We send our heartfelt sympathy to the families and colleagues of those who lost their lives in the horrific shooting at the Capital on June 28. Free speech is the cornerstone of our way of life. We are incredibly impressed by the grit of the Capital staff to continue reporting even while the tragedy was happening and to work overnight to "put out a damn paper." This underscores the importance of an unbiased, free press to our community and to our country.

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Our Vision: A greater Annapolis community that shares responsibility for a healthy environment and works together for positive change.

Our Mission: To connect, inform, and inspire Annapolis residents, organizations, and businesses to care for the environment, live more responsibly and create a more beautiful and thriving community.

2018 Accomplishments

Tuesday, July 16
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

details to come


Thank You

for hosting our last Green Drinks

No where else in the area will you meet so many eco-minded people from all aspects of our environmental and business community. Come join in and see what all the buzz is about!


thank you sponsors

Support our supporters! Patronize the companies that have hosted Green Drinks and sponsored our email blasts! Click to see who they are.

Green Your Event
Whether Big or Small!

If you're thinking of using disposables, contact us! We've got compostable dishes, napkins, cups, knives, forks and spoons available for sale... a great alternative to plastic!

Anne Arundel County Department of Health Provides Advice
on Water-Associated Health Risks

See an environmental problem or violation in the City of Annapolis? Here's how to report it.

Are you eligible for a Stormwater Management Tax Credit from Anne Arundel County? Read more.

Want to know more
about Annapolis Green?
See our video!

Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Bottles


Annapolis Green is on a campaign to cut the use of throwaway plastic water bottles to protect our waterways and our health, and to save money. Read more.

The NAPTOWN TAP is a new product that dispenses unlimited filtered water for fill-ups of reusable bottles and cups, thus eliminating the single-use water bottles that are so bad for the environment. To date, we've dispensed the equivalent of 5394 16.9-oz water bottles! Read more.

Our Responsible Events & Festivals program helps organizations operate their special events Go Green by providing best practices including recycling, composting and measurement, and assisting with marketing, sponsorships, and resources. From sporting events to festivals, to running races, sailing regattas and more. Learn more.

Climate Change Talks

climate change & you

Stay tuned for info on our next talk on Climate.

Read more

Join our movement!

Recycle Your Boat's Shrinkwrap!

Just leave them on our front porch. Click to learn more.

Recycled Cork Yoga Blocks

yoga block

You’ve been bringing your wine corks to us for recycling for a while now. Here’s a chance to give a gift that you yourself contributed to! It takes 198 corks to make a yoga block.

For just $20 plus tax, you can make the yogis in your life feel good about their blocks since they are made from recycled materials. And really… you can make up a story about how that particular block includes the cork from that special evening’s champagne! Maybe it does!

Sorry, we can’t ship. Orders are for pickup only. Buy online.

Buy a Lady a Drink

The purchase of one Stella Artois chalice buys a woman in the developing world five years of clean water. | learn more and buy online

A Brick in Your Honor!

Due the the success of our "Start with a Stave" campaign we were able to accomplish a beautiful make-over of our interior space. Now we've shifted our focus to the outdoors to complete the garden with the installation of permeable, engravable bricks in the walkway leading to our porch. We are fortunate to have had the permeable bricks donated by the EP Henry company.

Our "Buy a Brick" campaign will help us raise funds. We'll engrave your name on the brick for all to see. Read more.

92 Maryland Avenue

11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
and by appointment

Our Annapolis Green House is more than just our office... The Annapolis Green House is the first Green community center of its kind in our historic town, where organizations can meet, showcase their products and services, and together build a sustainable community. And of course, it also serves as our much-needed office.

With a prominent, downtown first-floor location in the shadow of the State House, our end-unit rental is welcoming and filled with character.

At the intersection of Maryland Avenue and State Circle, we benefit from considerable foot traffic and proximity to city, county, and state offices. Parking is available at several garages nearby. Main Street and the US Naval Academy are a short walk away.

Come see us!

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It won't cost you a cent!



is an initiative of Annapolis Green in the areas of:

  • Litter Prevention
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling
  • Beautification

Thanks to sponsorship from
the brick companies
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We're off the air.
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founding 100
  1. Charlie Birney
  2. Infrared Tools Energy Services
  3. Gene Singleton & Maureen McEnerney
  4. Keith & Helen Drewett
  5. Doug Lashley/GreenVest
  6. Elvia Thompson
  7. Lynne & Mark Forsman
  8. Ralph Gleason
  9. Shelley & Eric Rubin
  10. Boatyard Bar & Grill
  11. John Nicklin
  12. Cohen Community Fund
  13. Towne Park
  14. Eastport Civic Association
  15. Galway Bay Irish Pub
  16. The Brick Companies
  17. Steve Schuh Family Foundation
  18. Severn Savings Bank
  19. Paul Murphy
  20. Hannah Studios, Inc.
  21. Joe Budge & Sharon Kennedy
  22. PNC Wealth Management
  23. K&B True Value
  24. Betty & Jim Davis
  25. Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company
  26. Clean Currents
  27. John H. Stevens
  28. EP Henry
  29. MOM's Organic Market
  30. La Prima Catering
  31. Jeannie Zajac
  32. Vic Pascoe
  33. Robert Clark
  34. Mid-Atlantic GEM, LLC
  35. Dick Lahn
  36. Homestead Gardens
  37. Rick Kissel & Lee Finney
  38. Kevin & Stacey Green
  39. Hannon Armstrong
  40. Clare Vanderbeek & Jack Morkan
  41. Leonard Paper
  42. Watermark Journey
  43. Nancy & Bob Plaxico
  44. Steve Kahle, SKA Studio
  45. Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation
  46. Blades of Green
  47. Great Frogs Winery
  48. Mike & Trish Davis
  49. Victory Stanley, Inc.
  50. Nicholas DiPasquale & Becky Robson
  51. Paradise Float Spa
  52. Katcef Brothers
  53. Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District
  54. Weems & Plath
  55. The Helena Foundation
  56. Robyn & Tom Modly
  57. Julie Crudele
  58. Live Green
  59. Herrington by the Bay
  60. What's Up Media - Veronica Tovey & Milo Mason
  61. Kristi Neidhardt
  62. Ed Herold
  63. Craven & JD Engels
  64. Kincey & Bruce Potter Environmental Fund
  65. Brad & Mark Leahy
  66. The Leahy Family
  67. Stephen Holt
  68. Margaret & Craig Morrell
  69. Katie Leavy
  70. Bob Agee
  71. John & Peggy Brock
  72. Westin Annapolis Hotel
  73. Bob De Young
  74. David & Lily Openshaw
  75. George Blevins
  76. Lisa Spallitta


Annapolis Green is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.
Federal Tax ID: 81-0985107

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