rockin' organizer. "I watched people go up to the bins and say 'Ooh, recycling.'  I'd recommend this for other events. The guys were super to work with." 

ammAMFMRockin' festival goers used the 13 big, bright "Eco-Stations" as they enjoyed the music, food and drink at this signature street festival that benefited the Annapolis Maritime Museum and AMFM, the Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians. | Click for more about Eastport A Rockin' 

Also in 2012 we provided eco-stations and vendor guidance for the Annapolis Maritime Museum's Oyster Roast. We partnered with the Oyster Recovery Partnership to make sure that oyster shells were recycled properly as those shells will be the future home of baby oysters!

During the summer of 2011 we provided our eco-stations for recycling/trash with easy-to-follow signage several high-profile events.

  • Annapolis Race Week tent parties
  • Maryland Seafood Festival
  • Hospice Cup Shore Party
  • Selected sites in and around the US Sailboat Show in partnership with Yacht2BeGreen
  • Boat Show Bash at Eastport Yacht Club
  • New Market House Dining Area
  • Market House Community Area in partnership with the City's Environmental Commission

Lessons learned from these events and the unprecendented amount of waste that was diverted from the landfill through recycling, will help us plan for more success in the future.

Most significant is the waste audit performed by WasteStrategies of the boat shows that will guide us in the future. It is important to note that over 50 percent of the trash collected at the boat shows could have been recycled. So there is plenty of work to be done.

The Green Team placed eco-stations inside the booths of two environmentally enthusiastic sailboat show vendors: Womanship and Trans Marine Pro/MISEA Group. In addition, boat show vendor Weems and Plath featured the eco-stations at its concurrent Tent Sale at its Eastern Avenue headquarters in Eastport.

On Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011, we Greened the US Powerboat Show's VIP Party hosted by the Annapolis Economic Development Corporation at Historic Annapolis' William Paca House and Garden with eco-stations and signage.

We are taking the lead in guiding the hosts and venue toward sustainability by encouraging the use of reusable china, glassware, linens and water containers, providing electric transportation via the eCruisers, providing reusable name tags and encouraging the serving of wine from sustainably managed vineyards. Of course the location is as green as could be -- a historic home. "The greenest building is the one already built." - Carl Elefante. Read more     

Annapolis Green is now moving our public engagement beyond our signature Green Drinks networking events to more visibly promote sustainable living in the Annapolis area.

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